Max and Chloe Del Mar Necklace Max and Chloe Morocco Necklace
This Del Mar necklace is double the trouble with its mixture of rhondochrosite and moonstone. This beautiful necklace has a thin 14k gold vermeil chain. The delicate contrast in this necklace is what adds in that extra drama and feminine flair.
This Morocco necklace features three different layers of rhondochrosite, moonstone and chrysoprase. This darling necklace has 14k gold vermeil chains connecting each stone. The toggle clasp gives this necklace an extra classy spice.

Max and Chloe Istanbul Necklace Max and Chloe Argentina Chrysoprase Necklace
This Istanbul necklace features lovely iridescent moonstones. Gold pods are placed in between some of the moonstones for added glam. Not only is this necklace boho chic, but it can also be layered up in endless ways for a whole new look.
The Argentina chrysoprase necklace is a fascinating combination of crisp pink quartz stones and one large and rich chrysoprase stone in the center. Together, this duo is plated with 14k gold vermeil and gives off a sparkle so bright and a charm so cute.

Max and Chloe Argentina Moonstone Necklace Max and Chloe Argentina Blue Chalcedony Necklace
This Argentina moonstone necklace is a medallion of elegance. A gorgeous cloudy moonstone sits in the center of the pendant. Minty aqua chalcedony stones lie around the stunning moonstone for a mixture of grace and class. 14k gold vermeil plates the entire pendant for a shining sprinkle.
Release your inner royalty in this Argentina blue chalcedony necklace. Rich colors and shiny gold accents give this necklace extreme elegance. A faceted blue chalcedony stone is surrounded by a textured plating. Blue quartz stones dance along the edge with a mood setting twinkle.

Cannes Cuff Honolulu Cuff
This Cannes cuff is definitely an item every lady needs in her jewelry chest. A simple and charming look from this cuff has cute leaf designs on both edges. White topaz stones decorate both leaves with a pretty shine.
Get your flower power on with this Honolulu cuff. In each flower design, aqua chalcedony stones sit on each edge of this adorable gold vermeil cuff. A delicate and sweet look exudes from this girly cuff.

Boca Coral Bracelet Boca Pink Chalcedony Bracelet
What an eccentric mix to rock out with any outfit. This Boca coral bracelet features squared coral and round amazonite stones. On the 14k gold vermeil link chain, these stones offer even more shine. This bracelet fits like a glove and looks divine when mixed and matched with other bracelets.
Do we hear Spring This Boca pink chalcedony bracelet has a fresh and crisp stone combination. Pink chalcedony and chrysoprase stones alternate back to back on this 14k gold vermeil bracelet. Wearing this bracelet is a lovely way to add the bright side to any ensemble.

Boca Aqua Chalcedony Bracelet St Lucia Cuff
Experience beauty firsthand, literally. In this Boca aqua chalcedony bracelet, you will find yourself in awe of its beauty. Squared aqua chalcedony stones and round moonstones switch back and forth all along this 14k gold vermeil bracelet.
An elegant and feminine cuff is the perfect fit for you. This St. Lucia cuff features a 14k gold vermeil band. Small beaded designs fall around both edges. Glittering amazonite stones lie in the center with bedazzling facets.

Melbourne Cuff Azure Cuff
This Melbourne cuff is sleek and dramatic. Not only is this piece full of bold luster, but it even features dainty beading. The 14k gold vermeil cuff is adjustable. Pair this cuff or stack it with its easy to mix to and match qualities.
This Azure cuff has everything you need in a simply chic accessory. Three amazonite stones fall down the sides of the open cuff. An open band design gives this bracelet that it factor and sleek look. This 14k gold vermeil bracelet can be stacked with ease.

St George Bracelets Morocco Earrings
The St. George bracelet set is a duo of drama. Covered in 14k gold vermeil intertwining waving loops, these separate bracelets contain a ton of charm. A coral or amazonite stone decorate the bracelet between every three loops. Wear these bracelets together, stack them up, or mix and match them.
Pointing out a flaw in these Morocco earrings is difficult. These earrings have a bright glitzy look to them that we all love so much. This nature chic leafy design is a cute and popular trend. Three pairs of leaves descend down the spine, each adorned in small, shining white topaz stones.

Bermuda Earrings Kauai Blue Chalcedony Earrings
This classic pair of Bermuda earrings offer a luxurious antique look. A pink chalcedony stone sets the mood of elegance for these earrings. A graceful lapis stone dangles below with an effortless mix of a neat and girly stone combination.
These ravishing Kauai blue chalcedony earrings look just like the clouds, sky and sea. A charming moonstone stud pierces through the top with an ovular aqua chalcedony stone hanging beneath it. A blue chalcedony teardrop stone completes look with its luscious blue sea color.

Kauai Chrysoprase Earrings Oahu Aqua Chalcedony Earrings
The lovely and lavish trio in these Kauai chrysoprase earrings are a pastel paradise. A stunning mother of pearl stud sits at the top. A pretty pink doublet follows below it with a teardrop shaped chrysoprase doublet at the end. These earrings are lined in 14k gold vermeil.
The design of these Oahu aqua chalcedony earrings look just like yummy mint candies. A girly moonstone stud contains sits above a cute aqua chalcedony stud. These pretty earrings look good enough to eat!

Oahu Chrysoprase Earrings Oahu Coral and Turquoise Earrings
These gorgeous Julie Aylward Oahu chrysoprase earrings capture nature in its most beautiful form. An aqua chalcedony stud stands above a rich chrysoprase teardrop. Facets give these earrings a beautiful shine and and a classy look when worn. These earrings are the cutest little reminders of land and sea.
A southwestern style exudes from these Oahu coral and turquoise earrings. A coral stud and turquoise teardrop look like a gorgeous pair. A teardrop turquoise stone hangs beneath a round coral stone. Facets dance all over these stones as 14k gold vermeil brightens up the edges with a girly bling.

Oahu Pink Chalcedony Earrings Greece Clear Quartz Earrings
The pretty Oahu pink chalcedony earrings have dozens of dazzling beams of light from each facet. A circular moonstone stud drops into a stunning pink chalcedony stone. These earrings create a lavish and mature look when worn.
These Greece clear quartz earrings sweep you off your feet with their clear quartz and moonstone dual power. Four petals of clear quartz gather in the middle. Small moonstones are placed at the four corners of these earrings. 14k gold vermeil is set behind these beauties.

Greece Pink Chalcedony Earrings Greece Chrysoprase Earrings
We know you love pastels as much as we do. These Greece pink chalcedony earrings feature delicate pink chalcedony petals. Small chrysoprase circles follow after each petal in an alternating design. These diamond shaped earrings are a cross between bold and cutesy.
These Julie Aylward Greece chrysoprase earrings are a greek tropical rainforest of tons of blue and green hues. Four chrysoprase petals fan around with blue chalcedony stones placed at the sides of each petal. Wired in 14k gold vermeil, these earrings exhibit a gorgeous expression of nature.

Grenada Earrings Geneva Earrings
Clear quartz and moonstones makes up the very trendy design of these Grenada earrings. While they glitz at every angle, a small moonstone circled with clear quartz stones decorates the top stud. A triangular moonstone with clear quartz shines from the drop earring.
The Geneva earrings feature pretty pink chalcedony stones that make up the petal designs of these delicately cute earrings. The chalcedony stones surround the gorgeous moonstone in the center. The pastel tones in this lovely pair of flower power earrings make these earrings the perfect choice to wear with anything in your closet.

Turks and Caicos Earrings St Simons Mother of Pearl Earrings
An island feel is exactly what you get when wearing these Turks and Caicos earrings. These earrings are just like gorgeous flowers the way they whirl around and glow. These lovely earrings will brighten your day, your smile, and most importantly, your entire outfit!
In these St. Simon's mother of pearl earrings, a mother of pearl stud sits at the top with a larger mother of pearl doublet that dangles below with a shine so daring. A 14k gold vermeil ring lines both doublets. The gold vermeil ring has small sparkling clear quartz stones.

Key West Earrings Hawaii Earrings
These Key West earrings capture the bright sunlit clouds with pink mother of pearl stones and the blue sea with the blue quartz doublet studs at the top. These earrings are outlined in 14k gold vermeil with small slits placed around the edges.
The Hawaii earrings by Julie Aylward can add life to any outfit. Marquis shaped mother-of-pearl stones face opposite directions down the earrings. Three circular mother-of-pearl stones dot the centers. These earrings have a gorgeous glow.

Belize Drop Earrings Kiawah Aqua and Chrysoprase Earrings
A moonstone breeze and aqua chalcedony seawater give you the Belize drop earrings. These tasty tropical earrings provide a mellow touch of chic trends. An ovular aqua chalcedony stone hangs above a large moonstone.
Sand, salt, and sea is all you feel when wearing these Kiawah aqua and chrysoprase earrings. Gorgeous blue and green colors sparkle through the many facets on the stones. Wear these earrings for a taste of the ocean!

Kiawah Chalcedony and Chrysoprase Earrings Ariana Blue Mint Necklace
These Kiawah chalcedony and chrysoprase earrings are an adorable mix of color. These earrings feature a circular pink chalcedony stone at the top with a squared chrysoprase stone that drops under it. These earrings have facets that offer an immense amount of luster.
Five gorgeous pendants of dark blue, green, and mint colored stones make up this Ariana blue mint necklace. The large clusters of stones dazzle the room with their unique color spectrum. The gold plated background and chain complement the crispy blue and green stones.

Graphic Drop Earrings Verde Palido Necklace
A modern and elegant twist on drop earrings introduces the graphic drop earrings. A green Swarovski crystal drops from the sleek platinum fish hook. These earrings are absolutely gorgeous as the facets catch the light and shine with their pretty green tones.
Catch these green lucite stones as they glitter down and across this gorgeous statement necklace. This Verde Palido necklace by Roberta Chiarella contains 6 rows of small green stones wrapped in gold plating. Wear this necklace to flavor up any outfit.

Silver Buddha Charm Bracelet Silver Milady Charm Bracelet
A simple little gift like this silver buddha charm bracelet will protect you and enhance your trendy outfits. This buddha charm bracelet offers a cord band that adjusts by tugging on the sides. The silver disc charm can be engraved with up to ten characters on. A pretty pearl buddha lies on top of the charm offering a spiritual twist to a chic design.
Toss some variety into your style with this silver milady charm bracelet. A smooth cord that tightens and loosens by tugging the sides, displays three rounded charms. Each silver charm has small beaded textures around the edges. Engrave up to 15 characters on each charm. Add extra charms for a fun and feminine look. This bracelet can be customized to your exact taste!

Silver Poem Charm Bracelet Silver Circle Rainbow Charm Bracelet
Full of love and shine, this silver poem charm bracelet will wow you! Two silver chains on each end of the charm come together and loop around the open center in the circular charm. Choose up to 15 characters to be engraved onto the cute little charm. Get this as a gift for someone special or wear for yourself as a way to show yourself some well-deserved appreciation.
Bring a pretty gift into your everyday style with this silver circle rainbow charm bracelet. A flat and perfectly circular charm spans out with an open center. The charm displays the engraving of your choice, and is suspended on red silk strings, this bracelet tightens and loosens with a silver ball clasp. Small silver caps clasp on the ends of the fringe strings.

Gold Crystal Apryl Necklace Crystal Love Studs
This gold crystal Apryl necklace blossoms with pretty pastels and crispy clear stones. The rectangular and squared stones have small silver chips that dangle below. The stunning centerpiece has a cornucopia of stones and dazzling fun colors that look polished and refined.
These crystal love studs represent love in the prettiest sense. One stud spells out LO and the other spells out VE to give you a pair of earrings that are absolutely adorable. Covered in Austrian crystals, you can deck your love out in the finest of jewels.

Gold Lorelie Front to Back Earrings Gold Pearl Effy Ear Jackets
These gold Lorelie front to back earrings feature an adorable sailor wheel stud in the front and a large gold stud in the back. These studs offer a cute marine vibe that can be worn either way you desire.
Emit a girly glow when wearing these gold pearl Effy ear jackets. A gold plated loop curves from the back of the earlobe to the front with a funky, cool fanned out design. A large pearl frames the front of the ear jacket.

Curved Bar Havelock Necklace Gold Shelby Crystal Heart Studs
Redefine understated when wearing this curved bar Havelock necklace. The thin gold plated chain runs down to hold a curved bar facing upwards. The curved bar has over a dozen Austrian crystals that glitter along the line.
These cute little gold Shelby crystal heart studs can not go unnoticed. Although petite, these gold studs are lined in Austrian crystals making them able to be seen from miles away. While they twinkle in the light, they also act as chic studs that can be mixed and matched.

Gold Portia Necklace Darsie Necklace
Transform geometrics into a ravishing look. Five open pentagonal shapes dangle from the dainty gold plated chain. Four Austrian crystals line the top of the pentagons giving these shapes that extra kick of shine. This gold Portia necklace can be layered time and time again!
Feed your fashionable senses with the Darsie necklace. This necklace exudes a chic and dainty style that can be paired with any outfit. A gold circle with a cluster CZ stones stands as the center pendant. One tiny CZ stone sits one inch apart from the pendant to offset its brilliant shine.

Gold Corliss Horizontal Ring Gold Cyra Layered Necklace
Grab this trend right off the runway. This gold Corliss horizontal ring contains over a dozen Austrian crystals lined up across the ring. A chic W design under the ring makes the horizontal bar stand straight up. This adjustable ring can be worn at any part of your finger.
Remove the hassle of layering necklaces on your own and get one that does all the work for you. This gold Cyra layered necklace is an absolute delight. Five gold semi-circles hang from the bottom chain while three open semi-circles dangle from the top chain. Austrian crystals gleam from the top bar of the semi-circles for a girly and glamorous look.

Silver Tanaya Necklace Gold Verbena Necklace
Never leave home without at least one statement piece. Let this silver Tanaya necklace take the honors. This long necklace will turn heads as it plunges down the center of your neck. The silver bar is dotted with Austrian crystals at every pit. Two chains run down from the bar and are cut off with two greyish clear stones. Thin chains hang from the stones.
A plunging neckline can only be paired with what's best. This gold Verbena necklace is long with a purpose. A 24 inch gold plated chain cascades into a pinched gold bar. Small Austrian crystals stud the gold bar with two chains extending from it. Iridescent baby blue stones sit at the top of the fringed chains that sway below it.

Vlada Studs Capri Studs
Indulge in a sweet and feminine design. These Vlada studs are squared for a crisp look and set in gold vermeil for never ending shine. Filled with rows of CZ stones, these studs will capture the eyes with their dazzling look.
The Capri studs are jam packed with clusters of CZ stones. The micro pave design adds a brilliant texture to these petite round studs. These studs spark glittering flashes as you move. These capri studs are the best choice for anyone that enjoys simple statements.

Sadie Cabochon Necklace Silver Pearl Double Tribal Earrings
Elements of classic design were blended to bring to you this Sadie cabochon necklace. This necklace, set in gold vermeil, has a subtle wow power that cannot be missed. A small turquoise cabochon sits in the center surrounded by a gold ring and tiny CZ stones for an added glistening effect.
Take on a classy mix of silver and pearls with these silver pearl double tribal earrings. A large silver stud makes statements from the back of the ear. A small pearl stud sits at the front of the ear with a simple sophistication. These earrings will strike envy in the hearts of all of your other accessories.

Gold Pearl Double Tribal Earrings Silver Double Tribal Earrings
Get the red carpet look with these gold pearl double tribal earrings. A small pearl stud stands as the front of the earrings while a large gold stud glows from behind the ear. Wear all of your hair up with these beauties to show off their full charm.
Business in the front, party in the back! These silver double tribal earrings offer a great way to play up your jewelry chest. A small round silver stud shines in the front, while a larger silver stud bubbles from the back. This is a stylish look for both the front and back of your ears.

Melinda Coil Bracelet Carina Coil Bracelet
Channel your inner empress in the Melinda coil bracelet. Athena Designs went for a royal look when designing this wrap around bracelet. Hammered gold balls and discs are spaced around this coil bracelet. Thin, oxidized silver log links make up the coil wire and play well off the golden accents. This bracelet is a definite arm candy must-have!
This Carina coil bracelet introduces new levels of neutrality. Light gold and oxidized silver tones mesh together to form a wrap around bracelet that will accentuate any outfit. Thin log links form around the wrist with black hammered balls and discs that spread around the bracelet.

Nachelle Coil Bracelet Gold Ranait Cuff
Elevate your style with this Nachelle coil bracelet. Mixed metals raise the trend bar with this piece. Small hammered disks and balls are separated around the bracelet. Thin log links make up the band of this bracelet. You will adore the versatility and chicness this Nachelle bracelet has to offer.
Take bold to a new extreme. This gold Ranait cuff features an adjustable gold plated band. The band is hammered for a trendy finish. Four flat hexagonal onyx stones sit across the open-centered band. This cuff has an exquisite shine and polish to it that makes any outfit glamorous.

Gold Mika Earrings Gold Leazel Stud
A chic and striking look can take your ensemble from wow to whoa! These gold Mika earrings are hexagonal for a fashionable geometric style. The smooth onyx stone stands out with the gold plating surrounding it. Wear these earrings with any outfit that needs that extra little push off the edge.
These gold Leazel studs are sure to fascinate you. With a sandy and rocky stone look to them, these earrings were created for your inner earth lover. The picture jasper stone has mixes of beige and brown for a pretty and natural effect. Not too small, and not too big, these studs can quickly add a dash of beauty to your outfit.

Gold Karlie Earrings Gold Orla Amethyst Fringe Necklace
Add a simple yet sweet touch to your everyday style. You will fall in love with these gold Karlie earrings because of their put-on-and-go style factor. These faceted teardrop shaped gold plated earrings can easily add some flavor to anything in your wardrobe. Just at half an inch, these studs harbor a delicate wow power.
Escape into the majestic wonders of this gold Orla amethyst fringe necklace. Amethyst stones with clear tips line the neckline for a look so royal and refined. The multiple sized stones create a bib necklace that can be worn with just about anything. Gold link chains connect at the top where the toggle clasp lies.

Opalite Gold Mini Eda Choker Orange Geode Open Cuff
This Opalite gold mini Eda choker is surely a piece to play with. Two divine and faceted opalite stones sit on both ends of the open choker. The teardrop shaped stones are suspended on a gold plated wire. You can adjust the gold wire however you desire.
Spring into something dazzling with this orange geode open cuff. Two geodes sit on both sides of the open cuff for a spectacular and otherworldly look. Two orange geodes cave in to a purple crystallized center. This dainty cuff looks gorgeous when worn alone on the wrist.

Gold Tusa Earrings Gold Adya Hoops
Bring back the 90s with these gold Tusa earrings. The retro style of these earrings make them an absolute must-have! A split between the two gold bars widens and narrows again as it reaches the end. These gold earrings look best when worn with an open neck.
These petite earrings are perfect for anybody who loves hoops but can't stand the huge size! These gold Adya hoops still give you the hoop look but without all the extra baggage. Five vertical ripples run down all five squared sides of these hoops.

Gold Adena Hoops Rust Druzy Open Cuff
Take hold of a new and fashionable way to wear hoop earrings. These gold Adena hoops have five sides that square around to the back of the hoop. The sleek and crisp design of these hoops make them the best choice when you need to spice up any outfit.
Prepare to be swept away in this rust druzy open cuff. Two druzies sit side by side separated by the open ends. Shimmering with ease, this gorgeous open cuff will surely spark a smile every time you look at its shine. Set in gold, this rust colored druzy cuff is chic and versatile.

Maisy Earrings Brooke Earrings
Need a splash of color in your jewelry chest Try these Maisy earrings. With touches of turquoise, white, and yellow, these earrings will become your new favorites! Pearl beads line the outer teardrop while turquoise beads cover the inner teardrop. A yellow, faceted stone dangles under both teardrops for added motion and sophistication.
These Brooke earrings will not cease to amaze you with its gorgeous beading and classic structure. One teardrop dangles inside a larger teardrop. Both teardrops are covered in pretty turquoise stones that add a pretty splash of color. A clear, faceted stone hangs in the center and steals the show with its simplistic beauty.

Skye Earrings Lavana Earrings
Indulge yourself in earrings so classy and beautiful, you will want to wear them each time you go out. These Skye earrings are the perfect choice for a fancy night out. Purple beads color the large teardrop while clear beads sparkle all along the smaller teardrop that hangs inside the larger one. Inside both teardrops dangles a faceted turquoise bead.
Mix the classic colors of black and gold with these Lavana earrings. Shiny black stones are placed along these teardrop shaped earrings. A small teardrop sits inside a larger one. One black, faceted stone dangles underneath both teardrops and sways with these delicate beauties.

Devi Earrings Amaya Earrings
Fascinate your eyes with the chic look of these Devi earrings. Stunning clear stones sparkle along the large teardrop structured earrings. A smaller teardrops hangs inside of the larger teardrop. Inside both teardrops, a sweet clear stone dangles and is faceted to reflect the light at every angle. Wear these beauties when you are feeling ravishing!
These Amaya earrings will leave you breathless. Coral beads line both the large and small dangling teardrops. A pretty, faceted turquoise bead hangs in the center of the earrings for a gorgeous finishing touch. The coral, gold and turquoise colors effortlessly play well together.

Single Initial Sparkle Necklace Single Initial Bracelet
Need an initial necklace with some bling Well, you have finally found it. This single initial sparkle necklace holds any single initial as the pendant of the necklace. Covered in enchanting CZ stones, your initial will shine and gleam as it catches the light. Is this necklace lucky enough to become your favorite everyday piece
Take hold of a new look for bracelets. This single initial bracelet hooks on the side for a neat and polished look. Your initial sits in the center in an extravagant cursive font. This bracelet is simple and sweet, and can definitely be worn as an everyday accessory.

Silver Henley Earrings Vespera Earrings
Watch as these silver Henley earrings simply sweep you off your feet. A small teardrop dangles inside a larger one. Shiny black beads bling all over the teardrops for added shimmer. A black bead hangs in the center and swings with the motions of the teardrops.
Get glitzed with these Flying Lizard Vespera earrings. These gorgeous earrings are classy and chic! They are perfect for a fancy evening on the town. One teardrop covered in turquoise beads hangs inside a larger teardrop that glows in pearls for an elegant dangling effect. A dazzling amethyst bead drops in the center to attract the eye to the pretty center.

Sparkle Tapered Hoops Tokyo Tapered Hoops
Dip into these Sparkle tapered hoops. These sparkling, sandy hoops are tapered for wide and narrow effects. Ripples of sparkle gleam throughout the hoop for a shine you can see every way you turn. These hoops combine classy and modern elements.
The Tokyo tapered hoops are a jewelry essential. The hoop is narrow at the top, widens at the center of the hoop and narrows again at the end. Brown and black colors mix up across the hoop to give off a tasty touch of the wilderness.

Black Triple Disc Earrings Safari Link Chain and Ribbon Necklace
Bring back the past with these vintage Black triple disc earrings. Three black discs enlarge as they descend. Held by gold links, the accents on these earrings are the perfect finishing touches. Wear these earrings with an open neck to display their simplistic beauty.
You have never seen a statement necklace like this before! This gorgeous safari link chain and ribbon necklace offers an abundance of color, style, and variety. Pretty metallic blue and brown colors swirl all around each flat-link chain for a very shiny and polished look. The grossgrain ribbon holds the necklace with a lightweight feel.

Wild Triple Circle Drop Earrings Tokyo Bangle
These Wild triple circle drop earrings are most definitely a unique little ensemble. One circle hanging from the top holds two larger circles that dangle from below. Light blue, green, and black tones strike through the circles for a look so very vintage and chic!
A simple bangle can make all the more difference! With the Tokyo bangle, you will always have the freedom to stack it up or wear it alone in its fabulous simplicity. Black and brown colors are spotted all over the bangle for a tasteful, neutral look.

Safari Filigree Earrings Tokyo Cuff
Lose yourself in the super unique and intricate Safari filigree earrings. The filigree cut outs are exquisite and lovely with the blue metallic and brown colors swirling around it. These earrings look best with an open neck for the world to see their star power.
Whip out a new style with this shameless Tokyo cuff. This two inch cuff is a staple piece for everyone's jewelry box. Black and brown colors mix all over the cuff for a tone you can pair with anything in your closet. This cuff won't bother and snag your clothes because of its smooth texture.

Tokyo Cut-Out Leaf Wrap Bracelet Black Cabochon Stud Earrings
Running out of time but your outfit isn't exactly complete yet Problem solved with this Tokyo cut-out leaf wrap bracelet. In no time, you can change your outfit from ordinary to fabulous. Small cut-outs create the leaf design on this pretty wrap bracelet. Brown and black tones mix together for an interchangeable palette.
These Black cabochon stud earrings may appear cute and petite, but they are surely a knockout when you put them on. A sweet, black cabochon sits in the center with gold beads that wrap around the stone. The mixture of black and brown tones on the base of the earring ties the entire look together.

Wild Cuff Sparkle Cuff
Wild is exactly right when it comes to this wild cuff. Light lines of black, brown, green, and orange sweep across the cuff for a sleek and modern look. This bracelet can easily add flavor to any ensemble by simply slipping it on and going.
This sparkle cuff gives off those sandy beach vibes. With its rigid looks but smooth feel, this cuff redefines aesthetics. Sparkling ripples dazzle throughout the cuff just like salty ocean waves. This can be your new go-to piece!

Light Horn Stackable Skinny Bangles Black Filigree Cuff
Stack up these light horn stackable skinny bangles for an attractive look with zero effort. These dainty bracelets stack on top of each other with their charming swirled light horn tone. These bracelets can be mixed and match for a varied style.
This black filigree cuff is ideal for those days when you need to slip something on and head out the door. The sleek black color sets off a shine that bounces off lights. The filigree design gives it that effortless and vintage look that we all crave.

Light Horn Large Filigree Cuff Light Horn Hoop Earrings
Forget bare wrists, dive into the whirlpool of this light horn large filigree cuff. One cuff gives the effect of a full wrist of beauty. The gorgeous light horn tone is smooth and marbled. The filigree cut outs swirl around in intricate designs and patterns. Wear this cuff when you're on the go and need a simple, fashionable touch.
We know you will absolutely love these light horn hoop earrings. Simple and very lightweight, these hoops are easy to wear while offering a chic, bohemian look. These hoops frame your face with its perfect size and marbled light horn tone.

Mudra and Balan Elephant Necklace Olya Scorpion Necklace
The Mudra and Balan Elephant necklace combines two elements of spirituality. The elephant symbolizes intelligence and power while the mudra is a classic spiritual gesture. The diamonds charm all over the mudra and elephant pendants with stunning ruby eyes on the elephant.
The snappy Olya Scorpion necklace is surely rad. If your zodiac sign is Scorpio, then this necklace was created with you in mind. Even if you just like scorpions, you can rock this out too. Diamonds dazzle all throughout the body and stinger of this scorpion pendant for an extra feminine charm. Three legs curve outward while the two claws meet at the top.

Snake and Skull and Crossbones Necklace Chelle Crab Necklace
Dive into a wicked look with the Snake and Skull and Crossbones necklace. The long slithering snake is decked out in dozens of diamonds with piercing ruby eyes. The skull and crossbones looks devilish yet chic with its flow of diamonds and creepy open eyes. Wear this necklace when you are feeling down right striking!
The Chelle Crab necklace is definitely one sparkly creature. The crab, most widely recognized as the sign for the Cancer zodiac, is decorated with dozens of diamonds on the dainty silver chain. The claws fan out from top to bottom. This piece looks gorgeous hanging from the center of your neck.

Moon Star Horseshoe Necklace Savita Love and Peace Necklace
Be one with the celestial look of the Moon Star Horseshoe necklace. The diamond moon, star, and horseshoe pendants combine elements of the charming night sky and pure luck. This necklace is the perfect choice for an everyday accessory for yourself or someone special.
Love, peace, and ohm! The Savita Love and Peace necklace creates such a lovely and soulful feel for a necklace. The diamonds sparkle on all three charms with ease. Give this necklace to someone you love or keep it for yourself for a charming little gift to wear everyday.

Danaila and Hoshi Necklace Hanita Butterfly and Starfish Necklace
The Danaila and Hoshi necklace is simply gorgeous. The star design of the danaila charm and the ringed design of the hoshi charm is bursting with pretty diamonds. Together, this pendant duo looks like a modern twist on the sun and star.
Get lost in the majestic vibes of the Hanita butterfly and starfish necklace. An enchanting butterfly and starfish charm sit side by side on the dainty silver chain. Decked out in diamonds, both charms sparkle as a pretty little unit.

Bone Hara Buddha Necklace Jade Balan Elephant Necklace
The bone Hara Buddha necklace offers a sweet side to jewelry. The happy Buddha in the pretty bone stone hangs beautifully from the center of your neck with precise detailing and textures. A small ruby stone sits in the middle of the face of the Buddha. A diamond studded blanket lies over its head for added glimmer.
The lovely jade Balan Elephant necklace is definitely a unique bundle of beauty. This necklace features a happy elephant pendant in a gorgeous jade stone. Diamonds dance all around the pendant to infuse glitz into this enchanting elephant necklace.

Bone Svetlana Snake Necklace Wood Slithering Snake Necklace
Why own a snake when you can wear one The bone Svetlana Snake necklace offers a glamorous cross between modern and exotic jewelry. The bone snake pendant has textures just like that of a real slithering creature. Diamonds radiate around the edges to brighten the necklace up with a charming touch.
Whip out a new presentation to modern jewelry. The wood Slithering Snake necklace has ought to be a perfect blend of boho and modern style. The textured wood material on the edgy snake pendant gives off an eclectic feel that you will want to show off with only your best ensembles. The shiny, ruby eyes look super daredevil. Diamonds wrap all around the snake pendant for extra detail and shine.

Bone Rani Starfish Necklace Kirsi Necklace
Feel the love of the ocean in the bone Rani Starfish necklace. The textures and details in the bone stone make it look as if you are wearing a real starfish around your neck. The diamonds around the starfish add a tasteful touch of glimmer, just like the ocean water.
Indulge in the diamond designs of the sapphire Kirsi necklace. The face of Buddha is diamond studded and detailed to perfection. A gorgeous sapphire stone sits in the middle with a pretty midnight glow. This pendant hangs close to your heart, exactly where it should be. Make the Kirsi necklace your new everyday accessory!

Themis Necklace Twin Fish Necklace
The Themis necklace is populary known as the sign for Libras. Holding the ever popular scale of justice, the Themis necklace represents balance and peacefulness. The diamonds make it pop for a girly style that can be worn every single day. You can give this necklace as a gift or wear it yourself and feel the earthly balance it exudes.
Two fish lie head to tail on this Twin Fish necklace. Popularly known as the sign of Pisces, these fish represent good-nature and imagination. The fish charm is decorated with dozens of diamonds and ruby eyes. This necklace can be worn everyday as a good luck charm!

Evil Eye Pania Necklace Leya Strength Necklace
Tap into your evil side with the Evil Eye Pania necklace. An evil eye charm and rectangular charm hang off the necklace and shine with ease. The charms are diamond filled with blue diamonds in the center of the eye. This necklace is delicate enough to be worn everyday.
A simple anchor and fleur-de-Lis charm brightens up the Leya Strength necklace. The anchor and fleur-de-Lis symbols are very popular symbols amongst many cultures. Together they represent strength in this necklace with diamonds studded all over. Give this as a gift to someone special or wear it yourself for a beautiful, confident look.

Diamond Tula Bracelet Jala Web Necklace
The diamond Tula bracelet has link chains that are faceted to perfection. In the center, one chain is filled with bright and shiny diamonds. The clasp has diamonds and gold accents against the sterling silver bracelet. Such a cute combination!
Dabble into something new. The Jala web necklace isn't your ordinary pendant. This necklace has outstanding shine with its numerous diamonds precisely placed all over. The web is a perfect circle of diamonds with a diamond studded swirl on the inside. Wear this necklace in your own special way. It surely won't disappoint.

Onyx Lydia Pendant Necklace Bone Mina Leaf Necklace
Find peace when wearing this onyx Lydia pendant necklace. The beautiful green onyx heart stone brightens the mood with its smooth feel. Diamonds run around the edges of the pendant for a glow you can see miles away.
Be one with nature with the bone Mina leaf necklace, but don't forget the diamonds! The gorgeous bone leaf is lined with glamorous diamonds for a splash of sparkle.

Bone Lucius Snake Necklace Bone Tamsin Skull Necklace
The Lucius snake necklace gives a twist to modern jewelry, literally! The slithering snake in the classic bone stone has a snake skin texture. Diamonds sparkle all over each curve on the snake pendant. Hanging boldly in the center of your neck, this Lucius necklace will surely spark conversation.
Get a funky, new look with the bone Tamsin skull necklace. A skull in bone stone has eyes made of diamonds and a lining of shiny, brown diamonds. This unique skull pendant looks chic when hanging around your neck because of its one-of-a-kind designs.

Bone Mudra Necklace Onyx Samir Stud Earrings
The bone Mudra Necklace is a great spiritual piece to hold close to your heart. The mudra hand symbol is carved in the pretty bone stone. The swirl in the center is filled with diamonds. The hand has a pretty lining of diamonds as well. The sparkles on this mudra necklace look gorgeous against the white stone.
Make your look a little more interesting with these onyx Samir stud earrings. A pretty, faceted onyx stone sits in the center of the studs with an exquisite glow. Mini diamonds surround the studs for an irresistible shine.

Taliyah Stud Earrings Oval Karolyne Earrings
What a perfect stud to dress up or dress down! The Taliyah stud earrings have a flat plate that is decorated with tons of glittering brown diamonds. The versatility in these earrings allows you to wear them day and night, casual or formal.
Dazzle your days in the oval Karolyne earrings. A small oval located at the top is sprinkled with dozens of sparkling diamonds. A larger oval dripping in diamonds, drops below it for a sophisticated and stylish look. These earrings have gorgeous motion along with the shiny diamonds that twinkle in the light.

Diamond Disk Earrings Evanae Ear Cuffs
Glam overload! These diamond disk earrings are packed with diamonds. One small disk shape stands as the stud earring. A larger disk drops from the stud and takes over the show with its collection of sparkling diamonds. These earrings are fabulous to wear for a special night.
Find bliss in the joyful designs of the Evanae ear cuffs. They swirl along the ear in such a tasteful way. Diamonds dance all across these ear cuffs as they dip and curve in all the right places. The stud at the bottom has a ball of diamonds with small diamond teardrops that fall off the edges.

Turquoise Gabrielle Earrings Fabiana Earrings
Play up your imagination with the turquoise Gabrielle earrings. A swirly cluster of diamonds gorgeously decorates the top of the earrings. The smooth, teardrop turquoise stone has a rim of sparkling diamonds around it. Three diamond arrows point out from the side for a classy touch.
Don't just feel nice, look nice! With the Fabiana earrings, your beauty will be multiplied. These statement earrings are absolutely stunning. The intricate waves in the structure of the earrings give it an elegant taste. The diamonds on each wave call for sparkle that will enter the room before you do. A cluster of diamonds collects in a marquis shape in the center.

Cappricio Earrings Gold Lautner Stud Earrings
You will stun yourself and everyone around you when you wear these Cappricio earrings. A gorgeous ruby stands tall at the top of the stud, outlined by small, glitzy diamonds. The onyx earring has a classic victorian design and shape, with diamonds along the elegant swirls.
Amp up the basic idea of studs by wearing the gold Lautner stud earrings. The 14k gold studs stand out with its remarkable sparkle. A large diamond sits in the middle and is outlined by sterling silver. More tiny diamonds ring around the entire stud for a glamorous feel.

Diamond Centipede Earrings Pinnatisect Multifold Earrings
These creepy crawlers look so cute dangling from your ears. The diamond Centipede earrings give a twist to modern jewelry. The body is adorned in shiny diamonds with pink stone eyes. The short, pointed legs are what will surely spark conversation when wearing these beauties.
The Pinnatisect multifold earrings are stunning in every sense of the word. The pinnate leaves angle downwards with a spine of gorgeous diamonds. Diamonds are spread all across each lobe including the pretty leaf shaped stud at the top. These earrings are the perfect choice for a formal night.

Sealand Star Dangle Earrings Carter Earrings
Immerse yourself in the shiny star power of the Sealand star dangle earrings. A star stud shines brilliantly at the top while a large star dangles below. Flooding in gorgeous brown diamonds, these earrings are glitzy down to every point.
Take hold of this fierce and bold look. The Carter multifold earrings have a striking design from the wavy lobes that extend at different lengths. Brown diamonds dazzle all over each lobe and down the middle. These look best when worn with a bare neck to showcase the beauty of the earrings.

Fantasia Stud Earrings Gold Kivida Stud Earrings
Peep a new style with these Fantasia stud earrings. The rounded shape of the studs gives it an earthy feel. Dozens of diamonds dazzle all over the top for a globe of glam.
Ditch the plain, old, boring studs. Get a hold of the gold Kivida stud earrings. The modern twists on these earrings give them that extra pump. The diamond in the center complements the black tribal design that rings around it.