ELK Products ELK-6050 Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector ELK Products ELK-6040 Two-Way Wireless Glass Break Sensor
Count on the Elk Products smart smoke detector to respond immediately with a loud siren so you and loved ones can evacuate your home quickly and safely.
Price: 128.50
With the ELK Security Wireless Glass Break Sensor you can stop burglars in their tracks. Works with all ELK security products for ultimate home protection.
Price: 117.07

Visonic MCR-304 Wireless Receiver for Hard-Wired Alarm System Control Panels Leviton Security & Automation EM318 Indoor/Outdoor Extended Range Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Use this receiver to provide wireless Home Security Solutions for your hard-wired alarm system control panels.
Price: 45.10
The temperature/humidity sensor can function with a wide range of temperatures.
Price: 99.38

X10 PMS03 Wireless Motion Sensor Onkyo SKS-HT540 7.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System
The X10 Pro Motion Sensor has a built-in photocell that easily senses motion to turn lights on and off. The compact size means you can put it anywhere.
Price: 31.99
The Onkyo speaker system for 7.1 channel home theater is the perfect complement to 7.1 channel receivers or amps. Get ready for incredible surround sound!
Price: 299.00

P3 International P4750 Light Owl 7ft RJ11 Crossover Connecting Cable
Navigate through your dark home with ease with Smarthome's international light owl! This portable walkway illumination system makes nighttime walks easy.
Price: 7.99
To connect your PC or compatible device to a X10 TW523 Interface Module, you will need this 7FT Crossover Connecting Cable.
Price: 1.00

Intermatic ET8215C 7-Day Astronomic Time Switch, DPST Elk ELK-930 Doorbell and Phone Ring Detector
The Intermatic heavy duty multiload timer can handle multiple loads at up to 240 volts. Browse our selection here.
Price: 185.13
See when your doorbell or phone rings with this Elk Security detector which can automatically adjust lighting or sound through your automation system.
Price: 66.19

Universal Devices ISY994i/IR PRO Controller - Insteon & IR Support Universal Devices ISY994i/IR PRO Controller - Insteon & IR Support + PLM
Get comprehensive local and remote control of all your devices and appliances with this powerful Central Automation Controller.
Price: 239.00
Get remote control access to your devices and appliances and direct communication with your network with this Central Controller Dual-Band PLM kit.
Price: 288.99

ISY994i/IR PRO Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit - Basic ISY994i/IR PRO Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit - Deluxe
Use this Smart Home Automation starter kit to control, monitor and configure your system from any web-browser anywhere in the world.
Price: 439.99
Install this deluxe Home Automation Kit to control your system with a universal remote or from any web-browser anywhere in the world.
Price: 509.99

Universal Devices ISY994i Controller - Insteon Support Universal Devices ISY994i Controller - Insteon Support + PLM
Use this Web Enabled Central Controller which is accessible via any browser to configure and program your home's automated devices.
Price: 170.00
Remotely access your devices and appliances and get direct communication with your network with this Dual Band PLM Automation Control kit.
Price: 219.99

ISY994i Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit - Basic ISY994i Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit - Deluxe
Use this Starter Home Automation kit to control your system from any web-browser without the need for special software.
Price: 399.99
Manage your system and devices using any web browser without the need for special software with this Deluxe Smart Home Automation starter kit.
Price: 469.99

Universal Devices ISY Power Supply Universal Devices ISY994i ZW/IR PRO Controller - Insteon, Z-Wave & IR Support
Use this simple plug-in ISY Power Supply with an ISY controller to provide power for an upgraded dual-band modem system.
Price: 6.10
Install this Web Enabled Central Controller for extended remote control of your device automation systems.
Price: 259.00

Universal Devices ISY994i ZW/IR PRO Controller - Insteon, Z-Wave & IR Support + PLM Universal Devices ISY994i ZW Controller - Insteon & Z-Wave Support
Get advanced control of your home systems using your computer with this Web Browser Automation Controller.
Price: 308.99
Get advanced control of your automated devices and systems with this Remote Automation Controller.
Price: 199.00

Universal Devices ISY994i ZW Controller - Insteon & Z-Wave Support + PLM HomeSeer S-HST-P HSTouch Interface Design Software - Standard Edition
Get easy to use, advanced centralized management of your home systems and devices with this Remote Access Automation Controller.
Price: 248.99
Use this Interface Design Program to customize the appearance and functionality of your automation system and controllers to your unique preferences.
Price: 104.98

HomeSeer HSM200 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor HomeSeer HT-S6 HomeTroller S6 Home Automation Controller
Install this Z-Wave Multi Sensor to integrate motion, light, and temperature detection into your network.
Price: 69.95
Control your home's systems, appliances, and more from your computer or over the internet with this software based Home Automation Controller.
Price: 854.95

HomeSeer HT-SEL-PRO Advanced Home Controller HomeSeer HT-S6-PRO Premium Home Controller Pro
Manage your home systems through your smartphone, tablet, or computer or over the Internet with this advanced Home Automation Controller.
Price: 664.95
Install this software based Premium Automated Home Controller hub to manage your lighting and appliances from your computer or over the internet.
Price: 1139.95

HomeSeer HT-ZEE-S2 HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Automation Controller Homeseer SMARTSTICK+ USB Z-Wave Interface
Control all your home automation systems, devices, and appliances with this powerful and compact Premium Smart Home Controller.
Price: 189.95
Upgrade your home systems with this secure, dependable next gen Z Wave Device which features the latest updates for superior performance.
Price: 37.95

HomeSeer Z-NET Remote Z-Wave Interface Home Control Assistant HCASTD13 Standard V.13
Integrate this Remote Z-Wave Interface into your home automation system to upgrade and expand your network.
Price: 142.45
Use Home Control Assistant and your automation interfaces to integrate control of your appliances, lighting, and irrigation systems, and more.
Price: 80.00

Home Control Assistant HCAPLUS13 Plus V.13 Elk M1GSYS4S Gold Security System with Semi-Flush-Mount Keypad
Save money, reduce electrical usage, conserve water, and improve safety by automating your home with this Home Automation Controller Software.
Price: 160.00
Build a rock-solid security foundation with powerful automation functionality with this Semi Flush Mount Keypad Security System.
Price: 681.77

Insteon-Compatible Elk M1 Gold Kit and ISY-994i with Dual-Band Insteon Interface Elk Products M1KPNAV 3.5-inch Navigator LCD Touchscreen
Install this this Automation Compatible Security System kit to conveniently integrate your home security and automation systems together.
Price: 1199.99
Get complete control over your systems with this Home Automation Touch Screen which features six programmable function keys and full menu display.
Price: 264.29

Elk M1DBH M1 Databus Hub Elk M1KP LCD Keypad with 6 Functions Keys
With the Elk security databus hub you can manage up to 9 connections in your M1 Gold or M1 control panel.
Price: 42.59
Expand the functionality of your home security or automation control system with this versatile, addressable Alarm System LCD Keypad.
Price: 165.64

Elk M1KP2 LCD Keypad, 4 Function Keys Elk M1KPB M1 Blue LCD Keypad with 6 Function Keys
Select this Elk Security LCD keypad which features 4 programmable function keys for versatile control of your security and automation systems.
Price: 137.07
Install this versatile, addressable Alarm System LCD Keypad to expand the functionality of your home security or automation control system.
Price: 165.64

Elk M1KPAS LED Arming Station Elk M1KAM M1 Single Door Access Module
The Elk Security M1KPAS LED arming station arms and disarms your ELK M1 security systems and comes in a slim design that won’t take up wall space.
Price: 101.32
Install this Proximity Reader Door Access Module to provide increased security and an alternative to requiring users to use a keypad or PIN codes.
Price: 131.60

Elk M1RB M1 Relay Board Elk M1XIN M1 16-Zone Input Expander
Add additional functionality such as general-purpose switching to your automation control systems with these Relay Board Security System Components.
Price: 80.71
With the Elk Security 16-zone input expander board you can update your automated M1 security systems with an additional 16 zones.
Price: 102.79

Elk W040A M1 Cable to DB9 Serial Ribbon Cable Elk ELK-M1TWSF Flush Mount Speaker/Microphone
Use this Serial Ribbon Cable to connect alarm and security system components and accessories to your automated control panels.
Price: 8.57
Install this flush mount 2-Way Listen In Microphone And Speaker to add to your home security communication system.
Price: 22.00

Elk M1-XSP M1 Lighting & Thermostat Interface Elk M1EZ8MSI Main Serial Interface Port for M1EZ8
Add lighting and temperature control and serial port connectivity to your security and automated systems with this Automation Expander Interface.
Price: 109.93
Plug into this Automation Panel Interface Port to control your automated home and security systems using your computer or over the Internet.
Price: 42.79

Elk M1PR M1 Mini Prox Reader for Keypad ELK M1PRC M1 Cards for Prox Reader (10-Pack)
Mini prox card reader programs and arms your system by using it for added security against unauthorized programming or entry to your establishment.
Price: 77.07
Enhance your building's security and allow entry only to authorized users with this Proximity Reader Key Card, supplied in a pack of 10.
Price: 42.14

M1 Fobs For Prox Reader (10-Pk) Elk M1XEP M1 Ethernet Port Expander and Interface
Protect your property by allowing access and entry only to those who scan this Proximity Key Fob.
Price: 71.36
Use this M1 Ethernet Interface to access your home security system from the Internet for remote programming, monitoring, control, and email.
Price: 234.21

Elk M1XOVR M1 16-Out Expander, 8 Voltage/8 Relay Elk M1ZTSR M1 Zone Temperature Interface with 7 Foot Remote Probe
Enhance the capability of your security and automation panels by adding voltage and relay outputs with this Automation Output Expander.
Price: 152.79
Expand the capabilities of your automation systems and keep track of temperatures indoors and outdoors with this Remote Temperature Interface.
Price: 108.50

M1 Zone Temperature Interface Elk Electric Water Shutoff Valve
Connect this Temperature Sensor Interface to your security or automation panel to monitor heat or cold conditions at your home or office.
Price: 77.07
Connect this Remote Water Shutoff valve to your automation systems to protect your home or office from damage from leaks or burst pipes.
Price: 514.21

Elk 14-Inch Universal Structured Wiring Panel SWB-14 Elk 28-Inch Universal Structured Wiring Panel SWB-28
The Elk 14-inch structured wiring panel features a universal design that centralizes telephone, computer and security wiring.
Price: 40.30
House and organize centralized wiring for CATV, telephone, computer networks, security systems, and more with this Structured Wiring Panel
Price: 101.09

ElkGuard Door and Window Wireless Magnetic Contact Switch ELK 912B Relay Module 12/24 Volt
Use this tamper-resistant wireless contact sensor to monitor doors, windows, gun cases, jewelry boxes and more. It wirelessly transmits a signal to an ElkGuard home security system when the contact is broken.
Price: 59.93
Control low voltage output or high current draw devices from your home automation controller with this Heavy Duty Relay Module.
Price: 10.71

Vera Control VeraPlus-US Z-Wave Smart Home Controller FLIR FX FXV101-H HD Wi-Fi Security Camera
Make securing and monitoring your home and automating your devices and appliances easy with this Energy Saving Smart Home Controller.
Price: 149.95
Set up this versatile Wi-Fi IP Security Camera to keep an eye on and review what's going on and what's already happened in your home.
Price: 199.99

FLIR FX FXAS01 Waterproof Sports Case Accessory FLIR FX FXV101-DH2S WiFi Home Monitoring Camera with Waterproof Sports Case and Dash Mount Accessories (Kit)
Capture stunning HD from your FLIR FX Camera using this FLIR FX Waterproof Sports Case Accessory.
Price: 69.99
This FLIR FX Home Monitoring Camera With Accessories kit includes 2 FLIR FX indoor cameras, 1 FLIR FX waterproof sports case, and 1 FLIR FX dash mount.
Price: 449.99

FLIR FX FXV101-H2 HD Wi-Fi Security Camera (2-Pack) FLIR FX FXV101-HW 1 Weatherproof HD Security Camera plus 1 Wi-Fi Home Monitoring Camera (Kit)
The FLIR FX HD Wi-Fi Security Camera (2 Pack) is a versatile wireless HD camera that allows you to see the day in a minute.
Price: 349.99
Install this Security Camera System indoors or outdoors to watch the kids playing, see that your pet is behaving, or check in on an elderly relative.
Price: 369.99

Philips 455386 hue Wireless Dimming Kit Philips 456665 hue White and Color Ambiance BR30 Single Bulb
Customize your lighting to make your home not too bright, not too dark, but just right with this easy to use Hue Automated Dim Control kit.
Price: 34.99
Add this Hue Colored Lighting Bulb to your directional and pot light setup to customize your color scheme, brightness, and ambience.
Price: 49.99

Philips 800268 hue LightStrip Extension - 1 Meter Philips 458141 Hue Dimmer Switch
Customize your system with this Home Lighting System extension which gives you full control from your tablet or smartphone.
Price: 29.99
Use this handy wireless Hue Dimmer Switch to control your colored lighting ecosystem when your smartphone or tablet is not convenient.
Price: 24.99

Logitech 915-000238 Harmony Hub Logitech 915-000256 Harmony Elite Remote Control
Manage and control your entertainment and automation equipment with an easy to use app and this Home Entertainment Smart Control hub.
Price: 99.99
Control all your home entertainment and automation systems with this intuitive color touchscreen Smart Home Remote Control.
Price: 349.99

Logitech 915-000224 Harmony Ultimate One Home Remote Logitech 915-000239 Harmony Companion with Harmony Hub
Choose this Home Entertainment Remote Controller for access to all your favorite options with simple swipes and taps on a large color touchscreen.
Price: 269.99
Use this Home Entertainment Remote Control system to manage entertainment and automation systems using an easy-to-use remote or app.
Price: 149.99

Logitech 915-000239 Harmony 650 Universal Remote Control Amazon Echo - Black
Logitech’s universal smart home remote, Harmony 650 has a cool color command screen, one touch control and controls 8 different entertainment devices.
Price: 79.99
Choose this Voice Control Connected Home system for hands-free control of automated systems, access to music, news, and weather, and more.
Price: 179.99

Insteon & Amazon Echo Starter Kit Philips 800276 hue LightStrip Plus
Select this Connected Home Starter Kit to integrate voice control and connectivity functions into your home automation systems.
Price: 239.95
Install Hue Home Decor Colored Lighting to create and customize the perfect environment and ambience in your home.
Price: 89.99

PowerHome2 Insteon-Compatible Home Automation Software THUM - USB Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Use this Home Automation Software to integrate and automate all your home systems, devices, and appliances using your home computer or via the web.
Price: 99.95
Reliably monitor the temperature and humidity in critical areas like server rooms and equipment closets with this Home Temperature Sensor.
Price: 144.12

Insteon Plug-in 10-Amp Plug-In Powerline Noise Filter Insteon 1-Scene Mini Remote Control Switch (7-Pack)
Correct all of your Insteon signal-strength problems with this 10-amp plug-in noise filter! It is fully ETL approved, order today, from Smarthome!
Price: 29.99
Price: 249.99

Insteon 8-Button Dimmer Keypad (5-Pack) Insteon Indoor HD IP Camera with Pan, Tilt & Night Vison, White (4-Pack)
Price: 319.99
Price: 319.99

Insteon Wireless Open / Close Sensor (7-Pack) Insteon 6-Button Dimmer Keypad (5-Pack)
Price: 199.99
With the Insteon Keypad Dimmer you get two products in one: a multi-button controller and 600-watt dimmer that can control up to five different devices or groups of devices. Available in White, Ivory, Almond, Light Almond, Black, Brown and Gray.
Price: 229.00

Minder Research MRC100 Electronic Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Minder Research MRI-122AG Wired Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Clock
Use this convenient Digital Thermometer Probe indoors to monitor your refrigerator or aquarium or to monitor the temperature outdoors.
Price: 6.22
Keep track of the time and temperatures in and around your house with this easy to read Indoor Outdoor Thermometer.
Price: 7.39

La Crosse Technology 6 Foot Detachable Dry Temperature Probe La Crosse Technology 6 Foot Detachable Wet Temperature Probe
Use this Detachable Dry Temperature Probe to monitor rooms, refrigerators, plants, kennels, and more to protect your property from freeze damage.
Price: 11.51
Use this Wet Temperature And Humidity Probe to monitor sensitive areas and appliances and prevent food spoilage, mold, and frozen pipes.
Price: 19.95

"La Crosse Technology WT-3143A 14"" Analog Atomic Wall Clock - Black" X10 LM465 PLM03 X10 Powerhouse Lamp Module
"This 14"" auto adjust clock automatically sets to the exact time, adjusts for daylight savings time and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use."
Price: 26.26
Dim or brighten lighting from anywhere in your home with this universal remote control light dimmer for incandescent lamps. No additional wiring is needed.
Price: 19.10

X10 AM486 or PAM01 X10 2-Pin Appliance Module X10 AM466 X10 3-Pin Appliance Module
Add remote control to household appliances, electronics, and other devices in seconds with this X10 Appliance Control module.
Price: 21.69
Control and automate fans, air conditioners, lights, and other appliances from anywhere with this X10 Electric appliance module.
Price: 21.88

X10 RLM20, LM15A OR PSM04 X10 SocketRocket Compact Screw-In Lamp Module X10 UM506 OR PUM01 X10 Universal Module
Use this Remote Control Lamp module with table lamps, light fixtures, and in spaces where you don't have enough space to use a standard module.
Price: 21.91
Give yourself full X10 control in your home with this universal module! Deal with contact closure switching with ease! Order your own today, with Smarthome!
Price: 29.99

X10 WS467 In-Wall X10 Light Switch - White X10 WS4777 or PLW02-W Three-Way X10 Master and Slave Switch Set -White
Add remote control to your wired-in lights and integration into your X10 system with this easy to use and easy to install In-Wall Light Switch.
Price: 22.06
This easy-to-install three-way wall switch set offers a simple solution for automating any wired-in light fixture controlled by two or more switches.
Price: 29.41

Three-Way X10 Powerhouse Switch Set -Ivory (Includes 1 Master And 1 Slave Switch) X10 SR227 or PA011 X10 Split Receptacle
Modernize your old toggle light switches to allow automatic timed lighting control and remote control with this Three-Way Wall Switch Set.
Price: 17.28
Get X10 control of your plug-in appliances with a custom built-in look with this Split Controlled Wall Receptacle.
Price: 25.74

Plug-In Wireless Chime 2 Entry Plug-In Wireless Chime
The Lee Electric wireless door chime & plug-in receiver set has a 100-foot range so you can hear your doorbell from the laundry room, patio or workshop.
Price: 18.71
With the 2 entry plug-in door chime you’ll never miss the doorbell again. Wireless transmitters have a 100-foot range.
Price: 29.46

X10 RSC15, SC546 or PHH02 X10 Chime Module Honeywell RPWL3045A1003/A Doorbell Converter/Extender/Button
Modernize your home notification system with the X10 SC546 chime module! It produces a pleasant chime to inform you of visitors! Order yours today!
Price: 22.79
Extend the functionality of your doorbell with this Doorbell Alert which can sound an alert when doors or windows are opened.
Price: 13.89

Honeywell RCA901N1006/A Wireless Window/Door Contacts Honeywell RPWL302A1005/A Decor Wireless Push Button, Brass
Use this Door Contact Sensor with your door chime to monitor when basement doors, poolside gates, or windows are opened.
Price: 7.50
Select this attractive brass Wireless Door Chime Button as a replacement or to add a door chime to other entrances.
Price: 19.44

Honeywell RPWL303A1004/A Decor Wireless Push Button, Chrome Honeywell RWD80/T 8ft Water Defense Cable Extension
The decorative Honeywell wireless door chime button in chrome expands your door chime system to include back doors and gates. Easy no-wiring installation.
Price: 19.44
Look to the Honeywell 8ft water leak alarm cable extension when you need to expand your Honeywell water defense water alarm system.
Price: 20.83

Honeywell RWD41/T Water Defense Water Alarm Insteon Bulb & Plug-in Module Pack
Avoid water damage with this expandable Water Sensor Alarm which sounds an alert when its included 4-ft cable senses a leak.
Price: 25.00
The Insteon bulb, plug-in module and dimmer kit includes 4 LampLinc dimmers, 1 On/Off module, 2 dimming LED bulbs and 2 LED bulbs for recessed lighting.
Price: 356.51

Insteon In-Wall Pack Insteon HD IP Camera 8 Pack - 4 Indoor Cameras, 4 Outdoor Cameras
Expand your home automation system with this In-Wall Switch Starter Pack which includes popular dimmer and on/off switches.
Price: 574.25
Expand the use of Insteon throughout your home with the Insteon HD IP Camera 8 Pack. Includes 4 Insteon HD indoor cameras with pan, tilt and night vision and 4 Insteon HD outdoor cameras with night vision.
Price: 765.54

Insteon HD IP Camera 4 Pack - 2 Indoor Cameras, 2 Outdoor Cameras Cooper Wiring Devices 9504SG 4-Way Switch - Silver Granite
Expand the use of Insteon throughout your home with the Insteon HD IP Camera 4 Pack. Includes 2 Insteon HD indoor cameras with pan, tilt and night vision and 2 Insteon HD outdoor cameras with night vision.
Price: 376.25
The boldly dramatic Silver Granite 4-Way switch will replace existing switches for 4-way control of any single light or appliance in your home.
Price: 12.18

Cooper Wiring Devices 9504DS 4-Way Switch - Desert Sand Cooper Wiring Devices 9566TRSG GFCI Receptacle, Tamper-Resistant - Silver Granite
Create attractive lighting control design with this modern 4 way light switch from Cooper Wiring Devices. Model 9504ds in desert sand.
Price: 11.63
This switch combine a modern, sophisticated appearance with performance-improving technical features.
Price: 14.99

Aspire 9505TRSG 15A Split Control Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle, Silver Granite Cooper Wiring Devices 2152GY 2-Gang Decorator-Style Thermoset Wallplate - Gray
Tamper Resistant Receptacles contain a UL listed safety shutter system that prevents the insertion of foreign objects into receptacles.
Price: 2.58
The Cooper Wiring Device Decorator Style Wall Plate perfectly fits two standard sized lights or outlets.
Price: 0.31

Aspire PJS26BK 1-Gang Wall Plate - Black Aspire 9521SG 1-Gang Wall Plate - Silver Granite
This ASPIRE Screwless Light Plate in black is screwless and fits  standard sized light switches.
Price: 2.97
This ASPIRE Screwless Light Plate in silver granite is screwless and fits standards sized light switches.
Price: 1.86

Aspire PJS26V 1-Gang Wall Plate - Ivory Cooper Wiring Devices 9521WS Aspire 1-Gang Wall Plate - White Satin
The ASPIRE Screwless Wall Plate in ivory is seamless, screwless and modern.
Price: 2.00
Look to the Aspire screwless wall plate - 1-gang white satin to update your wall switches and outlets with seamless sophistication.
Price: 1.86

Double Gang Cooper Wall Plate, Black Aspire 9522SG 2-Gang Wall Plate - Silver Granite
The ASPIRE 2-Gang Screwless Plate in black fits two light switches and is seamless, screwless and modern.
Price: 4.74
The ASPIRE 2-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in silver granite fits two light switches and is screwless and modern.
Price: 3.26

Aspire 9522DS 2-Gang Wall Plate - Desert Sand ASPIRE 9522WS 2-Gang Wall Plate, White Satin
The ASPIRE 2-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in Desert Sand fits two standard size light switches.
Price: 3.26
The ASPIRE 2-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in white satin fits two standard size light switches.
Price: 3.26

Aspire 9523SG 3-Gang Wall Plate - Silver Granite Aspire PJS263V 3-Gang Wall Plate - Ivory
The ASPIRE 3-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in silver granite is a screwless wall plate that fits three standard light switches.
Price: 4.65
The ASPIRE 3-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in ivory is a screwless wall plate fits three standard light switches.
Price: 5.72

Aspire 9523DS 3-Gang Wall Plate - Desert Sand ASPIRE 9523WS Triple Gang Wall Plate, White Satin
The ASPIRE 3-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in desert sand fits three standard light switches.
Price: 4.65
The ASPIRE 3-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in white satin fits three standard light switches and is seamless and screwless.
Price: 4.65

Aspire PJS264A 4-Gang Wall Plate - Almond Aspire 9524DS 4-Gang Wall Plate - Desert Sand
The ASPIRE 4-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in Almond fits four standard light switches.
Price: 5.15
The ASPIRE 4-Gang Screwless Wall Plate in Desert Sand fits four standard sized switches.
Price: 6.06

Aspire 9525SG 5-Gang Wall Plate - Silver Granite Aspire PJS265A 5-Gang Wall Plate - Light Almond
Frame any five modern, sophisticated ASPIRE wall switches or outlets with this seamless, screwless mid-size wall plate.
Price: 8.39
Frame any five modern, sophisticated ASPIRE wall switches or outlets with this seamless, screwless mid-size wall plate.
Price: 11.06

Cooper Wiring Devices 3560-4A Decorator-Style Insert with 4-Conductor Telephone Jack, Almond Cooper Wiring Devices 3562LA Decorator-Style Mounting Strap w/ Phone and Coaxial Jack- Light Almond
This Cooper Wiring Devices Decorator Mounting Strap Insert is a flush mount 4-conductor telephone jack. It is a decorator style for a clean finish.
Price: 2.00
Access phone, data, and cable lines from one convenient location with this Cooper Wiring Devices Mounting Strap with Phone & Coaxial Jack in Light Almond.
Price: 4.50

Aspire 9530SG 600w Slide Dimmer - Silver Granite Aspire 9530DS 600w Slide Dimmer - Desert Sand
Select this Slide Dimmer Lighting Control and turn your light switches, dimmers, and outlets into an integral element of your interior design.
Price: 24.85
Replace your existing switch with this Slide Dimmer Light Switch to add dimming capabilities along with a modern, sophisticated appearance.
Price: 24.85

Cooper Wiring Devices 5521-5EV Decorator-Style Mounting Strap with 1 Port - Ivory Cooper Wiring Devices 5521-5EW Decorator-Style Mounting Strap with 1 Port - White
This Decorator-Style Mounting Strap with 1 Port is perfect for all of your telecommunication and data needs. And the best part is that it installs in seconds!
Price: 0.69
The Decorator-Style Mounting Strap with 1 Port features a single port to accommodate a 110 style modular jack, F-connector, or blank face insert.
Price: 1.00