Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes Eighteenth Edition Global Privacy and Security Law
"In todays insurance coverage litigation environment, the practitioner who needs to determine what is''and is not''covered under various policy provisions is up against some formidable challenges. Literally thousands of cases on insurance issues find their way into courtrooms every year, and the decisions can be as difficult to decipher as they are to track. Find the authoritative guidance you need with Ostrager and Newmans Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes. This three-volume resource helps you quickly and easily pinpoint detailed analysis of lead cases in key jurisdictions, provides excerpts from standard insurance policies, including critical commentary on key provisions, and offers insights into planning and implementation of succe"
Price: 690
"Fifty eight clear and concise country reports make this the single, essential resource for research into privacy and security, data protection laws, and the specific regulations of key countries around the world, delivering completely up-to-date information on every country covered. Includes easy cross-country comparison, expert analysis of every major directive, and precise practice tips. By Francoise Gilbert. .If your clients are collecting any data from citizens of foreign nations''including credit card numbers, addresses, or any identification information whatsoever''you are required to comply with local data protection laws, in every jurisdiction. Unfortunately, some corporations and their attorneys have discovered how sophisticated fore"
Price: 1129

Bank Digest Online International Securities and Financial Reporting Update
"Changes in banking laws and the constantly shifting sea of federal banking regulation have made keeping abreast of the latest changes not only more difficult, but also more necessary than ever. Wolters Kluwer can help keep you up to date with Bank Digest. Bank Digest is an essential tool for tracking the latest banking activity, regulatory changes and trends in federal banking policy. Each day, Bank Digest provides both a concise abstract and the full text of that day's releases from the federal agencies that impact the banking industry, including: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Federal Housing Finance Agency Federal Financial Instit"
Price: 2995
"International Securities and Financial Reporting Update reports on the latest developments in international regulations affecting cross-border transactions such as securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and the sales of mutual funds with a ""multi-country passport."" Twice each month, the newsletter keeps readers informed of the regulations and developments that impact doing business abroad. Each issue reports on the key international standard-setters including the International Accounting Standards Board, International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, Financial Accounting Standards Board, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, International Federation of Accountants, and the Public Interest Oversight Board. The new"
Price: 1281

SEC Filings Insight SEC No Action Letter Weekly
"Twice each month, SEC Filings Insight will brief you on the latest disclosure practices and compliance strategies employed by the most respected securities law firms and corporate counsel. SEC Filings Insight will keep you abreast of new regulatory and policy changes likely to impact the way your firm or clients publicly report their financial and business conditions. The editorial staff of CCH reviews all SEC staff comment letters, SEC registrations, proxies, Forms 8-K, Williams Act filings, 10-Ks, and no-action letters. If it's relevant to corporate disclosure, you'll be informed. SEC Filings Insight tracks the latest developments in such key areas as: Accounting Practices Anti-takeover Provisions Corporate Governance Di"
Price: 1669
"SEC No-Action Letter Weekly Online, the only weekly newsletter devoted exclusively to SEC no-action letters, offers a comprehensive overview of all letters released, providing a crucial looking glass into staff positions. The newsletter provides a current account of all letters released the previous week and contains abstracts of every letter and in-depth feature articles. SEC No-Action Letter Weekly Online also provides links to the full text of every No-Action letter referenced. In addition, a robust full-text search allows you to quickly find what you are looking for, either publication-wide or within a specific section. Your subscription to SEC No-Action Letter Weekly Online also gives you access to our archive of past issues. Every"
Price: 1704

SEC Today PCAOB Reporter
"Each day, SEC Today covers the latest SEC news and policymaking, including: Top Story of the Day -- Each issue of SEC Today begins with a cover story detailing an issue or event of interest to the securities industry. No-Action Letters -- All no-action letters released by the SEC are categorized and listed in SEC Today. Each list contains the name of the requesting party and the acts, sections and rules addressed in the SEC's response. The SEC News Digest -- This daily guide of SEC activity includes listings of Commission Announcements, Enforcement Proceedings, Rules and Related Matters, including Releases under the Investment Company and Investment Advisor Acts and those for Self-Regulatory Organizations. In addition"
Price: 2511
"With the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) now directly oversees the audit of all public companies subject to the securities laws. As a public accountant or public company legal adviser, you now have the added responsibility of keeping abreast of the new and emerging developments at the PCAOB, and across the accounting profession. To help you stay on top of new and emerging developments at the PCAOB, CCH has created the PCAOB Reporter. PCAOB Reporter provides a comprehensive, detailed review of the latest news and events shaping the public company accounting profession, including coverage of: Open Meetings Rule Proposals/Adoptions Industry Comment Letters"
Price: 760

Patent Licensing and Transactions Module Patent Litigation Module
The Patent Licensing and Transactions Component includes Aspen Publishers four popular treatises by renowned authors combined with weekly patent news alerts and current awareness journals. Plus every treatise includes links to the full text of citations to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and the Patent Act as well as analysis and links to all full text cases as referenced. In addition the component includes a searchable complete Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and Patent Act Title 35. Included in the library: Federal Circuit Case Alert (weekly summaries and cases) Selected patent articles from these Aspen Journals: The Licensing Journal; The Computer & Internet Lawyer; Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal IP Litiga
Price: 3185
"The Patent Litigation component includes Aspen Publishers eight popular treatises by renowned authors combined with weekly patent news alerts and current awareness journals. Plus every treatise includes links to the full text of citations to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and the Patent Act as well as analysis and links to all full text cases as referenced. In addition, the component includes a searchable complete Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and Patent Act Title 35. Included in the library Federal Circuit Case Alert (weekly summaries and cases) Selected patent articles from these Aspen Journals: The Licensing Journal; The Computer & Internet Lawyer; Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal IP Litigator Journal pub"
Price: 4323

Patent Claim Construction Second Edition Pension Plan Guide
"Patent Claim Construction is the first comprehensive treatise on claim construction with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This practical resource helps lawyers of all experience levels gain a firm footing in the rapidly evolving rules of claim construction. This knowledge thereby allows for the systematic and efficient identification of the rules most advantageous to the client's position. Patent Claim Construction offers expert analysis of emerging methodologies, reflected in current case law for interpreting patents as a matter of the law and detailed descriptions of the cases applying the rule, as well as commentary describing the trend toward or away from favoring that particular rule. Additionally, the author includes"
Price: 439
"Access the resource with everything you need to set up, revise, terminate and manage a pension plan, day to day. Pension Plan Guide is your complete, core guide to creating and managing a pension plan, from beginning to end. The Pension Plan Guide covers the rules affecting retirement benefit plans, delivering expert analysis and explanation of the law, as well as key cases, rulings and legislative developments. The Guide provides the full text of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), plus ERISA regulations and Committee Reports. Rulings and releases from the IRS, PBGC, DOL, SEC and other federal agencies are also included. Also included are: Benefit-related court decisions from the U.S. Supreme, Appellate and Federal"
Price: 3960

Corporate Legal Compliance Handbook Second Edition IP Virtual Library
"Corporate Compliance has changed''stricter guidelines now impose criminal penalties for activities that were previously considered legal. The business judgment rule that protected the decisions of officers and directors has been severely eroded. The Corporate Federal Sentencing Guidelines of the U.S. Sentencing Commission require an effective compliance program, but even if you follow their requirements to the letter, you wont really know if your compliance program works or if you have created a corporate culture that supports compliance. Now, with the completely updated Second Edition of Corporate Legal Compliance Handbook, youll have help in creating a complete compliance system that complies with federal regulations and meets y"
Price: 336
"Wolters Kluwer Law & Business has a vast array of Intellectual Property Law content, covering patents, copyrights, trademarks, licensing and technology law. Some of this Wolters Kluwer content covers general intellectual property law, while other content covers very specific types of law, such as software patents. The IP Virtual Library allows customers to choose the content that fits the type of intellectual property law they do. For example, a firm may only do patent prosecution work. This firm can choose to purchase our patent titles, such as Bob Kahrls Patent Claim Construction or Greg Stobbs Business Method Patents, or they can purchase the patent titles and more general intellectual property titles such as Epstein on Intellectua"
Price: 32642

Pharmacy Practice Management Forms Checklists Guidelines Radiology Administration Forms Checklists Guidelines
"Pharmacy Practice Management: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines provides pharmacists with useful practice guidelines and handy forms and checklists to ensure compliance, increase efficiency and improve overall practice management. Theyre effective tools for managing your day-to-day operations, as well as for meeting the requirements of the Joint Commission and other accrediting bodies. You'll find Pharmacy Practice Management contains many management tools you can use ""as is"" or implement with only a few changes. Put essential management policies and procedures into placeDevelop effective patient education materialsDocument care for quality assessment and accreditation It's easy, with the ready-to-use forms, checkl"
Price: 687
"In one complete reference, Aspen Publishers Radiology Administration: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines lays out an entire framework for skillfully handling: Shifting trends in technology An ever-changing reimbursement system New legislation and regulations And dozens of other on-the-job concerns you have to deal with every day These are just a few of the hundreds of issues Radiology Administration: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines will help you deal with more confidently and effectively: Departmental organization Employee relations and leadership Coding and reimbursement Cost management and billing Evaluating and purchasing technology Risk management Patient scheduling and education Marketing imaging services Standards and regulations"
Price: 662

National Stock Exchange Guide Immigration Law In The Workplace
"The National Stock Exchange Guide offers authoritative compilations of key exchange data, with periodic updates so you're kept apprised of the most recent changes. Contains bylaws and rules of the National Stock Exchange Provides key data on Exchange Board of Trustees, committees, officers, and members Includes amended articles of incorporation and regulatory circulars"
Price: 571
"The White House Immigration executive action will affect approximately five million persons, is your I-9 and E-Verify staff ready for the coming changes? Immigration Law in the Workplace is the answer! Immigration Law in the Workplace is the one indispensable resource that keeps its readers current on the latest changes in the Immigration Law. Over 8 million employers have reporting requirements to the IRS, Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security for their U.S. and foreign workers. Thousands of government contractors and subcontractors need to comply with federal regulations that require them to use the E-Verify electronic system for new hires and their existing employees. Immigration Law in the Workplace is t"
Price: 436

Almanac of the Federal Judiciary OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual
"The Almanac of the Federal Judiciary has built its considerable reputation by providing balanced, responsible judicial profiles of every federal judge and all the key bankruptcy judges and magistrate judges -- profiles that include reliable inside information based on interviews with lawyers who have argued cases before the federal judiciary. Containing valuable, hard-to-find material on every federal trial judge and appellate judge in the nation, this unique resource includes: Each judge's academic and professional background, experience on the bench, noteworthy rulings, and media coverage Candid, revealing commentary by lawyers, based on first-hand experiences before their local federal judges Helpful tips for your litigating team in shap"
Price: 3783
"Get quick and easy access to text, cases and the affirmative action rules concerning gender, disability, race and veteran status that apply to federal contractors. The OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual can be used as a guide to understanding government enforcement procedures, a uniform body of standards for supervisors and staff, or as a reference source to resolve questions of policy. Not only does the Manual provide analysis of recent cases and new developments in regulations, policies and procedures, affirmative strategies and results, and sanctions and debarments, but it also offers insight into what the agency looks for when checking on compliance with affirmative action rules, and provides Department of Labor decisions concerni"
Price: 995

Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements Fourth Edition Accomodating Disabilities Business Management Guide
"This essential resource enables you to negotiate, draft, and fine-tune LLC operating agreements for all basic types of LLCs''in every U.S. jurisdiction! It delivers exclusive guidance on all 10 stages of the LLC formation process, and comes with a CD-ROM packed full of valuable material, including complete agreements, forms, and clauses all ready for immediate use. Newly expanded to two volumes, theFourthEdition of Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements is the only limited liability company formbook and practice manual that addresses the entire process of planning, negotiating and drafting LLC operating agreements, and handling LLC formations. Providing hands-on guidance directly from John M. Cunningham, one of the acknowl"
Price: 995
"Ensure ADA and Rehabilitation Act compliance with this indispensable guide. You'll find the entire scope of disability and accommodation requirements thoroughly covered with practical, cost-effective strategies."
Price: 1070

AIDS and the Law Fifth Edition Civil Rights in the Workplace Fourth Edition
"AIDS and the Law Online provides comprehensive coverage of the complex legal issues, as well as the underlying medical and scientific issues, surrounding the HIV epidemic. Covering a broad range of legal fields from employment to health care to housing and privacy rights, this essential resource provides thorough up-to-date coverage of a rapidly changing area of law. AIDS and the Law Online brings you up-to-date on the latest developments, including: Updates on HIV prevention breakthroughs, including research results of a study of couples demonstrating that initiation of antiretroviral therapy for the partner with HIV resulted in a 96 percent reduction in risk of sexual transmission of HIV to the uninfected Partner Critical review of the de"
Price: 474
"For plaintiff and defense counsel, Civil Rights in the Workplace Online provides complete analysis of punitive damages, compensatory damages, jury trials, and changes in providing disparate treatment and disparate impact cases. It shows you how the 1991 Act has changed the way lawyers and their clients approach employment discrimination under Title VII, the Age Discrimination and Employment Act, the Reconstruction Era Civil Rights Act, and the ADA. You get the full text -- with insightful analysis -- of the controversial Supreme Court rulings that led to the creation of the 1991 Act. Civil Rights in the Workplace Online provides coverage of legislative and other developments and new case law, including: Explanation of EEOC regulations apply"
Price: 474

Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law 2018 Edition Employee Relations Law Journal
"The Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law will help you navigate complex and potentially costly Human Resources issues. You'll know what to do (and what not to do) to avoid costly mistakes or oversights, confront HR problems - legally and effectively - and understand the rules. The Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law offers fast, dependable, plain English legal guidance for HR-related situations from ADA accommodation, diversity training, and privacy issues to hiring and termination, employee benefit plans, compensation, and recordkeeping. It brings you the most up-to-date information as well as practical tips and checklists in a well-organized, easy-to-use resource. The 2018 Edition provides new and expanded coverage of i"
Price: 345
"For over 25 years, senior human resource executives, in-house counsel, and attorneys specializing in employment law have turned to Employee Relations Law Journal Online to find out what the law says, how the courts are ruling, and what to do to comply. Practicing professionals provide you with clear and authoritative articles on key issues such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, family medical leave, sexual harassment, terminations and RIF's, age discrimination, alternative dispute resolution, key NLRB decisions, controlling benefits costs, and trends in employment law. Regular columnists explore the meaning of new laws, regulations, and cases in benefits, safety and health, and labor-management relations."
Price: 639

Employment Law Update 2017 Edition Employment Relationships Law and Practice
"Employment Law Update, 2017 Edition analyzes recent developments in case law of interest to employment law practitioners representing plaintiffs, defendants, and labor unions and comprehensively covers recent developments in the rapidly changing employment and labor law field. Comprised of ten chapters - each written by an expert in employment law - this updated edition provides timely, incisive analysis of critical issues. Employment Law Update, 2017 Edition provides, where appropriate, checklists, forms, and guidance on strategic considerations for litigation and other forms of dispute resolution. Some of the new material discussed in this 2017 Edition includes: How the U.S. Department of Labor enforces federal whistleblower statutes Rece"
Price: 540
"Employment Relationships: Law & Practice analyzes the state and federal employment laws and recent trends in case law affecting the employment relationship. Topics covered include: federal discrimination law, including ADEA, ADA, the Equal Pay Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act; sexual harassment, with a discussion of same-sex harassment; severance pay, golden parachutes and COBRA; employee's fiduciary duties to his employer; employee privacy, with discussions of privacy issues relating to employee e-mail and computer files; tort actions, such as defamation, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing and infliction of emotional distress. Practice pointers throughout the chapter provide practical advice from the authors. Em"
Price: 464

Labor and Employment Law Handbook Third Edition Practical Guide to Employment Law
"Finding critical information on labor and employment law doesn't have to be an arduous, time-consuming job. Gordon Jackson's acclaimed Labor and Employment Law Handbook Online offers HR professionals, employment lawyers, and labor representatives fast, accurate answers to all their questions about compliance with federal and state labor law. Written in clear, straightforward language, with a minimum of legal jargon, this handy resource is the first place to start when researching any aspect of labor and employment law. Labor and Employment Law Handbook Online is a convenient guide to federal and state laws pertaining to labor relations. Filled with useful tables of cases, this unique reference addresses the procedural guidelines of each law"
Price: 411
"The Practical Guide to Employment Law is a comprehensive desk manual for HR managers, legal counsel, and labor and employment attorneys. It covers federal employment laws in plain-English, giving readers the practical information necessary to apply the laws, as well as providing readers with essential court cases and tips for compliance in every chapter. The Practical Guide to Employment Law includes a compliance checklist section -- where readers can learn the various laws that apply to such topics as hiring, terminations, and benefits. It also includes a supervisory training section on several laws, including FMLA and ADA. The Practical Guide to Employment Law also includes a CD-ROM that contains reproducible pages that summarize key prov"
Price: 470

Public Employee Discharge and Discipline Fourth Edition EEOC Compliance Manual
"Managing public employment cases in today's volatile, fast changing legal arena is no easy task. Just keeping up with the complex developments in constitutional, labor, civil service, administrative, and common law can be a full-time job. Public Employee Discharge and Discipline is the definitive work on every aspect of public employment law. This invaluable two-volume resource is the only one of its kind to deal with all public employment disciplinary and discharge issues for federal, state and municipal employees. The FourthEdition offers thorough analysis and in-depth discussion of such essential topics as: First Amendment and whistleblowing Public sector collective bargaining and arbitration Due process in discipline and discharge Admi"
Price: 868
"Complete coverage of EEOC issues. his practitioner's guide features the full text of the EEOC's Manual of current guidelines and directives for bringing and settling job discrimination lawsuits against employers. The Manual interprets the law for all forms of discrimination''sexual harassment, age discrimination, and more''while explaining unlawful practices. Demonstrations on how to formulate conciliation agreements and offer appropriate remedies, instructions for accepting, investigating and processing discrimination charges, and cross references to relevant case cites are also featured."
Price: 875

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reporter NLRB Case Handling Manual
"Change is on the horizon for 2016. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureaus (CFPB) rulemaking agenda is continually packed with new requirements and procedures''from the HMDA Plus final rule and the implementation of TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures Rule to establishing minimum requirements for Appraisal Management Companies, and to the introduction of the amendments relating to Small Creditors and Rural or Underserved Areas under the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z). The Bureau continues to focus on these areas: Overdrafts Debt Collection Arbitration Student loan servicing Credit reporting Women-owned, minority-owned, and small business As you advise your clients on the rules and regulations (such as the FDCPA, TILA, EC"
Price: 2825
"This quick reference gives you a clear understanding of the NLRB's procedures for processing cases to ensure your case conforms to the Board's guidelines. Get step-by-step guidance for handling unfair labor charges, elections, and compliance proceedings, including information on the conduct of formal hearings and presentation of evidence. Also included are the NLRB operating procedures as they relate to representation elections as well as current information on compliance with NLRB orders, and issues common to both unfair labor practice and representation cases."
Price: 924

America Invents Act Law Analysis Unemployment Insurance Reporter All States
"The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act makes the most sweeping changes to the U.S. patent law in nearly 60 years. America Invents Act: Law & Analysis is the definitive, must-have resource to ensure understanding of and compliance with the new America Invents Act. Authored by top U.S. patent law firm Foley & Lardner, this title presents a definitive explanation of the new patent reform legislation. The authors bring clarity to the complex and confusing provisions of the America Invents Act, as well as insight into how the Act could be interpreted. America Invents Act: Law and Analysis will be an invaluable resource to help you: Understand the implications of the new patent reform act through clear and straightforward explanations Quickly find"
Price: 287
"Provides in-depth coverage of state Unemployment Insurance Laws and regulations. With all the facts and data about taxes and benefits under major subject categories, and expert ""plain English"" explanations, analyses and indexes, there is no other product that offers the same scope of coverage. Further customize your research by choosing all, or a portion of, state material."
Price: 5155

Federal Banking QuickCharts Dodd Frank Act Federal Securities QuickCharts Dodd Frank Act
"The Federal Banking QuickCharts - Dodd-Frank Act provide in chart form an overall comprehensive and timely view of the new legislation that is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The user can quickly create the Charts needed to quickly understand and monitor this legislation in order to ensure that their company and/or their clients are taking the necessary steps to be in compliance with the new requirements. The QuickCharts allow the user to distill the over 1,600 pages of material into easy-to-understand and easy-to-view charts based on a particular topic of interest. The Federal Banking QuickCharts - Dodd-Frank Act are available as an add-on product to online subscribers of the Federal Banking Law Reporter . A"
Price: 969
"The Federal Securities QuickCharts - Dodd-Frank Act provide in chart form an overall comprehensive and timely view of the new legislation that is the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The user can quickly create the Charts needed to quickly understand and monitor this legislation in order to ensure that their company and/or their clients are taking the necessary steps to be in compliance with the new requirements. The QuickCharts allow the user to distill the over 1,600 pages of material into easy-to-understand and easy-to-view charts based on a particular topic of interest. The Federal Securities QuickCharts - Dodd-Frank Act are available as an add-on product to online subscribers of the Federal Securities Law Repo"
Price: 951

Mergers Acquisitions Integrated Library Takeovers A Strategic Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions Third Edition
"When youre navigating through tough mergers and acquisitions issues, you need a comprehensive, reliable and current resource that provides you with quick, accurate answers to even the most complex M & A questions. The Mergers and Acquisitions Integrated Library is a single online resource that gives you expert guidance from prominent authorities together with primary source materials that provide full text of laws, cases, explanations and more. The key works from Ginsburg and Levin bring you their expert insights and lead you through every aspect of mergers and acquisitions law including: structuring winning transactions, selecting the best business entity, establishing venture capital or private equity funds, and growth-equity investment"
Price: 5295
"Demystify the takeover process with the straightforward guidance found in Aspen Publishers Takeovers: A Strategic Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions, the definitive desk reference to managing the legal, regulatory, and economic aspects of todays increasingly complex corporate combinations, including cross-border acquisitions. Using the expert insights in this guide to the takeover process, you will swiftly master the nomenclature, tempo of deal-making and techniques for closing in all types of business combinations.Takeovers: A Strategic Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions gives you a practical understanding of the critical procedures, issues, and laws both bidder and target corporations must consider, including: How tender offers are regula"
Price: 595

Construction Law Integrated Library Competition Law of European Community
"In todays construction environment, attorneys need to be prepared to advise their clients at all stages of the process initial contract, active building and post completion. To do so, they need authoritative guidance and key resources. The Construction Law Integrated Library provides a comprehensive offering of our construction content in online media. It includes 16 of the well-respected Aspen Red Book Series titles on construction plus three government contract titles from CCH. In addition, there are three Smart Charts covering contracts and claims, liens and bonds and architect, engineer and contractor licensing across U.S. jurisdictions and a journal covering hot topics in the construction industry. This unique resource will help you"
Price: 10413
"With treatise-style explanations by prominent authors, D. Reed Freeman, Jr., and J. Trevor Hughes, their expert opinions add to the full text of laws, regulations, state laws and enforcement actions from the 35 states that have relevant privacy laws, as well as the full text of privacy laws in 30 international markets and the EU. The full text of key court decisions, regulatory enforcement actions and policy documents are all headnoted. Current developments are highlighted in the monthly Report Letter. This Kluwer Law International treatise reflects the modernization of EC competition law that has occurred over recent years and also covers changes that took pl"
Price: 446

Mergers Acquisitions and Buyouts Online Federal Money Laundering Regulation Banking Corporate and Securities Compliance Second Edition
"Mergers, Acquisitions, and Buyouts gives practitioners the information, analysis and hands-on skills to successfully structure deals that ensure the greatest financial and tax benefits for your clients. This unsurpassed reference covers not only the federal income tax aspects of acquisitions, but also the many other aspects of corporate acquisitions, including state corporate law, securities law, accounting, fraudulent conveyance law, antitrust reporting, and contract terms that are important in negotiating, structuring, and effectuating an acquisition. Step-by-Step Guidance on Every M&A Topic Ginsburg and Levin go step by step through every aspect of structuring a winning transaction. Included is detailed coverage of such vital topics as:"
Price: 1982
"Federal Money Laundering Regulation: Banking, Corporate and Securities Compliance is your complete guide to understanding and complying with all U.S. statutes, regulations and court decisions governing money laundering activity. This valuable desk reference provides in-depth analysis and guidance on recordkeeping and reporting requirements, anti- money laundering compliance programs, money laundering crimes, asset forfeitures, and state and international measures against money laundering and terrorist financing. This guide is especially aimed at law firms and corporate counsel representing banks, insurance companies, securities broker-dealers, and other financial institutions, as well as the criminal bar, public accountants, and compliance"
Price: 342

Computer Internet Law Integrated Library Policyholder s Guide to the Law of Insurance Coverage
"A comprehensive one-stop research solution, the Computer and Internet Law Integrated Library covers the full range of computer and Internet law issues with analytical, primary source and current awareness information. Analysis is provided by expert-authored publications and relevant primary source materials. A selection of eight CCH and Aspen brand publications form the core Library, and an additional seven publications are available as add-ons to customize your Library. News and current awareness plus Aspen analytical journals complete this all-inclusive resource for Internet and technology law. The Core Library includes: CCH Guide to Computer Law '' The premier resource covering intellectual property, communications, software licensing, is"
Price: 3169
"The first comprehensive guide to insurance law written from the corporate policyholder's perspective, Policyholder's Guide to the Law of Insurance Coverage provides expert guidance through the labyrinth of legal issues surrounding insuring instruments and underlying claims, plus practical strategies and legal arguments to help you secure coverage for contested claims. Policyholder's Guide addresses virtually every insurance-related legal issue you are likely to encounter in the regular course of business, as well as those issues unique to specialized industries or unusual situations including: Liability policies Special liability policies First-party policies Specialty first-party property policies Environmental Marine and aviation Toxic to"
Price: 488

Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law Sixth Edition State Unfair Trade Practices Law
"The Sixth Edition of Folk on the Delaware General Corporation Law is the place to turn for authoritative coverage of the country's most important corporate law. Now in four volumes, this definitive guide covers Delaware corporation law section-by-section, delivering up-to-date insights and penetrating analysis from leading experts in the field. Its uniquely logical code section organization with extensively annotated commentary brings you the best in: Effective strategies and options for specific business decisions and activities under the statute Detailed analysis of each key statutory provision and judicial decision Coverage of all the major cases, many of them unreported and unavailable in any other source Analysis organized by code sect"
Price: 1523
"Individual states began enacting laws targeting unfair trade practices as a basic remedy against fraud, deception, and abuse in the market place. While these acts were originally created to protect individual consumers, the legislatures and courts have expanded many statutes to protect businesses making purchases of goods and services as well. The CCH State Unfair Trade Practices Law is your definitive reference guide to unfair trade practice laws. With it, you'll research more efficiently. Included are a topically-arranged explanation of key legal issues, state-by-state summaries, full text of the state laws, pending legislation and full-text coverage of court decisions interpreting the laws. Subscribe today to: Avoid damage awards, costly"
Price: 1916

Antitrust Trade Regulation Integrated Library Journal of Internet Law
"With market-leading proprietary and in-depth analytical and primary law, the Antitrust and Trade Regulation Integrated Library combines the best, most-trusted resources from CCH and Aspen Publishers with comprehensive and expert guidance on the complex legal issues involving both domestic and international antitrust matters. This extraordinary library features: Over 15,000 antitrust cases including explanatory headnote Discussions and citations to continuously updated laws, regulations and statutes Links between analytical and primary source materials International developments The Core Library includes: CCH Trade Regulation Reporter '' Since 1914, this trusted reporter has been the publication of record for antitrust and trade regulation"
Price: 9016
Keep on top of the latest developments in cyberspace law with detailed analysis of the latest cases and regulatory changes and their impact on your clients businesses. Each monthly issue gives you insights into timely topics such as: Civil liberties in cyberspace Open source Online commerce Securities trading online Enforcing American law in an electronic world without borders Use of electronic money Protection of published materials online
Price: 849

Commodities Derivatives Law Integrated Library Trial Attorneys Integrated Library
"The Commodities and Derivatives Law Integrated Library is an online resource combining expert analytical guidance with linked access to the full text of laws, rules, cases, explanations and more. Aspen and CCH offer a single online destination to bring all these sources together to give rapid access back and forth among them. The CCH Commodity Futures Law Reporter and Derivatives Regulation Law Reporter are complemented by Aspen analytical works. COMMODITY FUTURES CCH Commodity Futures Law Reporter '' The CCH Commodity Futures Law Reporter provides all the information you need to keep abreast of regulation affecting commodity futures, including the full text of laws and regulations, pertinent Congressional Committee Report excerpt"
Price: 4346
"The Trial Attorneys Integrated Library brings together everything you need to know about presenting evidence to the court - and everything you want to know about the judge presiding over your case. Organized into two logical components, this single online tool delivers access to a number of exclusive resources, including the respected insights of Wigmore on Evidence and New Wigmore as well as the valuable data available only from the Directory of Federal Judges. Every feature of the Trial Attorneys Integrated Library is designed to increase efficiency and knowledge as you prepare for - and engage in - litigation in federal court. From planning through appeals, trial attorneys can rely on this resource to make the best decisions at every sta"
Price: 5835

Electronic Discovery Law Practice Second Edition Fundamentals of Securities Regulation Sixth Edition
"Information that is crucial to your case can be stored just about anywhere in Blackberries, on home computers, in cellphones, in voicemail transcription programs, on flash drives, in native files, in metadata... Knowing what you're looking for is essential, but understanding technology and data storage systems can literally make or break your discovery efforts and your case. If you cant write targeted discovery requests, you wont get all the information you need. With Electronic Discovery: Law and Practice, Second Edition, you'll have the first single-source guide to the emerging law of electronic discovery and delivering reliable guidance on such topics as: Duty to Preserve Electronic Evidence Spoliation Document Retention Policies and"
Price: 275
"Fundamentals of Securities Regulation, Sixth Edition gives you quick access to the law of securities regulation as derived from the eleven-volume, landmark treatise Securities Regulation. This consolidated, two-volume set distills the essence of Loss, Seligman, and Paredes master work into a 2,300-page authoritative resource that reviews and analyzes the most significant aspects of securities regulation. Get the quick answers you need...when you need them. Fundamentals of Securities Regulation, Sixth Edition details the rules and regulations affecting the securities market, providing comprehensive coverage and plain-English explanations in a two-volume set. And, through annual supplementation, youll keep pace with the ever-increasing volu"
Price: 328

Stempel On Insurance Contracts Macey on Corporation Laws
"The heart of this one-stop resource is practice-oriented, focusing on specific types of policies and coverage, such as property coverage, excess and umbrella coverage, CGL insurance, life insurance, reinsurance, and more. It's designed for practitioners of all backgrounds and insurance experience''neophytes to experts. It cites ample precedent. And it offers a host of special features, including sample policy language, useful bibliography, and a Table of Cases, to make it even more valuable. Covers such vital areas as... Bad faith litigation Apportionment of insurer and policyholder responsibility Pollution-related coverage Trigger of coverage Business risk exclusions D & O liability ERISA coverage Employment claims Computer and cyber losses"
Price: 652
"Macey on Corporation Laws compiles important reference material on the modern laws of corporate governance, namely the Model Business Corporation Act (MBCA), the Delaware General Law of Corporations, and the Principles of Corporate Governance as established by the American Law Institute. Largely structured around the text of the MBCA, this publication combines the text of the three acts that cover the same general subject matter. In each section, the author, after the statutory texts area, offers analysis, comment and statutory comparison among the 50 states. This resource covers every vital area of corporate law, including: Logically organized around the pertinent topics found in a standard state corporation statute, Macey on Corporation L"
Price: 863

WK Forms for Government Contracts Bankruptcy Law Reporter
"Get instant access to the forms required for government contracting. Youll find a wide variety of government contracting forms sorted by jurisdiction, including: Federal Acquisition Regulation Department of Defense FAR Supplement Cost Accounting Standards Board Office of Management and Budget Court of Federal Claims Forms are listed in numerical order, and can also be sorted by topic, such as pre-award, performance, modification, dispute, post-award and closeout. The Forms are easily accessible from your desktop. Simply download the WK Forms software to your desktop''from there you can locate, view, fill out and print more than 500 government contracting forms with monthly updates that include any new or revised forms as they are iss"
Price: 328
"Reform legislation which overhauled the Bankruptcy Code and rapidly changing economic conditions have led to new legal issues and increased attention to bankruptcy-related cases. As these case-loads increase, so does the amount of vital information required to handle this costly and uncertain area of law. The Bankruptcy Law Reporter provides all the most up-to-date information you need to see your way through the maze of bankruptcy law. Whether it's simply ensuring your company is on solid legal and financial ground, settling court disputes or protecting your own personal interests in a corporate or personal case, the answers are all here. Subscribe today to: Keep pace with rapidly evolving bankruptcy laws and statutes Access Bankruptcy Cod"
Price: 3556

Structuring Mergers Acquisitions A Guide To Creating Shareholder Value Fifth Edition Employment Law Daily
"Unlike other M&A references, this one-volume guide establishes a framework for analyzing each transaction from a financial perspective, and evaluating your options in terms of how they create value today or better position the company to build value tomorrow. In this newly updated Fifth Edition of Structuring Mergers & Acquisitions: A Guide to Creating Shareholder Value, you get clear, authoritative discussions of: How shareholder value relates to mergers and acquisitions, and different methodologies for valuing a transaction, such as discounted cash flow, comparable company, comparable transaction, premiums paid, price/volume relationships, and private company valuation. How accounting can influence value creating in mergers and acquisitio"
Price: 584
"Employment Law Daily is a premium labor and employment law update service that offers daily e-mails, access to an online searchable database, and the option of receiving breaking news alerts throughout the day. Employment Law Daily covers the most current federal and state court decisions with links to full text from the following sources: Supreme Courts Appellate Courts Districts Courts The daily wrap-up e-mail covers current court decisions, legislative developments, agency rulings (EEOC, NLRB, DOL, DHS, OFCCP) and more. Included are links to full text of cases which can be accessed without the inconvenience of logging in. Employment Law Daily is also formatted for easy viewing on a mobile device. Key benefits include: Full summaries of f"
Price: 7230

Contemporary Corporation Forms Second Edition Law of Electronic Commerce Fourth Edition
"Providing actual documents created by the nation's leading law firms, this comprehensive, Second Edition, five-volume library gives you virtually every form you need to meet today's corporate legal and procedural requirements -- from the simplest, to the most sophisticated corporate action -- for all types of corporate entities. From closely-held companies to public corporations, its approximately 500 forms provide practical, easy-to-use tools that have been proven in the field. In addition, in recognition of the increased use of noncorporate business entities, coverage has been expanded and the set now includes information on forming limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships. All of the forms are"
Price: 1834
"This cutting edge legal resource provides practice pointers and in-depth, up-to-the-minute analysis of electronic contracting, electronic payments and lending, intellectual property rights and rights in data, privacy and collections of data, E-business regulation, including antitrust, trade practices, securities and banking, taxation of electronic commerce, security, liability, and much more. By Jane Kaufman Winn and Benjamin Wright. The volume of trade done through electronic media continues to skyrocket, and the law evolves at a staggering rate. To keep pace with all the new cases, statutes, proposals, commentaries, and model laws, there is no better resource than the Law of Electronic Commerce - your guide to the implications of communic"
Price: 623

Business Income Insurance Disputes Second Edition European Competition Law A Practitioner S Guide
"Unexpected business disruptions and income losses can be triggered by many events: by large-scale disasters - hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, explosions - but also by relatively minor happenings such as a local blackout, computer outages, even something as simple as a street closing. What's more, in today's global economy, major business interruptions can be caused by events far away - a breakdown in goods production in Taiwan or a power failure in India. Business Income Insurance Disputes, Second Edition helps you prepare for any eventuality. It covers everything from the basics of first-party property insurance and case law which impacts time-element coverages - to practical strategies for dealing with today's most complex business incom"
Price: 0
"This Kluwer Law International guide fully covers the European Commission's assessment of distribution practices and vertical restraints, in particular the block exemptions granted by Regulations 2790/1999 and 1400/2002 Procedure before national competition authorities and national courts for enforcement of European rules under Regulation 1/2003. It also includes the Merger Control Regulation of 1 May 2004, the Transfer of Technology Regulation, and increased fines for hard-core cartel practices or abuse of dominant market position. Along with the thorough guide to continuing practice that its readers have come to expect, European Competition Law fully covers such areas as the following: The Commission's assessment of distribution pract"
Price: 0

Business Organizations Integrated Library Investment Management Law and Regulation Third Edition
"By combining the best resources from CCH and Aspen Publishers, the Business Organizations Law Integrated Library provides comprehensive sources and expert guidance on the complex issues facing business organizations today. In addition to LLC, LLP, and LP statutes for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, youll have access to the analysis and forms you need to successfully resolve your clients issues. Discussions and citations to state statutes, the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, and key cases include links to their full text. Current Awareness''Monthly Newsletters from CCH and CT Partnership Tax Watch LLC Advisor S Corporations Newsletter CT Newswire Analytical Sources Bromberg and Ribstein on Par"
Price: 6967
"Investment Management Law and Regulation, Third Edition is the only up-to-date volume to offer a comprehensive examination of the field of investment management law, covering everything from financial theory and legal theory to the various aspects of hands-on fund management. It's the only resource of its kind that: Identifies and explains the financial theories that control the development of investment management law across management activities Gives critical judicial, legislative, and regulatory history that makes recent law and regulation more comprehensible Covers all areas of regulation governing the activities of investment managers, including marketing, suitability, advisory contacts, fees, exculpation and indemnification, performa"
Price: 173

Perle Williams Fischer on Publishing Law Fourth Edition International Securities Exchange Rules
"This valuable handbook covers the relations between writer/publisher and publisher/public, including the latest approaches to clearing text for libel, privacy, and related legal exposure, contracts, negotiating royalties, advances, options, writer's warranty, subsidiary rights splits; intellectual property issues, including electronic publishing and software, trademark and copyright law, filing procedures; antitrust issues; with expert analysis on numerous other topics. By Mark A. Fischer, E. Gabriel Perle and John Taylor Williams. Perle, Williams & Fischer on Publishing Law, Fourth Edition describes contract and problem issues commonly encountered in negotiating royalties, advances, options, writer's warranty, subsidiary rights splits, and"
Price: 521
"The International Securities Exchange (ISE), a subsidiary of Eurex, operates a family of fully-electronic trading platforms. Their portfolio consists of an options exchange and a stock exchange. As the world's largest equity options trading venue, ISE offers equity, ETF, index and FX options. The ISE Stock Exchange trades approximately 6,000 products and is the only fully-electronic equities platform."
Price: 530

IP and Antitrust An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law Third Edition Corporation Law Integrated Library
"Maximize intellectual property rights and minimize antitrust risks with the Third Edition of IP and Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law. While intellectual property licensing agreements are generally pro-competitive, antitrust issues can arise. Licensing arrangements raise concerns under the antitrust laws if they are likely to adversely affect the prices, quantities, qualities or varieties of goods and services available. Therefore, companies MUST factor these antitrust considerations into the drafting and review of these licensing agreements. The Third Editionof IP and Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Lawis reorganized and rewritten to add"
Price: 424
"The Corporation Law Integrated Library includes a complete solution on the wide range of matters found in the corporate and business practice areas. With forms, explanations, analysis, current awareness, cases, statutes and legislation all integrated and linked, the user has the most robust, current and authoritative solutions available. The Corporation Law Integrated Library includes the following core titles (sold as a library or as stand-alone): Corporation Service, Aspen Editorial Staff Contemporary Corporation Forms, Second Edition, J. Robert Brown, Jr. Folk on the Delaware Corporation Law, Fourth Edition, Rodman Ward, Jr., Edward P. Welch, Andrew J. Turezyn Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations, R. Franklin Balotti a"
Price: 5343

Kluwer EU Copyright Cases Federal Banking Law Integrated Library
"Kluwer EU Copyright Cases is a database of copyright decisions from the EU jurisdictions, reported and summarized in English by correspondents located in each of the EU Member States, providing: Summaries of the decisions in English; English annotations; and Full texts of the decisions in their original language. Cases include landmark decisions on copyright law since 1980, plus other relevant copyright decisions since January 2007 from: ; The European Court of Justice: all decisions; and National Supreme Courts of EU Member States: all decisions. It also includes decisions from lower national courts that meet the following criteria: Have a European dimension, Are cross-border cases, or Concern a new technological development. Kluwe"
Price: 1926
"The Federal Banking Law Integrated Library provides legal and banking professionals, including large and mid-size law firm attorneys, general counsel, executive officers and directors, and compliance officers, with a complete research and practical guidance solution and includes: (1) all relevant primary source materials; (2) analysis accompanied by expert practical guidance; and (3) forms, QuickCharts, and checklists to assist these professionals in complying with the various laws, rules, regulations, and case decisions needed to anticipate, prepare for, advise on, and respond to the multitude of state and federal legal and regulatory requirements. Linking will originate from analytic materials and be directed to primary source materials."
Price: 8136

Investment Adviser s Legal and Compliance Guide Second Edition Products Liability Integrated Library
"Investment Adviser's Legal and Compliance Guide, Second Edition is an invaluable guide written to assist attorneys and investment advisers in both drafting their compliance policies and procedures and reviewing them annually. In addition, the book serves as a practical tool for experienced attorneys and compliance officers for fulfilling their changing responsibilities under new rules adopted under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as well as new staff interpretations and guidance. For the Second Edition, the original author, Terrance J. OMalley, is joined by John H. Walsh. While both authors are seasoned practitioners and acknowledged experts in the area of investment adviser compliance matters, Mr. Walshs years of experience, includi"
Price: 305
"Visit our Products Liability Integrated Library website for complete details on the library including a pdf of our brochures, plus screen shots and the ability to sign up for a Free Trial ID! The CCH Products Liability Integrated Library enables you to conduct a single search across a wide variety of resources''case law, analytical materials, multi-jurisdictional Smart Charts, federal laws, regulations and safety standards, news alerts, Consumer Product Safety Commission releases''and more. The Products Liability Integrated Library is made up of two components''Compliance and Litigation''available for purchase together or separately. The Products Liability Integrated Library covers consumer products,"
Price: 6014

Hedge Funds and Private Equity Regulatory and Risk Management Update Insurance Coverage Litigation Second Edition
"Hedge Funds and Private Equity: Regulatory & Risk Management Update reports on the latest regulatory and legislative developments affecting hedge funds and other private pools of capital. Each month, the newsletter keeps readers informed of breaking developments in the fast-changing and explosive world of hedge funds and other alternative investment vehicles. Each issue reports on the key domestic and international regulators and standard setters that impact hedge funds and other private pools of capital, including ;the SEC, the FASB, the Federal Reserve Board, the OCC, the Treasury, the IASB, the UK Financial Services Authority, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, and the European Commission. Issues regularly contain the l"
Price: 704
"The absence of persuasive precedents may prevent some attorneys from framing the effective policyholder arguments in insurance coverage litigation. With Insurance Coverage Litigation, Second Edition, youll discover how the experts analyze the facts to win your next insurance coverage case. This unique resource provides comprehensive examination of the full range of issues shaping insurance coverage cases being heard in the courts today''including the publicly available, but hard-to-find industry lore that savvy insurance practitioners use to win complex insurance coverage cases. Whichever side you represent in the billion dollar insurance coverage field, this work contains vital information you cant afford to be without when prepar"
Price: 443

Marsh s California Corporation Law Fourth Edition Investment Management Integrated Library
"This authoritative research tool covers all aspects of California corporate law and practice, providing clear, reliable guidance to the laws, legislative history, and major case law holdings, as well as the authors' well-known expertise and advice on approaching and understanding key corporate transactions. There is no better source on how to handle all key corporate transactions, from corporate formation and governance to takeovers and bankruptcies. Completely current, there is full coverage and insightful, expert analysis of all the critical new issues affecting California corporate law practice, including: What are the various business entities available in California? What are the methods and issues involved in forming those entities? W"
Price: 838
"The core of the library is the CCH Mutual Funds Guide, a comprehensive resource that provides the legal requirements, key contacts and ongoing developments that affect mutual funds and their operations. The Mutual Funds Guide gathers, analyzes and explains all the key legislation''Blue Sky, SEC regulations, self-employed retirement plan guidelines''that you'll need when handling mutual fund issues and operations. It provides the full text of the law and expert plain language explanations for all these important areas: Investment Company Act of 1940, SEC Act of 1934, Investment Advisers Act of 1940, regulations under the Investment Company Act, Investment Advisers Act and Regulation C under the Securities Act. Within the Mutual Funds Guide a v"
Price: 3332

Corporation Service Federal Telecommunications Law Second Edition
"Our experienced staff of editors does the legwork for you, following the legislative trends and developments, and reports on statutory amendments and key cases across the country. Key features of this easy-to-use reference include: Full text of the business corporation laws and Limited Liability Company acts of all 50 states and the District of Columbia Semimonthly report bulletins featuring articles written by leading practitioners analyzing the latest case law, trends, statutory developments and case annotations Selected provisions of other corporate-related laws Summary of state corporation tax laws Table of Cases The service includes biweekly updates to ensure you have access to current laws and acts. Includes links to selected cases fr"
Price: 3341
"This practical publication delivers a full picture of the telecommunications law and regulation in areas such as telecommunications equipment, long distance services, wireless services, the Internet and data services, information services, video services and more. Real-world scenarios cover e-mail, electronic data retention policies, key legislation, FCC rules, regulations and orders, and court decisions with extensive citations and cross-references. By Peter W. Huber, Michael K. Kellogg, John Thorne Federal Telecommunications Law, Second Edition, the definitive legal guide to the new world of telecommunications, provides you with the thorough, authoritative analysis you need to understand and comply with the complex regulatory landscape in"
Price: 422

Practitioner s Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions Second Edition Drafting Internet Agreements Second Edition
"Seasoned insurance coverage litigators help you prepare winning strategies with this comprehensive encyclopedia of documents and forms. Practitioner's Guide to Litigating Insurance Coverage Actions provides forms for every stage of case preparation and litigation, plus concise, clearly written commentaries that explain how, when, and why to adopt a particular strategy to your case. The approach to the litigation process is balanced '' with best-practice recommendations for counsel to both policyholders and insurers '' and all major types of insurance coverage actions are includ You get expert guidance on: How to strengthen the claims in the pleadings Whether all causes of action have been adequately addressed How to ensure that no defenses ar"
Price: 701
"Drafting Internet Agreements, Second Edition is the most comprehensive single volume collection of annotated forms for the internet. The book also offers valuable insights for business executives who want to know how internet transactions are structured and how to negotiate the best deals. This easy-to-use reference with accompanying CD-ROM offers instant access to more than 40 sample agreements for every area of internet practice including: Internet advertising Internet consulting Electronic commerce Internet joint ventures Internet licensing Technology development Website agreements And more Each form has been developed by the authors or other experienced internet law practitioners and has been used in actual transactions. Organized by ty"
Price: 440

Drafting Technology Patent License Agreements Second Edition Delaware Law of Corporations Business Organizations Third Edition
"In todays fast-paced and ultra-competitive high-tech environment, an effectively managed patent licensing program is a must. The Second Editio n of Drafting Technology Patent License Agreements shows you how to achieve one. This valuable resource covers all of the legal and business transactional issues you are likely to encounter during the drafting and negotiation of patent licensing agreements. It guides you step-by-step through the unique aspects of the implementation of a patent licensing program for computers, electronics, telecommunications, and other industries, and it clarifies the issues involved in the enforcement and litigation of these patents. Youll find incisive legal analysis on complex issues including: How to implement a"
Price: 324
"Updated with the latest legal and court developments, Delaware Law of Corporations & Business Organizations, Third Edition takes you step by step through all aspects of establishing and operating organizations incorporated in Delaware. Comprehensive in scope, and authoritative in content, this time-honored resource presents: Full discussions of legal precedents as interpreted by the Delaware courts - from decisions defining the roles of directors in mergers and acquisitions to emerging doctrines applicable to unsolicited takeovers, new valuation standards and more The complete statutory framework underlying Delaware corporate law and business organizations, including the newest amendments to the General Corporation Law Practical strategies"
Price: 977

Corporate Counsel Profiler Federal Election Campaign Financing Guide
"Corporate Counsel Profiler provides immediate access to the most trusted resource for information on corporate counsel and on the companies with which they are affiliated. Quickly identify and connect with corporate counsel, and craft development strategies that will have a positive impact on your business. Corporate Counsel Profile Get a closer look into the biographical data of the attorney youre researching. Information is continually verified at regular intervals to ensure you have the most up-to-date information, and an advantage over free or publicly-accessible databases and social networks that arent verified or regularly updated. With Corporate Counsel Profiler you can be confident youre working with the most accurate informat"
Price: 2223
"The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (as amended, including changes made by the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act) sets the rules by which all federal political campaign contributions are governed. Federal Election Campaign Financing Guide provides a comprehensive view of the restrictions and limitations governing campaign contributions under this Federal Election Campaign Act. The Federal Election Campaign Financing Guide provides all the information you'll need to understand key issues, check actions for compliance and investigate important historical rulings. Subscribe today to get: Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (as amended) in full text Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 in full text FEC regulations with FEC Explanations a"
Price: 2080

Congressional Index Utilities Law Reporter
"Do you need to make certain you're on top of all the crucial developments coming out of Congress, but it's too time-consuming to gather all the information you need? The Congressional Index does all the legwork for you and keeps you updated with the most recent information available. The Congressional Index gives you weekly information on congressional activities. It's published at the beginning of each Congress and updated with new material throughout the following two years (subscriptions must be renewed yearly). With the Congressional Index , you can keep track of Congress' activities, so you can stay ahead of its effects on business and other areas. Subscribe today to: Stay current with Congress' activities through weekly updates and Re"
Price: 4147
"As a long-established product of CCH, the Utilities Law Reporter has been providing information on utilities since 1928. Today the Reporter continues to be an accurate source on laws and regulations for electric utilities and natural gas companies throughout the U.S. The Reporter covers the federal laws and regulations governing gas and electric public utilities, as well as federal and state court cases. With Utilities Law Reporter, you can quickly and easily address the many issues facing these changing industries, such as deregulation, rate-setting, compliance and stranded cost recovery. Subscribe today to: Understand the basic laws governing electric and gas utilities by referencing the full text of the Federal Power Act and Natural Ga"
Price: 8415

Unemployment Insurance Reporter with Social Security Federal and All States State and Federal Employment Law Compare
"Provides in-depth coverage of federal and state laws and regulations, including Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and Disability. With all the facts and data about taxes and benefits under major subject categories, and expert ""plain English"" explanations, analyses and indexes, there is no other product that offers the same scope of coverage. Further customize your research by choosing all, or a portion of, federal and state material."
Price: 8016
"This innovative tool helps you to quickly compare multiple state employment laws in an easy-to-read chart. You get a complete, self-contained product providing summaries and full text of state and federal employment laws, regulations, executive orders, and case law. State and Federal Employment Law Compare covers these topics: Access to personnel files Age discrimination Background checks Breast feeding rights in the workplace Call-back and standby pay Child labor Child support withholding Deductions from wages Disability discrimination Disaster and emergency services leave Drug testing Employment verification and immigration Employment Laws -Coverage Thresholds Equal Pay Family military leave Family, medical and parental leav"
Price: 2159

Spencer s Consumer Driven Health Report Labor Law Journal
"CCH is pleased to announce the new Spencer's Consumer Driven Health Report''an authoritative, comprehensive electronic reference on consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs). Access expert guidance on all types of CDHPs, including health savings accounts, health reimbursement accounts, flexible spending accounts, medical savings accounts and high deductible health plans. As part of your Internet-based subscription, you will receive: Expert Analysis''continually updated legislative, regulatory, industry, survey and case study analysis of the entire CDHP market. Latest News'' weekly email updates on all the up-to-the-minute developments. Source Material''full text of the federal law, proposed and final regulations, Internal Revenu"
Price: 0
"This quarterly journal reviews the complex relationship of law, labor, management, and the economy. Taking the middle road of impartiality, the CCH Labor Law Journal provides: Frank and free discussions of labor issues by labor experts representing management, unions, consumers, government, and academy. Special staff features such as ""who's who in labor"", current appointments of interest to government, union, and management positions Highlights of important decisions, regulations, and news developments in the areas of labor-management relations, equal employment opportunity, job safety and health, and employment and training."
Price: 513

Unemployment Insurance Reporter Federal Only Healthcare Compliance Reporter
"Provides in-depth coverage of federal unemployment insurance laws, as well as a state-by-state comparison of similar provisions. With all the facts and data about taxes and benefits under major subject categories, and expert ""plain English"" explanations, analyses and indexes, there is no other product that offers the same scope of coverage. Further customize your research by choosing all, or a portion of, federal and state material."
Price: 1016
"The CCH Healthcare Compliance Reporter provides access to the full text of all compliance-related laws, regulations, cases and advisory opinions, both on the federal level as well as for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Offering a wealth of up-to-date legislation, rulings and content, including newer acts such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the Medicare Prescription Drug and Improvement Act and the Administrative Simplification Compliance Act of 2001, the Reporter features more invaluable content including OIG reports, guidelines from the Department of Justice, selected EEOC Decisions, selected NLRB decisions, and more. Content is arranged by document type,such as Federal Laws and Regulations, Administrative Decisions and OIG d"
Price: 1070

Medicare and Medicaid Guide Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions Fourth Edition
"Medicare and Medicaid Guide is the leading resource covering reimbursement for health care services and compliance. Its easy-to-use format provides the primary source information you need, and the expert guidance for using that knowledge to your best advantage. Since its inception in 1969, the Medicare and Medicaid Guide has provided comprehensive reporting of federal Medicare and Medicaid law and regulations, case law, administrative decisions and more, expertly analyzed and explained by Wolters Kluwer editorial staff, providing health care professionals direction on how to apply the knowledge to their respective organization. The Medicare and Medicaid Guide provides complex reimbursement, prospective payment, eligibility and coverage rule"
Price: 3483
"Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions is an essential weapon for bringing or defending a qui tam action. This Fourth Edition, two-volume treatise provides comprehensive analysis of The Civil False Claims Statute and a balanced approach to every important aspect of case preparation and litigation -- from establishing the merits of a whistleblower claim to determining the formula for arriving at the qui tam plaintiff's award. Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions, frequently cited by the courts, is clearly and concisely written to: walk you, step-by-step, through each phase of case preparation, from the perspective of both plaintiff-relator and whistleblower defendant spell out the unique procedural requirements in a civil false claims acti"
Price: 689

CCH Coding Comply ADA Handbook
"CCH Coding Comply is an internet-based reference updated daily to assist hospital professionals with maintaining their Charge Description Master (CDM) on a regular basis. Contains all of the information needed to update a CDM in one convenient location. No need to review multiple books that go out of date quickly, various government websites, or engage outside costly consultants. Weekly Email Alerts notify Coding review staff that a change has occurred and when that change will be effective. Updated daily to help customers keep up to date with the most recent coding changes, Program Memoranda, and one-time notifications released by CMS."
Price: 3230
"The Americans With Disabilities Act Handbook Online provides comprehensive coverage of the ADA's employment, commercial facilities, and public accommodations provisions as well as coverage of the transportation, communication, and federal, local, and state government requirements. In one comprehensive two-volume set, you'll get a complete analysis of the Act and all the forms and case law you'll need to prepare your case. Recognized ADA authority Henry H. Perritt, Jr., clearly defines statutory and regulatory requirements for public and private employers, commercial facilities and places of public accommodation. There's a complete analysis of the rapidly expanding case law - organized by frequently litigated topics, like wheelchair access a"
Price: 1048

Covenants Not to Compete Fourth Edition Employee Dismissal Law and Practice Sixth Edition
"Covenants Not to Compete Online fully explores legal principles for forming, drafting and implementing sound non-competition agreements. It clearly lays out what interests can be protested and covers the legal limits of enforceability. It is the most complete, practical resource on the subject of restrictive covenants, covering the litigation process from discovery through closing argument, including plaintiff and defendant approaches. The Online Edition provides up-to-date information on topics as: General employment principles Drafting considerations Federal regulations Covenants Not to Compete Online even includes ready-to-use documents as well as individual clauses that can be easily customized for specific needs. Among these legally so"
Price: 594
"Whether your case involves a public or private sector job, a downsizing, or termination for cause, Employee Dismissal: Law and Practice Online provides the guidance you need in this rapidly evolving area of employment law. Providing in depth analysis of the common law and statutory wrongful dismissal doctrines, as well as practical guidance on all aspects of employee dismissal litigation from complaints through jury instructions, Employee Dismissal: Law and Practice Online is an invaluable resource for evaluating and litigating a wrongful discharge case. Employee Dismissal: Law and Practice Online brings you up to date on the latest cases, statutes, and developments including: New cases on implied contract for Alaska, Colorado, and Montana"
Price: 599

Handbook of Section 1983 Litigation Representing Plaintiffs in Title VII Actions Fourth Edition
"If you need the short answer to a Section 1983 question, and you can't afford to waste time running down the wrong research path, turn to the Handbook of Section 1983 Litigation. This essential guide is designed as the practitioner's desk book. It provides quick and concise answers to issues that frequently arise in Section 1983 cases, from police misconduct to affirmative actions to gender and race discrimination. It is organized to help you quickly find the specific information you need whether you're counsel for the plaintiff or defendant. You will find a clear, concise statement of the law governing every aspect of a Section 1983 claim, extensive citation to legal authority, every major Supreme Court ruling on Section 1983, as well as k"
Price: 513
"Representing Plaintiffs in Title VII Actions Online offers you a wide array of legal tools for mastering the basic theories, case management methods, discriminatory practices, class actions, dispositions, and remedies in this vital area of the law. Written in clear, concise language, this unique resource includes a wealth of updated information on Title VII cases, including: Summary judgment A greatly expanded discussion of jury trials A groundbreaking chapter on religious discrimination A section on race and national origin An important chapter on choice of forum An expanded discussion of sexual harassment litigation with an explanation of new decisions from the Supreme Court Extensive analysis of damages and the preserving of damage award"
Price: 698

CCH Reimbursement Toolkit State Fringe Benefits Tax Guide
"Forecasting Medicare revenue is critical. 58% of hospitals lose money treating Medicare patients. This number is expected to increase to 65% by 2005. What if there was a tool to forecast reimbursement from CMS? The CCH Reimbursement ToolKit is your one-stop shop for forecasting accurate Medicare reimbursement under prospective payment systems (PPS) from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It is a cost-effective way to supplement or audit expensive contract management tools and billing systems, as well as a time-saving alternative to maintaining complex, ""home-grown"" Excel spreadsheets. Containing 2004 and 2005 data, the information is always up to date and links to related laws, regulations and Final Rules to ensure compli"
Price: 1610
"Examining the application and scope of dozens of ""perks"" from both the employer and employee perspectives, the State Fringe Benefits Tax Guide explains the requirements for employee income tax withholding, unemployment insurance withholding, employee income tax, employer corporate tax requirement as they apply to each individual state's specific rules and legislation. The Guide is the online reference that specifically focuses on fringe benefit tax at the state level. It includes: Easy to access information featuring benefits categorized alphabetically under each state Coverage of hot topics such as accountable plans, employer-provided parking and transportation Expert explanations and analysis of regulations and recent trends for compensat"
Price: 749

Employment Law Answer Book Ninth Edition Benefits eLibrary
"Getting accurate answers to employment law questions is crucial to establishing sound personnel policies and procedures in today's litigious environment. That's why thousands of employers, HR managers, attorneys, and business owners rely on Employment Law Answer Book in order to achieve compliance with ever-changing employment rules. The handy Q&A format provides clear, concise answers to over 1,000 key questions in employment law, related to: Health Care Reform Americans with Disabilities Act COBRA HIPAA Fair Labor Standards Act Family and Medical Leave Act OSHA And much more! Packed with concrete examples, practical pointers, and proven employer strategies to minimize legal risk, Employment Law Answer Book places at your fingertips the la"
Price: 525
"The Aspen Publishers Benefits eLibrary is a unique electronic library authored by recognized and trusted authorities in their respective fields. These references deliver a breadth and depth of expert hands-on knowledge to help you creat and manage benefit plans from beginning to the end. The Benefits eLibrary includes: Mandated Benefits Compliance Guide provides guidance for dealing with the federal regulations governing employee benefits. It offers a stateby- state guide to laws related to temporary disability benefits, pay practices, workplace health and safety, and more. In addition, you get in-depth coverage of federal regulations, including health care reform as mandated by PPACA, GINA, HITECH, MHPAEA, COBRA, ADA, FMLA, ERISA, FLSA,"
Price: 2285

Hong Kong Company Law Practice Doing Business In Asia
"This two-volume publication is an invaluable reference for company officers, corporate lawyers and company secretaries. Consists of one volume on the Companies Ordinance and related legislation and the other volume on commentary on all aspects of company law in Hong Kong. To enable quick and easy location of information, a comprehensive Topical Index, Section Finding List and Case Table are included."
Price: 1315
"Trusted and used by legal and business consultants worldwide, this is an essential reference for investors, legal and tax practitioners, corporate advisers, management consultants and business professionals doing business in Asia. It provides information on the business rules, regulations, laws and practices in 14 Asia Pacific countries. In addition, bi-monthly updates will keep subscribers up to date with new developments in business and legal changes in the region. AsiaWatch, the newsletter that comes with Doing Business in Asia, features topical, in-depth reports and analysis of business law developments in the Asia Pacific."
Price: 2228

Hong Kong Revenue Legislation China Business Law Guide
"This publication is an invaluable aid to those doing business in, or with, Hong Kong. It is the only completely up-to-date consolidated revenue legislation and case reporting service currently available in Hong Kong. Also features special dispatches that offer timely coverage of important developments between regular updates."
Price: 1045
"This popular and authoritative guide offers a comprehensive explanation of the business laws in People's Republic of China and their implications for foreign companies operating in China. With an emphasis on practical aspects, this commentary is specially designed to help foreign investors gain a good working knowledge of doing business in China within its legal framework."
Price: 2419

Copyright Law Reporter State Payroll Law Compare
"Copyright Law Reporter gives you everything you need on copyright law''the full text of federal laws, precedent-setting court decisions, annotated explanations, Copyright Office forms, official circulars and reference materials. This two-volume reference covers the full scope of copyright issues, while eliminating the need to ""weed through"" irrelevant material. Timely issues''such as those involving Web publishing, electronic data-bases, licensing, broadcasting and musical performances&mdash are reported in detail. You'll also find authoritative explanations by CCH editors with cites to the related documents, as well as supplementary reference materials and a variety of indexes to guide you. Subscribe today to: Understand U.S. copyright la"
Price: 2022
"While federal payroll laws may not change very often, the pace at which state laws evolve can be dramatic. And now, with more companies employing people in multiple states, the need for an easier way to analyze and compare payroll law requirements across multiple jurisdictions has never been greater. That's why you need State Payroll Law Compare, the invaluable resource that lets you instantly evaluate the differences between jurisdictions - comparing topic-by-topic for each state. This online resource provides succinct summaries of state payroll laws, as well as federal law summaries. State Payroll Law Compare's intuitive ""Smart Chart"" functionality lets you choose from dozens of topics, then instantly compare multiple states' laws on that"
Price: 807

Labor Employment Law Library Pension Library Plus
"Access the most complete resource for labor relations and employment law all in one place! Our Labor & Employment Law Library is your complete online resource that links federal and state labor and employment laws to thousands of cases, concise explanations and expert analysis. Recently updated to include over 30,000 labor arbitration awards, we now offer one of the most robust online libraries for your labor arbitration research. Also included are time saving tools, including state and federal employment comparison charts, tracker news alerts and more. Practice efficiently with a new forms, checklists and policies library. Stay current with the latest news from Employment Law Daily '' our daily news service that deliver"
Price: 10217
"Pension Library Plus combines the Pension Library's annotated, in-depth pension service and current content with the Pension and Benefits eLIBRARY, featuring Aspen's expert-authored, analytic/practical content, all fully linked to statutory, regulatory, and case law documents. This unique electronic Library is authored by recognized and trusted authorities in their respective fields. 23 references deliver a breadth and depth of expert hands-on knowledge to help you create and manage pension and benefit plans from beginning to the end. When purchased with Pension Library, all titles in the eLIBRARY are linked to full text of laws, regulations, cases and explanations and analysis that are found in the Pension Library. By having access to both"
Price: 9252

Accommodating Disabilities Newsletter Employment Practices Newsletter
"Ensure Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Rehabilitation Act compliance with this monthly newsletter. In Accommodating Disabilities Newsletter provides you withcurrent information and helpful tips on how to address most accessibility and accommodation requirements, interviews with leading experts and up-to-the minute news on key issues. Topics covered include: Compliance Planning Employment Rights Accommodation Assistance Access to Public Facilities Transportation Services Telecommunications Administration/Enforcement New Developments"
Price: 408
"CCH's biweekly Employment Practices Newsletter reports on the latest trends, cases and legislative changes in equal employment opportunity law. Timely coverage of significant employment discrimination cases helps you keep track of court and agency interpretation of relevant laws and regulations. You'll be the first to learn of important developments that affect you!"
Price: 439

Corporate Governance Guide Update Employment Safety and Health Guide Newsletter
"Recently relaunched as the Corporate Governance Guide Update newsletter (formerly Corporate Directions Newsletter), this semi-monthly publication is an exceptional source for staying current. The new name, along with changes to the newsletter's format and layout, signals corresponding enhancements to the content and scope of coverage. Topics of particular focus are: Delaware case law Executive compensation Financial reporting Enforcement State legislation International developments In addition to the above topics, other timely issues include SEC activities, proposals before Congress, technological developments, international practices, case studies and more. It is truly an invaluable resource for the corpo"
Price: 595
"Get quick insight into standards development, legislative changes, OSHRC decisions, topical news stories, case reviews, agency developments, and advance notification of conferences, courses, and public meetings."
Price: 495

EEO Compliance Guide Australian Family Law Practice
"Comprehensive and easy to use, the Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Guide Online explores every major administrative and judicial decision, interpretive memoranda as well as other publications of the EEOC. It delivers the full text of the most critical publications, providing compliance advice every step of the way. Created to meet the needs of both employment law attorneys and human resources professionals, the Guide offers thorough EEO coverage that mirrors the continuity between EEO claims avoidance strategy and EEO litigation strategy. And, It includes links to CCH primary source material. Authored by John F. Buckley, this edition of the Guide also supplies vital information on the use of EEOC regulations by the states. It presen"
Price: 576
"The CCH Australian Family Law & Practice is the most comprehensive reference on family law issues currently available in Australia. It contains practical explanations, accurate coverage of legislative change and fast case reporting on a wide range of family law issues."
Price: 3667

Corporate Governance Guide Employee Benefits Management Directions Newsletter
"The responsibilities of a corporate governance professional are wide-ranging. The CCH Corporate Governance Guide (formerly the Corporate Secretary's Guide) provides a comprehensive resource for this multifaceted function, giving you all you need to stay current on ever-changing regulations and requirements and get the job done better and faster. As a result of changes in the corporate governance arena, the Corporate Governance Guide was recently fine-tuned to more accurately reflect the current role of the corporate governance professional. The two-volume guide is a comprehensive resource, published in consultation with the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals, covering state corporation law, federal securities law, S"
Price: 1958
Employee Benefits Management Directions is a bi-weekly newsletter highlighting pending legislation and new developments in the welfare and retirement benefit areas.
Price: 522

Pension Plan Guide Summary Newsletter Capital Changes Daily Direct Feed
"Pension Plan Guide - Summary Newsletter is the ideal resource for keeping current with pension benefit developments. Weekly coverage includes: Explanations and analysis of pension and deferred compensation issues summary of new laws, pending legislation, regulations, cases, ruling notices and announcements Commentary from pension plan experts; Exclusive employee benefit surveys and interviews; directory of upcoming pension/benefit meetings and conferences Key IRS, DOL, and PBGC rates and COLAs And more."
Price: 455
"The Capital Changes Daily Direct Data Feed (DDF) product provides subscribers with the ""raw"" data behind the capital changes that are tracked and reported on a daily basis. The data is provided to subscribers to facilitate subscribers' integration and use of capital change information in their internal systems. Filtering, sorting and other types of data manipulation are the responsibility of the subscriber. A variety of records are used in the direct data feed transmission. These records denote the start and end of a day's transactions, define how data is stored on data records, and contain the raw capital change data."
Price: 0

New York Mercantile Exchange Guide Capital Changes Daily via Internet
"As the official publisher for a dozen exchanges, CCH stands as the authority on issues relating to the complex world of stock exchanges. The New York Mercantile Exchange Guide continues that long tradition with this comprehensive manual. Subscribe today to: Ensure you're current with all Rules and Regulations of the Exchange Have all the important information you need regarding the New York Mercantile Exchange at your fingertips Stay up-to-date on all changes and developments within the Exchange with monthly updates Retain reproductions of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc., and the Butter and Cheese Exchange, Inc. Charters Keep yourself updated on the most current names, addresses, telephone numbers and firm affiliations of all Exchang"
Price: 573
"Every business day, Capital Changes Daily delivers fast-breaking capital changes developments that can affect the federal income tax of securities holders. Information is delivered via your choice of Internet, Lotus Notes, or Direct Data Feed. The Direct Data Feed can be fully integrated into your internal systems. Be ready with the up-to-date information you and your clients need."
Price: 12281

Payroll Management Guide Mortgage Compliance Guide Northeastern Region
"CCH Payroll Management Guide helps you resolve day-to-day payroll issues and guides you in effective payroll planning. This reporter instructs you how to implement proactive, efficient payroll procedures while ensuring compliance with federal, state and local requirements. Topics Covered Child Support Direct Deposit EFT Requirements Employee vs. Independent Contractor Federal Fair Employment Practices Federal and State Anti-Discrimination Federal and State Wages and Hours Federal Income Tax Withholding FICA FLSA FUTA Garnishment / Wage Assignment International Payrolls Magnetic Media Reporting Medical Savings Accounts New-Hire Reporting Payroll Planning and Savings"
Price: 1568
"The CCH Mortgage Compliance Guide-Northeastern Region takes the complicated world of state and federal mortgage lending regulations and simplifies it all in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format. With up-to-date reporting on all key mortgage legislation and full coverage of important industry trends, the Mortgage Compliance Guide is a ""must have"" for residential mortgage lenders and brokers. Subscribe today to Access full-text state and federal mortgage laws and regulations Research all licensing, fee, disclosure and reporting requirements Compare important state-by-state issues at the touch of a key View simplified expert analysis of complex issues Stay updated on the latest regulatory changes and industry news"
Price: 939

CCH Pension and Benefits Online Library Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter Opinions Orders and Decisions Edition
"As a pension and benefits professional you face an array of complex and potentially costly issues that need to be dealt with efficiently, effectively and immediately. That's why an all-inclusive library covering the gamut of pension and benefit administration related concerns helps you create and manage pension and benefit plans from beginning to end. The Pension Library is this tool, and puts an arsenal of information right at your fingertips. The Pension Library includes: The CCH Pension Plan Guide provides everything you need to set up, maintain, revise or terminate a pension plan and resolve day-to-day concerns is right at your fingertips. It provides comprehensive information on the tax, reporting and disclosure, and legal rules affect"
Price: 5743
"The CCH Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Reporter '' Opinions, Orders, and Decisions consists of two comprehensive volumes that provide you with coverage of interstate aspects of the electric power and natural gas industries, as well as oil pipelines. The looseleaf volumes are the only print source these materials with pagination that provides the basis for official FERC citations. Subscribe today to: Obtain exact reproductions of official FERC issuances designated for publication and other important information from FERC housed in one convenient location Research key issues in the public utility area including FERC policies and decisions on deregulation and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and regional trans"
Price: 3538

Mortgage Compliance Guide Southern Region Mortgage Compliance Guide Central Region
"The CCH Mortgage Compliance Guide-Southern Region takes the complicated world of state and federal mortgage lending regulations and simplifies it all in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format. With up-to-date reporting on all key mortgage legislation and full coverage of important industry trends, the Mortgage Compliance Guide is a ""must have"" for residential mortgage lenders and brokers. Subscribe today to: Access full-text state and federal mortgage laws and regulations Research all licensing, fee, disclosure and reporting requirements Compare important state-by-state issues at the touch of a key View simplified expert analysis of complex issues Stay updated on the latest regulatory changes and industry news"
Price: 1062
"The CCH Mortgage Compliance Guide-Southern Region takes the complicated world of state and federal mortgage lending regulations and simplifies it all in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format. With up-to-date reporting on all key mortgage legislation and full coverage of important industry trends, the Mortgage Compliance Guide is a ""must have"" for residential mortgage lenders and brokers. Subscribe today to Access full-text state and federal mortgage laws and regulations Research all licensing, fee, disclosure and reporting requirements Compare important state-by-state issues at the touch of a key View simplified expert analysis of complex issues Stay updated on the latest regulatory changes and industry news"
Price: 939

Mortgage Compliance Guide Western Region Aviation Cases Archive
"The CCH Mortgage Compliance Guide-Western Region takes the complicated world of state and federal mortgage lending regulations and simplifies it all in a comprehensive, easy-to-use format. With up-to-date reporting on all key mortgage legislation and full coverage of important industry trends, the Mortgage Compliance Guide is a ""must have"" for residential mortgage lenders and brokers. Subscribe today to: Access full-text state and federal mortgage laws and regulations Research all licensing, fee, disclosure and reporting requirements Compare important state-by-state issues at the touch of a key View simplified expert analysis of complex issues Stay updated on the latest regulatory changes and industry news"
Price: 0
"Aviation Cases Archive includes over 30 volumes of cases spanning 1822 -2010. It's available as printed casebooks (vols. 1-16 out of print), or on the Internet as an add-on to your Aviation Law Reporter subscription. In print, a topical index and case table help you quickly find what you need. Current cases and the most recent casebook are included with your Aviation Law Reporter subscription."
Price: 6392

In Search of Open Skies Law and Policy for a New Era in International Aviation State Banking Law Reporter Western States
"This is a timely study of the international airline industry. Praised by EU Commissioner for Transport Neil Kinnock as an 'important contribution' to the open skies debate, the book uses a comparative analysis of U.S. and EU airline deregulation to define a new legal order for global air transport in the 21st century. This is the first full-length study of the world airline industry to evaluate the new American international aviation policy, the European Commission's campaign for a mandate to pursue multilateral air transport negotiations, the phenomena of code-sharing and global airline alliances, and the finding of important industry data by the U.S. Presidential airline commission and EU's Comit des Sages. A major feature of Professor H"
Price: 335
"Expedite your research with the State Banking Law Reporter''Western States . Now there's a single source for state banking law, giving banking professionals and legal counsel ready access to the information you need. State Banking Law Reporter combines the full text of state laws and regulations with consistent, topical organization. Comprehensive coverage of pending legislation for each state also is provided. Subscribe today to: Access full-text state banking laws, regulations, and agency issuances View selected state UCC laws in full text Gain a better understanding of your state's banking laws with authoritative and in-depth explanations of state banking laws and regulations written by Wolters Kluwer editors Compar"
Price: 1347

Contract Appeals Decisions Federal Banking Law Reporter
"Contract disputes between federal government agencies and private contractors are decided by either the Court of Federal Claims or by several administrative boards of contract appeals. In fact, the administrative boards issue the majority of these decisions which are an important part of the law that applies to government contracts. Contract Appeals Decisions offers the full text of every decision issued by the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals as well as the former boards of the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Agriculture, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Interior, Department of Labor, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, General Services Admi"
Price: 3647
"The Federal Banking Law Reporter provides comprehensive guidance on the federal regulation of banks and thrifts. Not only do you get full texts of laws and regulations, but you also receive expert analyses and explanations by Wolters Kluwer editors. Subscribe today to: Obtain full texts of the regulations that govern day-to-day banking operations by the OCC, Fed, FDIC, Treasury Department, and CFPB View related regulations of other agencies and consumer compliance regulations collected in a single section Research more efficiently with code-arranged law governing National Banks, State Member Banks, Insured State Non-Member Banks and Savings Associations to expedite your searches Explore pertinent agency issuances, t"
Price: 5066

Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Manual MSRB Bank Compliance Guide
"Prior to 1975, the activities of brokers and dealers in municipal securities were substantially unregulated. Dealers engaged solely in the municipal securities business were not required to register with the SEC. After several fraud actions were taken in the 1970s, Congress decided that there was an increased need for investor protection through preventative regulation. That led to the enactment of the Securities Act Amendments of 1975, which required municipal dealers to register with the SEC and also established the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board Manual provides municipal securities professionals with complete and current information concerning the regulations and requirements that govern"
Price: 636
"Be sure you are ready for examination time. The Bank Compliance Guide is a concise yet comprehensive three-volume resource for today's banking compliance professional. This essential tool addresses issues relating to consumer protection in savings, lending and operations activities of financial institutions (including advertising and the sale of uninsured products). This product provides the guidance you need to create and maintain an effective compliance program. Subscribe today to: Search for information logically with topically arranged explanations followed by the full text of the law Understand the complexities of compliance issues with expert plain-English explanations of laws and regulations Know ahead of time"
Price: 1509