The Justice Of Life (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Ailee Mini Album Vol. 1 - Invitation
"The unstoppable trio of Stephen Chow, Ng Man Tat, and writer-director Lee Lik Chi ruled Hong Kong cinema in the 1990s with blockbuster comedies like Flirting Scholar, God of Cookery, and The King of Comedy, but their golden collaboration actually began in television. In 1989, they collaborated in two extremely popular TVB dramas, the nonsensical martial arts comedy The Final Combat and urban drama The Justice of Life, launching Stephen Chow into great fame. Fondly remembered as one of the best TVB dramas of all time, The Justice of Life features Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat as a memorable father-son duo, with Chow displaying his unique brand of motormouth ""mo lei tau"" everyman humor that would later drive his films. Leading the cast is film and television star Alex Man, along with his future wife Tanny Tien and many actors who now form the backbone of Hong Kong cinema, including Anthony Wong, Teresa Mo, Hui Siu Hung, and Wong Yat Fei. Truly one of the classics of Hong Kong television, The Justice of Life draws both laughter and tears with its down-to-earth humor and moving depiction of family, love, and brotherhood.

After the death of his fiancee (Pauline Yeung), triad legend Ming Tin (Alex Man) washes his hands of the underworld, retreating to a quiet life running a small mahjong parlor. He originally disavowed himself of romance as well, but two very different women (Tanny Tien and Teresa Mo) wander into his life. Ming Tin lives with his mother (Lee Heung Kam), uncle (Ng Man Tat), and cousin Yam Miu (Stephen Chow). Ming Tin and Yam Miu are as close as brothers, but Yam Miu's father has a grudge against Ming Tin, leading to many barbs and bickers in this odd family. When Yam Miu and his father unwittingly stumble onto the wrong sides of the track, it's up to Ming Tin to pull them back with his old connections."
Price: 20.49

"Bowling audiences over with her soulful power vocals, Ailee made a big splash with her debut single Heaven earlier this year. The Korean-American diva-in-the-making now releases her first mini-album Invitation, which covers a variety of styles including ballad, R&B, and acoustic pop. Her lead track ""I'll Show You"" is a disco number by renowned composer Kim Do Hoon that showcases her outstanding vocal talent. Heaven is naturally on the mini-album, along with Ailee's collaborations with Verbal Jint, Simon D, and Swings."
Price: 12.99

Kim Sung Kyu Mini Album Vol. 1 - Another Me Girls' Generation - 2011 Girls' Generation Tour (2DVD + Photobook) (Korea Version)
"Infinite leader Kim Sung Kyu is releasing his first solo mini-album! It's no secret that Sung Kyu likes rock music so for his solo debut album, he's gone with a modern rock sound different from Infinite's style. Produced by Infinite's frequent collaborator Sweetune, the album's main single ""60 Seconds"" is a melancholic modern rock number, its title referring to the time it takes to fall in love and the time it takes to say goodbye. Sung Kyu collaborated with Nell's Kim Jong Wan for the advance track Shine, a dreamy hybrid of rock and synth pop. Nell bassist Lee Jung Hoon, meanwhile, created I Need You for the album. Another Me also features Sung Kyu's solo acoustic version of ""Tears""."
Price: 14.99
"Girls' Generation lit up the stage at Seoul's Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium in July 2011 with their second concert tour. From Genie and Mr. Taxi to Gee and Into the New World, the girls presented a nonstop lineup of their hit songs. They also prepared special stages like Tae Yeon and Tiffany's Lady Marmalade, Hyo Yeon's Don't Stop the Music, Jessica's Almost and Soo Young's Sway. The live concert release also includes bonus making-of footage (rehearsal, waiting room, interview).

This edition comes with a photobook."
Price: 23.99

Sistar Vol. 2 - Give it to me BTS Single Album Vol. 1 - 2 Cool 4 Skool
"The summer just got hotter with Sistar releasing their second album Give It To Me. This time, the girl group is working with the hit-making Duble Sidekick team, who produced the anticipated title song and features in the opening track Miss Sistar. Geeks also feature in ""The Way You Make Me Melt."" Concept-wise, the girls dazzle with a sexy Moulin Rouge look.

This edition includes a 92-page photobook."
Price: 23.99

"Big Hit Entertainment's new group BTS is 2 Cool 4 Skool! Produced by Bang Si Hyuk, the group whose name is short for Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boy Scouts is formed by members Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Ji Min, V and Jung Kook. Their first single album 2 Cool 4 Skool features their debut title song No More Dream, which is inspired by nineties gangsta hip-hop."
Price: 14.99

Reality Check (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Infinite Single Album Vol. 2 - Destiny
"TVB's 2013 inspirational modern drama Reality Check explores daily-life struggles and social issues in Hong Kong. Highly praised for approaching topics like foster children, middle-age crisis and elderly care in a realistic manner, the series depicts the dark and weak side of human nature, while also showing the strength of family love, trust and compassion in the face of adversity.

Ruco Chan stars as television producer Ha Yat Cheung, whose latest program is a documentary in China about a Hong Kong youth's (Hero Yuen) life-changing experience in the countryside. Veteran actress Louise Lee delivers a tour de force performance as Yat Cheung's foster mother, who suffers from depression and gambling addiction after her husband's sudden death. How will mother and son make it through this family and life crisis? Reality Check also co-stars Evergreen Mak as Yat Cheung's best friend whose marriage falls into rocky times, Chan Sau Chu as Yat Cheung's estranged birth mother and hot-topic newcomer Priscilla Wong in her first TVB drama."
Price: 13.99

"Following the release of their hit album New Challenge in March, Infinite makes a quick return with the new single Destiny. They will also be setting off on their One Great Step World Tour in August, making this quite the summer for Infinite fans! Infinite's latest single album contains four tracks including the title song Destiny, the refreshing R&B dance number Inception, the ballad ""Going To You"" and the closing track ""Mom,"" a touching song dedicated to all mothers.

This edition includes a randomly selected postcard."
Price: 14.99

B.A.P Mini Album Vol. 3 - Badman Beauty At War (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Raising their game with every release, B.A.P presents triple title songs of different genres for their second mini-album. Released early as a digital single, the jazzy ballad Coffee Shop shows the group's softer side, while Hurricane is an electro dance song with infectious beats. B.A.P caps things off with the third title song Badman, which has a clear and strong sound and message.

This edition includes a 48-page photobook, a Matoki-shaped stencil and a random photo card."
Price: 18.99

"The anticipated follow-up to the madly popular 2004 series War and Beauty, TVB's 2013 palace intrigue epic Beauty at War offers a new chronicle of the ruthless feuds among the women of the inner court. Set during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing, the series reveals the dangerous and catty power plays of consorts, servants and royal wet nurses as each strives to secure favor, power and love in the cold and lonely Forbidden City. In this alternate storyline, Sheren Tang reprises as manipulative concubine Yu Fei, the role that brought her to a new level of fame ten years ago. She is joined in the palace by Ada Choi, as royal wet nurse Seung Ling, and Christine Ng as Yu Fei's nemesis, Consort Dowager Shun. Moses Chan also returns but in the new role of kunqu opera performer Ko Lau Fei, whose appearance sets off a dangerous rivalry in the palace. Eddie Kwan, Kenny Wong, Raymond Cho, Tracy Yip, Vivien Yeo, Alice Chan, Rachel Kan, Katy Kung and Christine Kuo also co-star in the series."
Price: 24

Girls' Generation 1st Single - Into The New World "BTS Mini Album Vol. 1 - O!RUL8,2?"
"Girls' Generation has arrived! The latest creation from SM Entertainment, the 9-member girl group consists of Yoon A, Soo Young, Hyo Yeon, Yu Ri, Tae Yeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seo Hyun. Dubbed the girl version of Super Junior, the group has launched their first single, Into The New World. The title song composed by Kenzie presents a feel-good pop dance tune loaded with the girls' melodious vocals."
Price: 10.99
"One of this year's hottest rookies, BTS made their debut in June with the single album 2 Cool 4 Skool and now they're dropping their first mini-album, inventively titled O!RUL8,2? (short for ""Oh! Are You Late, Too?""). The hip-hop idol group lays down the beats and rhymes in ten new tracks. PDOGG produced most of the album's tracks with members Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope. Mix engineer Ken Lewis, who has worked with Kanye West and J.Cole, also participated on the album.

This edition includes a poster (packed with album), a 74-page booklet and two photo cards (one group and one randomly selected member)."
Price: 17.99

Vixx Vol. 1 - VOODOO Gu Family Book (DVD) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (MBC TV Drama) (Singapore Version)
"VIXX has grown greatly in popularity this year and they're now capping things off with their first full album Voodoo.The boys take on a dark concept again with the title song ""Voodoo Doll,"" which has drawn attention with its creepy music video. Besides new songs, the album also includes their previous singles hyde, ""On and On,"" Rock Ur Body and Super Hero."
Price: 20.99
"After wooing a gumiho fox spirit in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, popular singer-actor Lee Seung Gi becomes a half-gumiho in his first period drama Gu Family Book (a.k.a. Kang Chi, the Beginning). Years ago, a kind mountain demon rescued and fell in love with a human girl, but she betrayed him when she saw his true face, leading to great tragedy. Eighteen years later, their son Kang Chi, who has grown up not knowing his own power and origin, discovers his half-demon nature. In his journey to come to terms with himself, Kang Chi will have to confront the man who destroyed his family and face the dangerous truth behind his parents.

miss A's Suzy (Big) co-stars as the sassy, steadfast swordswoman who flutters Kang Chi's heart and inspires him to keep his inner beast under control as he struggles to become human. Rising star Sung Joon (Shut Up Flower Boy Band) is her stoic bodyguard, while Lee Sung Jae (Rascal Sons) is the conniving villain who tore apart both Kang Chi's real and adopted families. Choi Jin Hyuk and Lee Yeon Hee play Kang Chi's star-crossed parents in the origin love story which left a deep impression on audiences. Jo Sung Ha, Yoo Yeon Sook (A Werewolf Boy), Lee Yoo Bi (The Innocent Man) and Yoon Se Ah (A Gentleman's Dignity) also co-star in the hit MBC period fantasy."
Price: 44.99

BTS Mini Album Vol. 2 - Skool Luv Affair APink Mini Album Vol. 4 - Pink Blossom
"Shortly after their first mini album O!RUL8,2? last September, hot rookie group BTS steps up their game and returns with the lovey dovey Skool Luv Affair. Telling stories of teenage school love using their addictive quick-tempo hip-hop beats, the mini-album's intro song is about being wild in love.

This version comes with a booklet (including postcards) and a random photo card."
Price: 21.99

"APink and spring seem to come hand in hand. The sweet girl group brings back the heart-fluttering innocence of first kiss with their new song Mr. Chu. Produced by Duble Sidekick, the refreshing pop dance track is the title song for their fourth mini-album Pink Blossom.

This edition includes a 60-page booklet and randomly selected photo card."
Price: 17.99

GD & TOP Vol. 1 (New Cover) EXO-K Mini Album Vol. 2 - Overdose
"Big Bang's trendy twosome G-Dragon and T.O.P have formed the ultimate duo! GD & TOP get the party started with the electro hip-hop club number High High, which is composed by Teddy and penned by the duo. Their highly anticipated album is packed with ten more group and solo tracks, including the house number Oh Yeah featuring 2NE1's Park Bom and T.O.P's previous digital single Turn It Up."
Price: 17.99
"EXO broke the one million mark in sales in 2013 with their first album XOXO and the overwhelming success of ""Wolf"" and ""Growl."" This year they're separating back into their EXO-K and EXO-M subunits to release their highly anticipated second mini-album Overdose in Korean and Chinese! Recorded in both EXO and subunit versions, the addictive title song is an urban R&B hip-hop dance number by Kenzie and The Underdogs. EXO-K's second mini-album features six tracks of various genres including the Korean versions of ""Moonlight,"" Thunder and Run."
Price: 17.99

EXO-M Mini Album Vol. 2 - Overdose Vixx Single Album Vol. 4 - Eternity
"EXO broke the one million mark in sales in 2013 with their first album XOXO and the overwhelming success of ""Wolf"" and ""Growl."" This year they're separating back into their EXO-K and EXO-M subunits to release their highly anticipated second mini-album Overdose in Korean and Chinese! Recorded in both EXO and subunit versions, the addictive title song is an urban R&B hip-hop dance number by Kenzie and The Underdogs. EXO-M's second mini-album features six tracks of various genres including the Mandarin versions of ""Moonlight,"" Thunder and Run."
Price: 17.99
" Known for their dark concepts, fast-rising boy band VIXX brings new surprises again with their fourth single album which includes the title track ""Eternity"" and the new songs Sad Ending and Love, LaLaLa.

The album has a randomly selected disc design featuring one of the members. "
Price: 14.99

Hacken Lee 82 Hits Collection - The Very Best of 1986-2014 (4CD + DVD) AOA Mini Album Vol. 1
"Hacken Lee's musical career has spanned four decades and shows no signs of slowing down, as evidenced by his wins at Hong Kong's major music award shows in 2013. His newest release Hacken Lee 82 Hits Collection The Very Best of 1986-2014, which contains both new songs and classics, gives listeners an overview of his illustrious career with a whopping four CDs and one DVD. The album features the Eric Kwok and Wyman Wong-penned ""Friendless,"" in which Hacken discloses his feelings on friendship, and the DVD contains selected clips of Hacken in concert throughout the years."
Price: 29.29
" After five single albums, AOA is releasing their first mini-album, and they've all gotten cute bob cuts for the occasion. They collaborate again with Brave Brothers, who produced their last single ""Mini Skirt,"" for the young and refreshing title song ""Short Hair.""

This edition includes a randomly selected member photo card. "
Price: 12.99

Infinite Vol. 2 Repackage - Be Back Sistar Mini Album Vol. 2 - Touch & Move
Infinite follows up Season 2 with the repackage Be Back! Their second album repackage contains all the songs from the original album plus two new tracks (Back and Diamond) and new album photos.

This edition includes a random photo card.
Price: 21.99

"Sistar is back to heat up the summer with their second mini-album Touch & Move. The album is backed by a superstar producer lineup that includes Choi Kyu Sung, Rado, Duble Sidekick and Kim Do Hoon. Title song Touch My Body, a fun and sexy hip-hop dance number, embodies Sistar's unique appeal. Rapper Verbal Jint features in ""Bad Hands,"" which grooves to a synth and acoustic guitar lead with simple drum beats.

This edition includes a randomly selected photo card."
Price: 19.99

The Ultimate Addiction (DVD) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Ghost Dragon Of Cold Mountain (DVD) (Ep.1-30) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"In the financial world, greed is considered a valued quality, but what happens when a person's greed crosses the line? The Ultimate Addiction uses the financial world as a backdrop to explore all the ways greed manifests itself in our lives. The TVB drama stars Bosco Wong as Cheuk Yuk, a brilliant financial mind who has no qualms with playing dirty to get what he wants. He is introduced to Chow San Yung (Ben Wong) through a mutual friend, and eventually marries San Yung's sister San Lai (Jacqueline Wong). When both his friend and San Lai pass away, San Yung becomes convinced that Cheuk Yuk's insatiable greed is to blame and joins the Commercial Crime Bureau, vowing to bring him down.

San Yung sends Chi Nga (Kate Tsui), a CCB inspector he has high hopes for, into Cheuk Yuk's company to collect evidence. Knowing Cheuk Yuk's careful and financially savvy second wife Fong Ming Yu (Nancy Wu) would be her biggest hurdle, Chi Nga works hard to slowly gain her trust. Once she enters the inner circle, though, Chi Nga unexpectedly resigns from CCB and devotes herself to Cheuk Yuk's company. Unbeknownst to everyone, Chi Nga has goals of her own."
Price: 20.49

"Chu Cheung Sing (Kenneth Ma) lives a quiet life with his lovely wife Tou Fa (Selena Li) in rural Northern Song. Few people know that ten years ago, Cheung Sing was being groomed by Commissioner Fung Nam Tin (Lau Kong) to be the successor of the revered Tin Kei Bureau, an investigative unit that answers only to the emperor. Unfortunately, one person who does know is Sai Fu, a notorious robber brought down by Cheung Sing's undercover work, and he makes a beeline for Cheung Sing after escaping from prison, bloodthirsty for revenge. Thus, Cheung Sing is drawn back into Tin Kei Bureau, and eventually teams up with Nam Tin's new agents Ma Chuen Kung (Power Chan), Ngau Dai Lik (Pierre Ngo) and Yeung Mau (Lin Xiawei) to solve Northern Song's most baffling cases."
Price: 20.49

Vixx 2nd Mini Album - Error Rear Mirror (DVD) (Ep.1-20) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"VIXX's second mini-album may be titled Error, but it will surely get full marks from fans. The album features seven tracks including the anticipated title song Error. Ravi participated greatly in the album's songwriting this time, including writing and composing the song What U Waiting For.

This edition includes a random photobook and a random photo card."
Price: 18.99

"Minibus driver Sunday Kei (Wayne Lai) comes from a modest working-class background and lives with his 70-year-old grandmother and 6-year-old son in an old apartment. Anson Yiu (Louisa So) was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and works in the legal department of her father's company, Yiu Gong Corp. These two disparate individuals have a horrible first meeting when Anson accidentally gives Sunday's son food that he's very allergic to. They part after that, thinking it would be the last they ever saw of each other, but fate has other plans.

Months later, Anson has become the CEO of Yiu Gong Corp. on the wishes of her sick father, having to navigate through messy office politics and family divisions at every turn. Her only moments of peace come when she is in her car. A chance meeting brings Anson face-to-face with Sunday once again, and she decides to hire him as her driver due to his righteous and headstrong personality. After weathering several professional and personal obstacles together, Anson and Sunday become each other's confidants and begin to develop feelings for one another, but they are unaware of a dangerous situation that's hurtling towards them."
Price: 14.49

Black Heart White Soul (DVD) (Ep.1-30) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) All That Is Bitter Is Sweet (Ep.1-30) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Cheung Lap Fan (Ron Ng) is a rookie beat cop tasked with watching over a murder suspect at a crime scene. The suspect decides to make a break for it, and Lap Fan fires his gun in an effort to stop him. Unfortunately, he fails to do so, and causes the suspect to crash his car into that of Matthew Ko (Roger Kwok), who is then rushed to the hospital.

Five years later, Lap Fan, now a detective, still secretly harbors guilt for his part in the car crash. One day, he is called into action when a robbery occurs at a handbag store. One of the store's employees, May Tam (Kristal Tin), is implicated in the crime due to her gangster boyfriend, and her defense lawyer is none other than Matthew Ko. Lap Fan recognizes Matthew as the victim of the car crash five years earlier, and is shocked to discover that the aftermath of the accident has left Matthew confined to a wheelchair, which in turn caused him to drift apart from his family. Overcome with guilt, Lap Fan apologizes to Matthew. Instead of responding to the apology with spite, Matthew kindly consoles Lap Fan, assuring him that he now leads a happy and successful life. Lap Fan and Matthew quickly become the best of friends, and through spending time together as lawyer and client, May and Matthew begin to fall for one another. When May is released from prison, the future seems bright for the three friends, but worryingly, Lap Fan discovers that Matthew has ties to shady businessman Marco Ma (Louis Cheung), who is the suspected mastermind behind a huge conspiracy."
Price: 20.49

"Set in the Republic era, All That Is Bitter Is Sweet follows Dou Gaai Kei (Linda Chung), the only daughter of the wealthy Dou family of Foshan. As the daughter of the biggest pharmaceutical seller in the city, Gaai Kei has a keen interest in medicine, but her father refuses to see her as his successor, simply because she's a woman.

Just as Gaai Kei is about to marry Chong Gai Zou (Raymond Wong), the mayor's son, a virulent epidemic starts to spread through the city. The disease eventually claims Gai Zou's life and causes Gaai Kei's father to be imprisoned, leaving Gaai Kei penniless and alone. As Gaai Kei is unable to keep the pharmacy running, terminally ill merchant Ding Yat Yuen (Ruco Chan) decides to buy it. Desperate to keep her father's legacy, Gaai Kei offers to treat Yat Yuen's illness in exchange for him keeping the pharmacy and not reselling it for profit. As the days go by, the studious and intelligent Gaai Kei learns more and more about medicine, and through spending time together, she and Yat Yuen start to fall for one another. At this time, Gai Zou's twin brother Gai Zong (also Raymond Wong) returns to Foshan, and he has long harbored feelings for Gaai Kei..."
Price: 20.49

Tiger Cubs II (DVD) (Ep. 1-10) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Tomorrow Is Another Day (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"With high production values and a novel timeslot, police action drama Tiger Cubs became a roaring success for TVB in the summer of 2012. The promised sequel Tiger Cubs II arrived in fall 2014 in the form of ten two-hour episodes, featuring more tense cases requiring the efforts of the A-Team of the Hong Kong Police Force's Special Duties Unit (SDU) led by the stoic Chin Hon To (Joe Ma).

When Hon To and his team are called in to handle a hostage situation at the High Court, they are shocked to learn of the perpetrators' demand to see undercover policewoman Chung Wai Yan (Linda Chung), as she is believed to be dead. To everyone's surprise, Wai Yan emerges and deftly helps the A-Team complete its mission. Soon after, Wai Yan, who has been trying to work her way back into the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB), is reinstated, and begins to regularly participate in team-ups with the A-Team. Gradually, Hon To and Wai Yan develop feelings for one another, but Hon To can't help but feel that Wai Yan is hiding something from him. Meanwhile, Hon To's team members also experience personal problems both outside and inside the team. All of this comes to a head to create serious fractures within the team..."
Price: 13.99

"As a Principal Officer in the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department (CSD) working at Stanley Prison, Yung Chun Wai (Kenny Wong) has learned over the years to live his life cautiously. Life, however, never goes the way one wants it to, and Chun Wai is beset with more than a few problems. His subordinate, Kiu Ching Kiu (Vincent Wong), has proven to be a rebellious charge. He frequently butts heads with Chun Wai and even develops a romantic relationship with inmate Ting Ho Ho (Josie Ho). Chun Wai himself isn't immune to love-related problems. Weighed down by a failed marriage and a myriad of responsibilities, he feels he's unable to reciprocate the feelings of young correctional officer Yiu Ngoi Ka (Kate Tsui). Most crucially, on top of personal issues, the officers of CSD must struggle to stay afloat in the volatile and dangerous environment in which they work."
Price: 6.49

Overachievers (DVD) (Ep. 1-30) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Officer Geomancer (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Tired of being under his wealthy father's thumb, Chiang Yuen (Wayne Lai) decides to strike out on his own and builds a mobile app-developing company with the help of his friends Chung Hiu Yeung (Raymond Wong), Ting Man Chi (Nancy Wu) and Yuen Siu Tin (Edwin Siu). Back at home, Chiang Yuen's younger brother Chiang Sing is quickly losing his father's favor due his lackadaisical ways. This gives the brothers' stepmother Lee Chau Ping (Susanna Kwan) an opportunity to push her own son Chiang Tsun (Jason Chan) into the spotlight. When Chiang Yuen discovers Chau Ping's scheming ways, he allies with his uncle Lee Chau Kan (Power Chan) and Hiu Yeung to try to prevent his father's company from being gobbled up. But in this minefield of complicated relationships, clashing interests and power struggles, who can Chiang Yuen really trust?"
Price: 24
"Despite being a skilled geomancer, Sit Dan Yan (Johnson Lee) chose to become a police officer because he was rescued by a brave policeman when he was kidnapped as a child. Not only that, his geomancy skills also make him an incredibly successful officer, a fact that perplexes his scientifically-minded boss, Che Gwai Fei (Joey Meng), who disapproves of his spiritual methods but cannot deny their effectiveness. As the two bicker over cases, they start to develop feelings for one another, but Dan Yan discovers via a geomancy calculation that he and Gwai Fei are incompatible. In fact, staying together could mean death for one or both of them. At this time, a kidnapper with the same M.O. as the one Dan Yan encountered in his youth emerges..."
Price: 13.99

Girls' Generation Vol. 1 - Girls' Generation "It's Okay, That's Love (DVD) (Ep. 1-16) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (SBS TV Drama) (Singapore Version)"
"They may have grabbed attention initially as the girl version of Super Junior, but nine-member girl group Girls' Generation succeeded in winning the hearts of K-pop fans with their own unique appeals. The group made their debut in August with the single Into The World, which stormed to the #1 spot on the chart within two months of its release. The girls now release their first self-titled album, Girls' Generation.

The titular track Girls' Generation (Track 1) is a remake of Lee Seung Chul's 1989 hit of the same name. Rearranged by accomplished composer Kenzie, the song appeals to both young and older generations, offering tunes reminiscent of the 1980s and full of youthful energy and funk. Other noteworthy tracks include the lively, rhythmic Ooh La-La! (Track 2) composed by Lee Jae Myung, house dance number Kissing You (Track 5), and Baby Baby (Track 3), a sweet confession of love written by Hwang Sung Je, whose previous works include BoA's ""Atlantis Girl"". Also, lyrical ballads such as Tears (Track 7) and Complete (Track 4) offer the group's nine colorful vocals in perfect transparent harmony. Girls' Generation aims to be a new generation representing all generations."
Price: 13.99

"One of the most anticipated Korean dramas of 2014, It's Okay, That's Love from screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung (That Winter, The Wind Blows) charms audiences with light romance while also seriously addressing the topic of mental health. Jo In Sung stars as a glib best-selling mystery writer who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, while Gong Hyo Jin plays an ambitious psychiatrist who is averse to physical intimacy. Both outspoken and strong-minded, the two bicker the moment they meet, but eventually fall in love while each dealing with their own complexes and issues that turn out to be more serious than they initially thought. Sung Dong Il, Running Man's Lee Kwang Soo and EXO's D.O also co-star in the popular series."
Price: 30.99

Universal Music Boxset Collection - Alan Tam "Girls' Generation World Tour ""Girls & Peace in Seoul"" (2DVD + Photobook + Folded Poster) (Korea Version)"
"Alan Tam has enjoyed steady popularity for several decades starting from his days with the Wynners to his later success as solo act. Ranking at the top in the 80s along with the late Leslie Cheung, he was selected as Best Singer at the JSG Top Ten Awards four times in a row from 1984-1987. Also holding a record for the most concert performances in Hong Kong, Tam is one of Hong Kong's most enduring pop icons. This four-disc CD combo features some of his best-loved songs including ""Cool Summer Wind"" (CD 3 - Track 5), ""Midnight Beauty"" (CD 3 - Track 1), and ""Lover"" (CD 1 - Track 6). ""Love Of My Life"" (CD 3 - Track 5), ""Only You"" (CD 1 - Track 14), and his duet ""Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"" (CD 1 - Track 3) with Shirley Kwan have also been included on this release."
Price: 22.79
"From June 2013 to February 2014, Girls' Generation brought their Girls & Peace live tour to seven cities across Asia. They kicked off the tour at home in Seoul on June 8, 2013, thrilling the audience with fantastic stage performances of hits like I Got a Boy, The Boys, Run Devil Run, Genie and Gee. The girls also performed some of their Japanese songs including Flower Power and Paparazzi. Catch the exciting concert as well as special making-of features on DVD!

This edition includes a 100-page photobook and a folded poster."
Price: 45.99

EXO Vol. 2 - Exodus (Korean Version) (Random Version) EXO Vol. 2 - Exodus (Chinese Version) (Random Version)
"Following a headline-grabbing year in 2014, EXO starts afresh in 2015 with their second concert tour EXO Planet #2 - The EXO'luXion and their second album Exodus. Per usual, the highly anticipated album is released simultaneously in both Korean and Chinese. Exodus features ten tracks of various genres including the title song Call Me Baby.

Exodus (Korean Version) is available in ten versions with different member covers and booklet images. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 17.99

"Following a headline-grabbing year in 2014, EXO starts afresh in 2015 with their second concert tour EXO Planet #2 - The EXO'luXion and their second album Exodus. Per usual, the highly anticipated album is released simultaneously in both Korean and Chinese. Exodus features ten tracks of various genres including the title song Call Me Baby.

Exodus (Chinese Version) is released in ten versions with different member covers and booklet images. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 17.99

2NE1 New Album - Crush (Random Cover Version) Eye In The Sky (Ep.1-20) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"The wait is over 2NE1 is finally releasing a new album! Crush features ten tracks including the Teddy-produced double title songs Come Back Home and ""Gotta Be You."" Leader CL also participated in the album's production this time, writing and co-composing multiple tracks on the album including Crush and ""If I Were You.""

This edition includes a booklet.

This album is available in two versions (pink and black) with different covers and booklet images. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available covers selected for them at random."
Price: 20.99

"Does the ""eye in the sky"" see everything? Is everything it sees really what it seems? CID detective Szeto Shun (Kevin Cheng) is forced to ask himself these questions when he's implicated in an arson case through surveillance footage that places someone who looks exactly like him at the scene of the crime. Although he's eventually acquitted, he loses his job, and subsequently becomes the head of security at the posh Y Suite Hotel.

Private investigator Jan Ng (Tavia Yeung) has harbored a crush on Shun ever since witnessing him valiantly take down a criminal. She's happily surprised when he seemingly approaches her to help him tail someone. After a thrilling ordeal, the two have a one-night stand, but when she meets Shun again at the Y Suite Hotel, he insists that he's never met her.

Y Suite Hotel security guard Cheng Nik Hang (Ruco Chan) seems to be the very definition of a nice, affable guy. In truth, he's a career criminal with past ties to Shun. Torn between his criminal life and starting over, Nik Hang slowly develops a friendship with Shun, and together, they investigate the arson case that cost Shun his job."
Price: 14.49

SHINee Vol. 4 - Odd (Version A) Jung Joon Young Band 1st Album
"SHINee's back with a concert tour and a new album! Known for their unique styling and concepts, the popular group brings new surprises to fans with their fourth album Odd. The album contains 11 tracks including the title song ""View,"" a deep house uptempo number composed by LDN Noise with lyrics by Jong Hyun."
Price: 18.99
"The always unpredictable Jung Joon Young is back and he's now in a band! The quirky rocker is joined by Jo Dae Min on guitar, Jung Suk Won on bass and Lee Hyun Gyu on drums to form the Jung Joon Young Band. Working with Vanilla Unity's Lee Seung Ju, Jung Joon Young goes back to his roots and explores alternative, hard and garage rock to forge an identity for the band and their first album. For the album's title track OMG, Jung Joon Young also collaborated with composer and producer Brian Howes, who has produced for Nickelback, Daughtry, Boys Like Girls and Bon Jovi.

First Press comes with a random guitar pick, only available while supplies last."
Price: 14.99

SHINee: Tae Min Mini Album Vol. 1 - Ace (Random Version) Tsai Ming Liang Collection: Rebels Of The Neon God / The River / Vive L'amour (Blu-ray) (Remastered Edition) (English Subtitled) (Taiwan Version)
"SHINee's Tae Min is making his solo debut with the mini-album Ace! The first of the group to go solo, SHINee's youngest member shows that he's all grown up with strong vocals, eye-catching photos and bold new tracks including the song ""Danger."" Tae Min's buddies also participated in the album. TVXQ's Chang Min penned lyrics for Ace, while bandmate Jong Hyun penned ""Pretty Boy"" featuring EXO's Kai.

This album is available in two different versions (Black and White). Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 17.99

"Tsai Ming Liang is a renowned Taiwanese director whose success alongside contemporaries like Hou Hsiao Hsien and Edward Yang has brought Taiwanese cinema to the forefront of international attention. Tsai's films are often endearingly described as films where nothing seems to happen, yet each film magically conveys a deep, heartfelt, and humane emotion. Ultimately though, Tsai is best known for his unique film style which skillfully blends extreme long takes with a keen eye for staging and frame dimension, allowing the viewer to unobtrusively witness the complex behavior of his lovably obscure characters.

Tsai Ming Liang Collection features three earlier films by this world famous director, namely Rebels of the Neon God (1992), Vive L'Amour (1994), and The River (1997). In Tsai's debut feature, Rebels of the Neon God, Lee Kang Sheng initially established the lovably introverted character known as Hsiao Kang (Lee's real life nickname), who would then reappear in every one of Tsai's feature films. Vive L'Amour sees the disenchanted Hsiao Kang, an unsuccessful salesman, intertwining with other lonely individuals searching for companionship in busy Taipei. The River, shot in Tsai's usual style, explores the controversial themes of incest and homosexuality."
Price: 85.99

AOA Mini Album Vol. 3 - Heart Attack You Who Came From The Stars OST (SBS TV Drama)
" AOA had a breakout string of hits in 2014 with ""Mini Skirt,"" ""Short Hair"" and ""Like a Cat,"" and they've been making impact in other fields this year with Ji Min participating in Unpretty Rapstar and Seol Hyun co-starring in Gangnam Blues and Orange Marmalade. The girl group is set to deliver another hot dance hit with the release of their third mini-album Heart Attack. "
Price: 13.99
"Korea's original sassy girl Jeon Ji Hyun returns to the small screen for the SBS drama You Who Came From the Stars, which reteams her with The Thieves co-star Kim Soo Hyun. A big hit throughout Asia, the fusion romantic comedy is about an alien (Kim Soo Hyun) who lands in Korea during Joseon times and sticks around for over 400 hundred years till the present day. Just when his chance to return home is around the corner, he meets and falls in love with Jeon Ji Hyun's willful top actress.

The soundtrack for You Who Came From the Stars is also supported by a star lineup of talented vocalists. The two-disc OST includes Lyn's My Destiny, K.Will's ""Like a Star,"" Younha's ""You Who Came From the Stars,"" Hyo Rin's ""Goodbye,"" Just's I Love You, Huh Gak's ""Tears Fallin' Like Today"" and Sung Si Kyung's ""Every Moment of You."" Leading man Kim Soo Hyun also sings the ballad ""In Front of Your House"" for the soundtrack.

This edition includes a DVD with music videos and three epilogues."
Price: 33.99

The Fixer (DVD) (Ep.1-21) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Mamamoo Mini Album Vol. 1 - Hello (Random Version)
"If you've got a problem and money is of no concern, you can find help with the Fixers, a small underground organization led by ex-triad member Szeto Sam Ping (Chin Ka Lok) that specializes in solving tricky problems for those who can pay. Along with legal expert Lui Lui (Mandy Wong), pickpocketer and fighter Wyman Chan (Timmy Hung), hacker Duck Duck (Tracy Chu) and money handler Bak Suen (Henry Lo), Sam Ping craftily navigates the various problems of Hong Kong's underbelly while avoiding the attention of the authorities."
Price: 14.49
"Formed by Solar, Moon Byul, Wha Sa and Whee In, Mamamoo is a new R&B girl group from WA Entertainment, the label of Phantom and Geeks. Produced by famed hitmaker Kim Do Hoon, the talented group impressed fans earlier this year with their debut single ""Don't Be Happy"" featuring Bumkey and now they're releasing their first mini-album Hello. Mamamoo displays their strong and soulful vocals in the retro title song ""Mr. Ambiguous,"" which is supported by a sassy, star-studded music video. Their debut album also includes the single ""Peppermint Chocolate"" featuring Wheesung and Wha Sa's solo ""It's My Heart.""

This album is available in two versions (Red and Pink). Customers who purchase this version will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 14.99

Roy Kim Vol. 2 - Home Master Of Destiny (DVD) (Ep.1-32) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Balancing dual roles as a singer and a Georgetown University student, Superstar K4 winner Roy Kim returns HOME with his second album. The young singer-songwriter greets the autumn season with the warm sound of folk, rock and acoustic pop numbers. The album includes the title track Home, Curtain featuring acoustic guitar by Jung Sung Ha and bonus track Thank You."
Price: 15.99
"The ever-busy Wong Jing spearheaded a China-Hong Kong co-produced TV series earlier in the year, serving as creator and writer for Master Of Destiny, a juicy soap about a wealthy, sprawling family and its various relationships, machinations and exploits.

At the heart of the series is the family's matriarch, Kwan Yeuk Nam (Liza Wang), who, following the bankruptcy and subsequent suicide of her husband (Wayne Lai), raised three sons and an adopted daughter on her own, all the while building a business that has today become an empire. She's hoping to ease her children into taking on bigger roles within the company, but all is not well between them. Her second son Chi Yuen (Hawick Lau) was in a devoted relationship with his girlfriend (Tiffany Tang), but after she dies from an accident, he buries himself in work, alarming his older brother Chi Wan (Kenny Wong), who had long banked on being heir presumptive to the company. The scheming ramps up when the married Chi Wan starts seeing the mysterious Song Chi Wah (Monica Mok), who says she knows a secret that can help him take over the company..."
Price: 22.99

Girl's Day Vol. 2 - Love (Girl's Day Version) Ghost Of Relativity (DVD) (Ep.1-28) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Girl's Day celebrates their fifth debut anniversary this summer with the release of their second full album Love! The album comes with 14 tracks including the title song ""Ring My Bell,"" a fun and funky dance song for the hot summer. The album has generated much buzz for its stunning concept photos featuring each member in different looks inspired by Olivia Hussey, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn and Sharon Stone.

This album is released in five versions (group and four members) with different covers and photobook images. This version comes with a 104-page group photobook."
Price: 20.99

"May Suen Suk Mui (Kristal Tin) does not have luck on her side. During her interview for a receptionist position at the internationally renowned GSZ Architects, she accidentally destroys star architect Michael Mai's (Moses Chan) project, and along with it, her chances at employment. She's also being swindled by her no-good boyfriend, and worst of all, she accidentally electrocutes GSZ's general manager Keung Yung (Nancy Wu) to death.

When she goes to the police station to pick up her phone a year later, her life isn't going any better. And on top of having monumentally bad luck, she now also has to deal with a ghost Keung Yung. Thankfully, Keung Yung is a friendly ghost, and she helps May get a job as a manager for the design department at GSZ. Keung Yung's not just doing this out of the kindness of her heart, though she wants to stay close to Michael, whom she's always had a crush on. While Keung Yung continues her one-sided love affair, May and Michael find themselves getting closer and closer..."
Price: 22.4

Vixx LR Mini Album - Beautiful Liar (Random Version) SHINee Vol. 4 Repackage - Married To The Music
"Formed by Leo and Ravi, VIXX's first subunit LR debuts with the mini-album Beautiful Liar. Besides the title track Beautiful Liar, the mini-album includes Ravi and Leo solos and a song by VIXX. The boys show their songwriting talents with credits on all five tracks.

This edition includes a random photo card, random sticker, a random paper doll and a postcard.

This album is released in two versions with different covers. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 17.99

"Over two months since the chart-topping release of Odd, SHINee follows up with Married to the Music. In addition to all the songs from Odd, the fourth album repackage comes with four new tracks including the title song Married to the Music."
Price: 19.99

Jong Hyun Collection - Story Op.1 BTS Mini Album Vol. 3 - The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 1 (Random Version)
"Following his well-received solo debut in the beginning of the year, SHINee's Jong Hyun returns with the special album Story Op. 1. Arriving right before his solo concert The Story by Jong Hyun, the album comes with nine tracks including the title song ""End of the Day,"" a tranquil and touching healing ballad."
Price: 16.99
"BTS is in the mood for love for the popular group's third mini-album. The anticipated album comes with nine tracks, including the title song I Need U and follow-up track ""Dope,"" and sees the members participating more in the songwriting.

This album is released in two versions. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 18.99

I NEED U (Japanese Ver.) (Normal Edition)(Japan Version) A Better Tomorrow II (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
"Released in spring 2015 as the lead single off their third EP, I NEED U is BTS's most successful single to date (and of course, its accompanying EP, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part 1, is also their most successful record so far). An emotional, high-octane and incredibly addictive track, I NEED U won BTS first place in no less than five Korean music shows. Now, the boys return with a Japanese version of the mega-hit! The single's coupling track is the Japanese version of DOPE, another highly popular track off the EP.

This edition includes a bonus track."
Price: 13.25

"Over-the-top gunplay fans rejoice! The last fifteen minutes of A Better Tomorrow II, the sequel to the seminal Heroic Bloodshed film A Better Tomorrow, contains some of the most deliriously over-the-top guns and guts action ever put on film! Director John Woo outdoes his hyperkinetic gunplay from the first film, as he reunites Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung, and even Chow Yun Fat for this entertaining and dramatic sequel to one of the most popular Hong Kong films ever. When we last left our heroes, Ho (Ti Lung) was thrown in jail for his triad activities, but the courts grant him lenience for his righteousness. He's released to infiltrate the gang of suspected bad guy Lung (Dean Shek), who's currently being investigated by Ho's brother Kit (Leslie Cheung). But circumstances go sour, and Ho turns to an unlikely ally: former killer Ken, who's the twin brother of Chow Yun Fat from the first Better Tomorrow! With the pieces assembled, it's time for righteous retribution as only John Woo can deliver! Triad melodrama and John Woo's celebrated themes of brotherhood permeate A Better Tomorrow II, an entertaining and action-packed hit with an unbelievable body count."
Price: 20.99

Vixx Vol. 2 - Chained up (Freedom Version) Vixx Vol. 2 - Chained up (Control Version)
"VIXX caps off a busy year with their second album! Known for their dark and unique concepts, this time the group members are all Chained up as slaves of love.

This edition includes a 76-page photobook (with 8 random member pages), a random member instruction paper, a random member photo card and a tattoo sticker."
Price: 21.99

"VIXX caps off a busy year with their second album! Known for their dark and unique concepts, this time the group members are all Chained up as slaves of love.

This edition includes a 76-page photobook (with 8 random member pages), a random member contract paper, a random member photo card and a tattoo sticker."
Price: 21.99

The Four II (2013) (Blu-ray) (2D) (Hong Kong Version) Every Step You Take (DVD) (Ep.1-20) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"The wuxia epic continues in the second installment of The Four trilogy, Gordon Chan's adaptation of Wen Ruian's popular novels which blends fantasy, 3D effects and martial arts. Returning in less than a year after the first film, The Four II stars the original cast of Anthony Wong, Crystal Liu, Deng Chao, Collin Chou and Ronald Cheng as the famed detectives of the Divine Constabulary that aims to solve crimes around town. Tightly connected to the first part, the sequel begins with the murder of Emotionless's family and ends in a cliffhanger that makes you anxiously await the concluding episode.

The four constables Emotionless (Crystal Liu Yifei), Iron Hands (Collin Chou), Life Snatcher (Ronald Cheng) and Cold Blood (Deng Chao), who dedicate their skills to the service of Master Zhuge (Anthony Wong), come hand in hand to investigate the murder case of Emotionless's family 15 years ago. Their search for the killer will unearth secrets and grudges that pull them apart."
Price: 20.99

"TVB superstars Moses Chan and Myolie Wu reunite to play a couple for the first time since 2008's In The Eye of the Beholder in the heartwarming romance drama Every Step You Take. Myolie plays Sung Tin Chung, a photographer who loses her sight due to an accident. Despite losing a sense so integral to her work and interests, Tin Chung is able to pick herself up again, in no small part thanks to her guide dog. During this time, she meets her neighbor, ad man Kam Yin Chong (Moses Chan). Having driven away the people he loves with his workaholic ways, he struggles in trying to instill his life with meaning. As the two get to know one another, their newfound friendship develops into something more."
Price: 13.99

Captain Of Destiny (2015) (DVD) (Ep.1-32) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Love Me Right -romantic universe- (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)
"As early as 1999, TVB has talked about building a drama series around Cheung Po Tsai, the much-loved pirate and Robin Hood figure whose footsteps can be traced all over Hong Kong. In 2015, the station realized this vision with Captain of Destiny. Combining the historical setting of Cheung Po Tsai's era with HKD$30 million worth of CGI, TVB crafted a fantastical story of a modern-day policewoman who travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty.

While chasing a notorious thief on a windsurfing board, Cheung Chau policewoman Wong Tai Mui (Grace Chan) is engulfed by a waterspout and somehow transported 200 years back in time. She immediately runs into a pirate crew headed by Cheng Yat (Law Lok Lam) and his wife Shek Giu (Maggie Shiu). Within their ranks is the couple's adopted son, Cheung Po Tsai (Tony Hung). During her wait for another waterspout to take her home, Wong Tai Mui is reluctantly roped into the pirate fold and soon finds herself embroiled in the pirates' conflict with the Qing Empire, whose naval operations are run by the noble Prince Man Ho (Ruco Chan)."
Price: 21.99

"K-pop's reigning bestseller EXO is making their Japan debut! Besides selling over a million records in Korea, the immensely popular boy band has already held concerts in Japan. Just before their dome tour, EXO drops their first Japanese single Love Me Right ~romantic universe~, a remake of the group's K-pop dance hit. Drop That is included as the B-side track."
Price: 11.49

B.A.P Mini Album Vol. 4 - Matrix (Normal Version) SHINee Vol. 1 - The SHINee World (Version B)
"B.A.P is back! After a one-year absence, the popular group returns with renewed determination in their fourth mini-album Matrix. Leader Bang Yong Guk produced the highly anticipated mini-album which features five new tracks including the title song Young, Wild & Free.

This edition includes a 40-page photobook and a random photo card."
Price: 17.99

"In early 2008, K-pop gave birth to a new singing sensation: SHINee. Only a few months after blazing through the charts with their hit single ""Noona Is Very Pretty"", the talented idol boy band presents their first full-length album The SHINee World. Striving to become the leading trendsetter in all areas of entertainment including music, dance, and fashion, SHINee offers heaps of top-notch sounds that feature a wide variety of music from R&B to urban to pop, composed by such talents as Yoo Young Jin, Kim Young Woo, and Kenzie. The album's principle track Sanso gaat eun nuh (""Love Like Oxygen"" - Track 3) is a cover of young Danish singer Martin Hoberg Hedegaard's recent hit Show the world. Laced in disco and punk hooks reminiscent of Michael Jackson, the song describes the three different phases of love as being water, ice, and oxygen. Other noteworthy tracks include the R&B urban-style number Geu nyeo ga hair jot da (""One For Me"" - Track 5) featuring lyrics by singer/lyricist Wheesung; member Jong Hyun's first solo track Hye ya (""Y Si Fuera Ella"" - Track 9); and the unplugged remix of In My Room.

Note: The SHINee World is available in two versions (A and B) - each featuring a unique album cover and a different set of booklet pictures."
Price: 13.99

2NE1 1st Mini Album - 2NE1 Roy Kim Vol. 3 - The Great Dipper
"Dubbed the female version of Big Bang, YG Entertainment's new girl group 2NE1 are releasing their first mini-album! Formed by petite rapper and group leader CL, Bom, Minzy, and Dara (Philippines idol Sandara Park), 2NE1 prove their stuff with this explosive seven-track release produced by 1TYM's Teddy, who also wrote most of the songs on the album. Teddy teams up with Kush to create electric hip-hop dance hits like the addictive single Fire and I Don't Care, a mid-tempo R&B number with a reggae melody. Masta Wu also helped lay down some lyrics for the party number Let's Go Party. The super rookies' colorful debut single Lollipop is included on the mini-album as a bonus track."
Price: 12.99
"A year after Home, Roy Kim returns in time to warm winter hearts with his third album. The talented young singer-songwriter's latest album contains nine tracks including the ballad title song ""The Great Dipper."""
Price: 15.99

BTS Mini Album Vol. 4 - The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 (Random Version) Girls' Generation - Taetiseo Christmas Special Album - Dear Santa (Random Cover - Red or Green)
"BTS brightened up the spring with Part 1 of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life featuring the hit songs I Need U and ""Dope."" Now the Bangtan Boys are back again with Part 2, which aligns with the group's latest concert tour. The group makes another powerful comeback with Run.

This edition includes a 98-page photobook and a random photo card.

This album is released in two versions (Peach and Blue). Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 18.99

"Taetiseo the Girls' Generation subunit formed by Tae Yeon, Tiffany and Seo Hyun is back to make your holidays happy with a special Christmas album! The album's title track Dear Santa is written by none other than Seo Hyun.

This album is released with two different covers (Red or Green). Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 18.99

With Or Without You (2015) (DVD) (Ep.1-20) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Depend on me [Type B](ALBUM+BOOKLET) (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)
"Bobby Au-Yeung and Joey Meng try to keep the proverbial fires under control in the trouble magnet that is the So family in period comedy With Or Without You! Northern Sung official So Tong Bo (Bobby Au-Yeung) hasn t opened his heart to anyone since losing his first wife, so it's no surprise that he's never noticed master chef Wong Jeon Ji's love for him. Determined to earn his love, Jeon Ji woos Tong Bo the only way she knows how through cooking. Sure enough, she's successful in claiming his heart thanks to a dish of stewed pork. Having found happiness again, Tong Bo looks forward to a nice, quiet life. But it's not to be. Not only does he have to fret about his younger sister (Harriet Yeung), who's still unable to forget her now-married first love, he also has to worry about his youngest sister (Jacqueline Wong), who's falling for notorious playboy Chun Siu Yau (Vincent Wong). Work isn't much better, as he has to contend with a scheming princess (Leanne Li) and a political rival (Sinn Lap Man)."
Price: 16
"VIXX starts off the new year with the group's first Japanese album! Depend On Me features Can't Say, Error, Love Letter and the Japanese version of their latest K-pop hit Chained Up. It also includes four selected Korean songs from their recent Korean album.

This edition comes with With Me by Ravi as bonus track, a 40-page booklet and a random trading card."
Price: 34.25

Lord of Shanghai (2015) (DVD) (Ep.1-32) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) EXO Winter Special Album - Sing For You (Korean Version) (Random Member)
"Hitmaker Amy Wong (Black Heart White Soul) produces one of TVB's biggest productions in recent years in Lord Of Shanghai. Set in Republican-era Shanghai, the drama boasts a truly star-studded cast that includes Anthony Wong, Wayne Lai, Kent Tong, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Kenneth Ma, Louisa So and more.

At a time when Shanghai was split into a smorgasbord of concessions, urchin Kiu Ngo Tin (Kenneth Ma, later Anthony Wong) is trying hard just to survive. Following an initially hostile first encounter, he becomes acquainted, then friends with gangster Kung Siu San (Wayne Lai). Together, they carve out a place for themselves in the Shanghai crime world. Though Ngo Tin retains his inherent kindness and sense of justice throughout, he is forced to sacrifice a relationship with Peking opera apprentice Gu Siu Lau (Myolie Wu) during his climb to the top.

Years later, Ngo Tin finds himself increasingly at odds with Siu San as well as fellow tycoon Chak Kam Tong (Kent Tong). In this danger-fraught environment, he meets Siu Lau again. They have little time to rebuild their relationship, though, as Shanghai finds itself under increasing pressure from the Japanese."
Price: 21.99

"Two years ago, EXO released the album Miracles in December for the winter holiday season. Last year, it was the single December, 2014 (The Winter's Tale). Now this year, they're gifting fans another winter special album featuring five tracks including the double title songs Sing For You and ""Unfair."" The former is a sweet winter confession song while the latter is a bright medium-tempo pop number.

This album is released in nine member versions. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 13.99

Mamamoo Mini Album Vol. 2 - Pink Funky Boat People (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
"With their strong vocals and distinct style, Mamamoo was one of last year's standout rookies. The girl group continues to bring the funk and the sass in their third second mini-album Pink Funky. The girls worked with composer and album producer Kim Do Hoon for the title song Um Oh Ah Yeah. The album also includes Ahh Oop!, their collaboration single with Esna."
Price: 16.99
"The third film in acclaimed Hong Kong director Ann Hui's ""Vietnam Trilogy"", Boat People won Best Film, Director, Screenplay, Art Direction, and New Performer at the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards. A follow-up to 1981's The Story of Woo Viet, the humanist melodrama is set in 1978 Vietnam, three years after the fall of Saigon. Shot in almost documentary-style, the film depicts life in a postwar Vietnam devastated by poverty and brutality, and the dangerous lengths people will go through to escape the country. Released in 1982, Boat People's sensitive subject and uncompromising portrayal invited controversy and debate given the political world climate at the time, and the film's distinction of being the first Hong Kong film to be shot in Mainland China with government approval.

Ann Hui constructed Boat People's story after conducting hundreds of interviews with Vietnamese refugees, ""boat people"" who fled to Hong Kong in great numbers from the 1970s to 90s. The film sees postwar Vietnam through the eyes of an outsider, a Japanese journalist played by George Lam (A Queer Story), who returns to the country three years after the war's end. He is gradually overwhelmed by the tragedy, poverty, tyranny, and corruption that weigh down on the daily lives of the locals he encounters, embodied by award-winning newcomer Season Ma (Silent Love), Cora Miao (Women), and Andy Lau in his feature film debut. Unable to look the other way any longer, Akutagawa decides to help a local girl and her family leave Vietnam."
Price: 10.99

The Four III (2014) (Blu-ray) (2D) (Hong Kong Version) Song Of The Exile (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)
"Gordon Chan (Painted Skin) returns with the final installment of the epic 3D wuxia/fantasy trilogy based on Wen Ruian's famous novels in The Four III! Following the events of The Four II, Emotionless (Crystal Liu Yifei, A Chinese Ghost Story) has left Six Doors, as has Cold Blood (Deng Chao, Detective Dee And The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame), who has decided to investigate the death of Lord Bu (Cheng Taishen, Under the Hawthorn Tree) on his own. The departure of two of the four constables has effectively left Six Doors defunct. At this time, trouble begins to brew in the Imperial Palace as Emperor Huizong (Alec Su, The Assassins) plans to travel incognito to the outside world. When he is almost assassinated and subsequently disappears, Cold Blood, Emotionless, Iron Hands (Collin Chou, Badges of Fury) and Life Snatcher (Ronald Cheng, Golden Chickensss) must band together once again under Master Zhuge (Anthony Wong, White Vengeance) to save the empire from a massive conspiracy.

Note: This is the 2D version of the film."
Price: 20.99

"In Song of the Exile, renowned Hong Kong director Ann Hui tells us a sentimental story that is partially based on her own life story. The film, made in 1990, stars acclaimed actress Maggie Cheung, Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actress Lu Hsiao Fen (Osmanthus Alley), and Hong Kong actor Waise Lee (A Better Tomorrow). The highly acclaimed film received several nominations in the Hong Kong Film Awards, and won Best Original Screenplay at the 27th Golden Horse Awards for Wu Nien Jen's script.

Shot in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and the UK, the film is a sweeping tale of love and understanding between a daughter and her mother. After the World War II ended, Japanese girl Aiko (Lu Hsiao Fen) married a Chinese military officer against the wish of her family, but her husband soon moved to Hong Kong, leaving her alone in China. Aiko's relationship with her elder daughter Hueyin (Maggie Cheung) had been estranged, until they visited her hometown in Japan together for the first time, when Hueyin finally understood what it felt like to be an exile in a strange land."
Price: 10.99

Best. Absolute. Perfect (ALBUM+GOODS) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version) Winner Exit : E (Random Version)
"After four single releases, Korean pop sensation B.A.P. is finally releasing their first full-length Japanese album! Best. Absolute. Perfect features the group's four singles - Warrior, One Shot, Excuse Me and No Mercy - as well as new original Japanese songs.

This edition comes with a 48-page photobook and a Matoki leather bracelet. Initial press of the album comes with a random trading card, only available while supplies last."
Price: 48.75

"Nearly one and a half years since their debut album, Winner is finally back with the new mini-album Exit: E! Like with their first album, the members played a big role in the album's songwriting and production. Exit: E features five tracks including the double title songs Baby Baby and ""Sentimental"" and Mino and Tae Hyun's ""Pricked.""

This edition includes a 68-page photobook, a can button, a random member film and two random member Polaroids.

This album is released in two versions (Shoreditch and Alexandra Palace) with different covers and images. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 19.99

EXO PLANET #2 -THE EXO'luXion IN JAPAN- [BLU-RAY] (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version) The Executioner (2015) (DVD) (Ep. 1-26) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Less than four years since EXO's Korea debut and a mere two days after the release of their record-setting Japan debut single Love Me Right - romantic universe-, Korea's best-selling group took to the stage of one of Japan's biggest and most venerated venues: Tokyo Dome. The Exo Planet #2 -The EXO'luXion in Japan tour attracted 300,000 people to eight shows in three cities. This live video release features the last show of EXO's Tokyo Dome performances on November 8, 2015.

First Press includes backstage documentary."
Price: 65.25

"A midwife and an executioner one welcomes life and the other takes life Fa Yui Hung (Maggie Shiu) and Yip Seung Luk (Kenny Wong) could not be more different, but the two become unlikely acquaintances after Seung Luk seeks the services of Yui Hung to protect the pregnant daughter-in-law of his benefactor. Later on, while walking through the woods one night, Seung Luk and Yui Hung encounter a dying woman and manage to save her newborn baby. However, this baby boy of mysterious origins will pull the two of them into a dangerous conspiracy that links all the way to the palace and to the infamous Consort Wan. Lauded for its original story, detailed characterizations and strong performances, the 2015 TVB costume drama The Executioner weaves an interesting tale of life, death and intrigue during the reign of Ming Emperor Chenghua."
Price: 8.49

Angel In-The-Making (2015) (DVD) (Ep. 1-25) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) EXO Next Door The Movie (2015) (Blu-ray) (Hong Kong Version)
"The journey to becoming a ""white-clothed angel"" as nurses are dubbed is filled with trials and tribulations in the 2015 TVB drama Angel In-the-Making. Eliza Sam (Under the Veil) stars as nursing student Ki Lok, who is happy to fulfill her childhood dream when she begins her hospital internship. However, from the very first day, she gets on the wrong side of her no-nonsense supervisor and mentor Yeung Chi Ming, played by Captain of Destiny's breakthrough star Tony Hung. Notorious for both his unlikable personality and his strict professionalism, Chi Ming certainly doesn't make things easy for Ki Lok and her fellow interns. As Ki Lok gets to know Chi Ming better over time, though, she begins to understand the kind intentions behind his blunt words, and they grow to rely on each other when unexpected challenges and dangers arise."
Price: 8.49
"What if the members of EXO were your neighbors? That's the happy predicament Ji Yeon Hee (Moon Ga Young, Mimi) is confronted with in the 2015 web series EXO Next Door. Painfully shy around boys, Yeon Hee is in for a surprise when she heads next door to deliver something and discovers that her new neighbors are none other than Chan Yeol, D.O., Baek Hyun and Se Hun of top idol group EXO. At her mother's urging, she begins working next door as a part-time housekeeper and in the process, she grows closer to Chan Yeol and D.O.

This edition is the movie version of EXO Next Door re-edited from the series. It includes deleted scenes, Beautiful music video and trailer."
Price: 22.49

Kim Jae Joong Vol. 2 - No.X The Journey of Flower (2015) (DVD) (Ep. 1-50) (End) (Taiwan Version)
"Currently serving his military service, Kim Jae Joong greets fans through music with his second full-length album No.X. The album contains 12 tracks in a variety of musical styles including Britpop, blues, post-grunge, hard rock, pop punk and ballads. For the album's title song Love You More, Jae Joong collaborates again with composer Tae Wan, who previously worked on JYJ's Back Seat and Kim Jun Su's ""Flower.""

This edition includes a photo card."
Price: 22.99

"Adapted from fresh Guo Guo's hit fantasy romance novel, The Journey of Flower was a ratings juggernaut in its initial airing, becoming the first drama ever to earn over 20 billion views online. It follows the tumultuous life of Hua Qiangu (Zhao Liying, Female Prime Minister), a strong and kind orphan who's cursed with demonic powers. She's the only disciple of Chang Liu sect leader Bai Zihua (Wallace Huo, Perfect Couple). Imbued with considerable powers, Bai Zihua knows full well that taking in Hua Qiangu will lead to his undoing, but he becomes her teacher anyway. As time passes by, the two start to fall in love, but at the same time, their shared tragic destiny draws closer and closer."
Price: 52.99

B.A.P Mini Album Vol. 5 - Carnival (Normal Version) Ladies' Code Single Album - MYST3RY
"On February 20, B.A.P is launching their Live on Earth 2016 World Tour which will take the group to 15 countries. The group will bring with them new songs and new musical styles from their fifth mini-album Carnival. Evoking the bright and fun atmosphere of spring, the colorful album features six tracks including the funky and retro title song Feel So Good.

This edition comes with a 40-page booklet and a random photo card."
Price: 16.99

"One and a half years after the tragic passing of members EunB and RiSe, Ladies' Code makes a brave comeback as a trio with the single album MYST3RY. The anticipated album contains three new tracks produced by Mono Tree including ""Galaxy."""
Price: 13.99

CLC Mini Album Vol. 3 - Refresh Winner Debut Album - 2014 S/S (Launching Edition)
"CLC refreshes the line-up for the girl group's third mini-album Refresh. Debuting last year as a five-member act, the Cube Entertainment group adds two new members with this comeback: Elkie from Hong Kong and Produce 101 participant Eun Bin.

This edition includes a mini profile card."
Price: 16.99

"YG Entertainment's first boy band since Big Bang, Winner has been the most anticipated debut in K-pop since they won the Who is Next: WIN competition last year. Now, the wait is finally over! The group formed by Kang Seung Yoon, Song Min Ho, Lee Seung Hoon, Kim Jin Woo and Nam Tae Hyun makes their official debut with their first album containing ten songs. With songwriting credits on every track, the members played a big role in the album's production. Winner's debut album features the double title songs Color Ring and empty, which is co-composed by B.I with lyrics by B.I, Min Ho and Bobby. Min Ho and Tae Hyun both get solos and Tae Hyun's composition Tonight, which was previously revealed on Winner TV, makes it onto the album. The highly requested fan favorite Smile Again, which they performed on Who is Next: WIN, also finally gets released!

Launching Edition includes a 56-page photobook. First Press comes with a randomly selected Polaroid member photo card, only available while supplies last."
Price: 22.99

Speed Of Life (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) f(x) the 1st concert DIMENSION 4 - Docking Station in JAPAN [BLU-RAY](Japan Version)
"Starring Benjamin Yuen, Natalie Tang, Kenny Wong and Sisley Choi, the 2016 TVB drama Speed of Life revolves around the Traffic Branch of the Hong Kong Police Force. To Cheuk Fung (Kenny Wong) is the super serious and unsmiling Chief Inspector of the Kowloon West Traffic Enforcement and Control Division (E&C). Despite To's sternness, rookie officer Bui Sam Jou (Sisley Choi) isn't afraid to approach him and tries her very best to show her dedication and potential to him. Bui discovers that his unfriendliness is due to the death of a colleague.

Sze Ma (Benjamin Yuen) is a former E&C Division member who has been promoted to Inspector of the Accident Investigation Unit (AI). Obsessed with physics, Sze Ma loves explaining everything with data and logic. His odd behavior often offends others, leading to a slight rivalry between the E&C and AI teams. Sze Ma and his new subordinate Yiu Yiu (Natalie Tang) don't get along well with each other at first. However, over time Sze Ma becomes increasingly attracted to Yiu Yiu's personality, and Yiu Yiu is also very grateful to Sze Ma for helping her overcome the tragedy of her parents' death."
Price: 13.99

"Over six years after their debut, f(x) finally embarked on their first concert tour in early 2016. Their Dimension 4 - Docking Station tour kicked off in Seoul in January before heading to Japan the following month. This live release records the girls' show at Tokyo's Ariake Coliseum on February 20, 2016, during which they performed songs off their recent 4 Walls album and other popular hits."
Price: 61.75

Girls' Generation Vol. 2 - Run Devil Run (Repackage) Love As A Predatory Affair (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-21) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Oh! Girls' Generation is releasing the Repackage Edition of their second album! The girls trade in their cute cheerleader looks for a sexy and sophisticated ""Black Soshi"" concept that's been getting rave reviews from fans. The Repackage album comes with all 12 tracks from the original edition plus three new tracks including the hot new single Run Devil Run and the acoustic R&B version of ""Star Star Star""."
Price: 16.99
"In today's society, even love is like a food chain. Rich people with good looks are always at the top while unattractive people with little money are left at the bottom. But are appearance and wealth the only standards of assessing a person? Comedic star Kitty Yuen cooks her way up the food chain and into hearts in the TVB drama Love As A Predatory Affair co-starring Jason Chan, King Kong and Samantha Ko.

Thirtysomething food supplier Lo Kai Fong (Kitty Yuen) may be short and average-looking with no dating experience, but she is tough, helpful and talented in cooking. She shows her talents when she cooks 12 self-created bitter melon dishes and saves Pete Lau (Jason Chan), the owner of Best Taste Restaurant, from humiliation during a food show interview.

Kai Fong's friend Hung Hsien (King Kong) likes Kai Fong's best friend Kwai Fun (Samantha Ko) but he gets rejected because of his looks. Pete, on the other hand, becomes the Prince Charming in Kai Fong and Kwai Fun's hearts because of his handsome looks and wealthy background. Kai Fong keeps her crush a secret but Kwai Fun sees him as a good opportunity to improve the quality of her life. To woo Pete, Kwai Fun hides her background and the fact that she can't cook from Pete. In a cooking show launched by Kai Fong's brother, Kwai Fun is the host but the one responsible for cooking behind the camera is Kai Fong. When Kwai Fun's secret and Kai Fong's love for Pete are exposed, Pete feels both betrayed and confused about his feelings for Kai Fong."
Price: 5.49

Nirvana in Fire (2015) (DVD) (Ep. 1-54) (End) (Deluxe Limited Edition) (Taiwan Version) Red Velvet Mini Album Vol. 2 - The Velvet
"From the makers of All Quiet in Peking and Battle of Changsha, Nirvana in Fire is one of the most popular and acclaimed Chinese dramas of 2015. Based on the novel Lang Ya Bang by Hai Yan that has earned comparisons to The Count of Monte Cristo, the period drama tells the compelling story of a brilliant strategist of tragic origins who alters the course of the royal court. Starring Hu Ge, breakout actor Wang Kai and Liu Tao, Nirvana in Fire garnered high ratings and rave reviews throughout its broadcast thanks to its strong script and performances and its stirring themes of honor, brotherhood and redemption.

Twelve years ago, Prince Xiao Jingyu and General Lin Xie were framed for treason and executed along with Lin's entire Chiyan army of 70,000 soldiers. Unbeknownst to the world, Lin's then 19-year-old son Lin Shu survived the massacre. Twelve years later, Lin Shu has forged a new identify for himself as Mei Changsu (Hu Ge), the sickly leader of the strongest sect in the martial world. With his brilliant mind and far-reaching influence, it is said that he who has the support of Mei Changsu will have the empire. As such, Mei's guidance is greatly coveted by the feuding princes competing for the throne. He, however, has plans of his own.

While stringing along the rival princes, Mei instead approaches his childhood friend, the unfavored Prince Xiao Jingyan (Wang Kai) who is a long shot for the throne. A principled and hot-headed warrior who wishes to clear his late brother and friend's names, Jingyan is unaware of Mei's real identity but gradually joins the succession struggle. Manipulating from behind the scenes, Mei lays out his plans, step by step, towards his ultimate goal of exonerating the Chiyan army and restoring the honor of the thousands who died unjustly."
Price: 108.99

"Following The Red comes The Velvet! After the fresh and youthful image of last year's Dumb Dumb and Ice Cream Cake, Red Velvet returns with a soft and feminine look and sound for their second mini-album which includes multiple versions of the title song ""One Of These Nights."""
Price: 15.99

Red Velvet Mini Album Vol. 2 - The Velvet + 1 Random Poster in Tube f(x) Vol. 3 - Red Light (Random Version)
"Following The Red comes The Velvet! After the fresh and youthful image of last year's Dumb Dumb and Ice Cream Cake, Red Velvet returns with a soft and feminine look and sound for their second mini-album which includes multiple versions of the title song ""One Of These Nights.""

This version comes with a poster in a protective tube. Album and poster shipments may arrive at different times."
Price: 20.99

"After Pink Tape comes Red Light! Recognized for their unique musical style, f(x) brings 11 new tracks of various genres including urban R&B, dance pop and electropop in their third full-length album. The title song Red Light is an energetic electro house number with a distinct rhythm that's sure to attract music fans.

This album is available in two versions (Sleepy Cats and Wild Cats). Customers who order this product will have one of the available versions selected for them at random."
Price: 20.99

K9 Cop (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Short End of the Stick (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-35) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"After his mother's death and drug addicted father's departure, officer Lai Yat Chow (Bosco Wong) single-handedly raised his three younger sisters. The eldest Suk Chu (Kayi Cheung) is a kind kindergarten superintendent, middle sister Jil (Tracy Chu) is a materialistic salesperson who's dating Yat Chow's rich partner Fai Chung Lim (Raymond Wong), and the youngest Fanny (Angel Chiang) is married and unemployed.

During a drug bust, Yat Chow is attacked by the gang's guard dog Bah Da. To prove that Bah Da is not dangerous, veterinarian Ma Chi Ho (Linda Chung) visits Yat Chow and asks about the details of the incident. However, her bluntness offends him and the two get off to a bad start. Chi Ho soon discovers Bah Da is able to detect illegal drugs so she recommends it to be trained as a police dog. On the other hand, Yat Chow is transferred to the Police Dog Unit and appointed the handler of Bah Da. With the help of Chi Ho, Bah Da and Yat Chow develop a mutual understanding and solve various cases together."
Price: 13.99

"Outside of the palace, eunuchs are reviled and considered abnormal, but they too are just everyday people who deserve love and respect. TVB's light-hearted period comedy Short End of the Stick depicts the lives and struggles of eunuchs played by Wayne Lai, Power Chan, Raymond Cho and Edwin Siu after leaving the Forbidden City. The drama co-stars Nancy Wu, Rosina Lam, Natalie Tong, Grace Wong and David Chiang.

Eunuchs Lee Suk Gung (Wayne Lai), Dan Tin (Power Chan) and Chan Siu Fung (Raymond Cho) are expelled from the Forbidden City after the fall of the Qing Dynasty. Their lives are hard amidst the general public hatred and stigmatization of eunuchs. They meet and befriend Chiu Chun Sing (Edwin Siu) who claims to be a eunuch as a cover-up for illegally selling valuables stolen from the Forbidden City. Chased by a cruel revolutionist, the four flee to Shenzhen but Siu Fung is shot during their escape. Lacking money to send Siu Fung to the hospital for treatment, they rob Kam Dai Nam (Rosina Lam) from the powerful and rich Kam family. However, Dai Nam is also sent to the hospital with Siu Fung due to asthma. Her aunt Kam Heung (Nancy Wu), the head of the Kam family, comes to the hospital for revenge. After learning that the three resorted to robbery to save their friend's life, she pays for Siu Fung's medical expenses but requires them to work as servants for the Kam family until their debts are paid off. They soon prove themselves to be competent servants and gradually become important members of the Kam family."
Price: 24.99

f(x) Vol. 2 - Pink Tape "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (Hong Kong Version)"
"Love is like... a wisdom tooth? f(x)'s new title song ""Rum Pum Pum Pum"" comparing first love with the first wisdom tooth sets the quirky tone for their second full-length album Pink Tape. With its catchy melody and upbeat percussive rhythm, ""Rum Pum Pum Pum"" continues f(x)'s tradition of distinctive and colorful dance songs that get stuck in the head fast. EXO's D.O features in one of the album's songs, Goodbye Summer. In a refreshing change from the usual, a short art film was released as the album teaser for Pink Tape."
Price: 20.99
"Sixteen years after the global success and acclaim of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the classic martial arts epic returns with the sequel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny. Hong Kong action legend Yuen Woo Ping, who choreographed the action of the original Crouching Tiger, takes the directing reins this time for the China-U.S. co-production based on Wang Dulu's novel Iron Knight, Silver Vase. Set 18 years after the events of the first film, Sword of Destiny unfurls a new wuxia adventure filled with majestic swordplay and action. Reprising as warrior Yu Shu Lien, Michelle Yeoh is joined by action superstar Donnie Yen and an Asian-American cast that includes Harry Shum Jr., Jason Scott Lee, Natasha Liu Bordizzon and Eugenia Yuan.

Upon news that Li Mu Bai's sword Green Destiny may be at risk, Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) emerges from retirement to seek out the sword. During her journey, she gets attacked by assailants working for warlord Hades Dai (Jason Scott Lee), and a masked warrior comes to her aid. Much to Shu Lien's shock, the warrior turns out to be her former fiance Silent Wolf (Donnie Yen), whom she had thought to be long dead. Wolf rounds up a group of warriors to protect the House of Te where the Green Destiny is kept. Meanwhile, Lord Dai, who will stop at nothing to rule the martial world, sends out Wei Fang (Harry Shum Jr.), a young swordsman of mysterious origins, to steal the Green Destiny.

This edition includes making-of and trailer."
Price: 33.99

Classic Cantonese Songs 101 (6CD) Hyo Min Mini Album Vol. 2 - Sketch (Normal Edition) (Autographed CD)
"CD 1 - Encounter
01.""Love Once More, Hurt Once More"" - Alan Tam
02. ""Red Tea Lounge"" - Priscilla Chan
03. ""If This is Love"" - Leon Lai
04. ""If You Knew My Difficulties"" - Vivian Chow
05. ""You Are My Sun"" - Hacken Lee
06. ""Every Person Has a Dream"" - Vivian Lai
07. ""Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?"" - Alan Tam & Shirley Kwan
08. ""Easily Hurt Woman"" - Faye Wong
09. ""Sky of Fate"" - Karen Tong
10. ""Summer of Love"" - Leon Lai
11. ""The End is the End"" - Priscilla Chan
12. ""Two Person Trip, One Day Later"" - Andy Hui
13. ""Ambivalent Feelings"" - Faye Wong
14. ""Tall Girl"" - Gigi Leung
15. ""Best Position"" - Kelly Chen
16. ""Aquarius"" - Daniel Chan
17. ""Wild Child"" - Miriam Yeung

CD 2 - Passion
01. ""Your First Name, My Surname"" - Jacky Cheung
02. ""Who Is Today's Lover?"" - Priscilla Chan
03. ""Willing For Everything"" - Shirley Kwan
04. ""Love You"" - Andy Hui
05. ""A Long and Lasting Love"" - Vivian Chow
06. ""Can You Stay Tonight?"" - Chris Wong
07. ""Sentimental"" - Vivian Lai
08. ""Love You More Everyday"" - Jacky Cheung
09. ""When the World Has No Roses"" - Shirley Kwan
10. ""Thousands of Love All in One"" - Hacken Lee & Vivian Chow
11. ""Always a Pair"" - Priscilla Chan
12. ""Hold on to this Moment"" - Winnie Lau
13. ""Dirt"" - Andy Hui
14. ""Most Loved"" - Vivian Chow
15. ""Love You That Much"" - Alex Fong
16. ""Wind Flower Snow"" - Kelly Chen
17. ""Forget He is Him"" - Tat Ming

CD 3 - Divergence
01. ""Thinking of You"" - Leslie Cheung
02. ""Drunk on the Street Alone"" - Alan Tam
03. ""Yearning in the Rain"" - Jacky Cheung & Karen Tong
04. ""Love Not Ending"" - Chris Wong & Vivian Chow
05. ""Memory is a Red Sky"" - Faye Wong
06. ""Miss You For Life"" - Hacken Lee
07. ""Rainy Season Won't Come Again"" - Vivian Lai
08. ""Cold Rainy Night"" - Beyond
09. ""And So It Is"" - Linda Wong
10. ""A Man's Heart"" - Vivian Chow & Shirley Kwan
11. ""Neverending Flow"" - Jacky Cheung & Vivian Chow
12. ""Words of Love Not Yet Spoken"" - Leon Lai
13. ""Words That Hurt My Heart"" - Chris Wong
14. ""Fate"" - Remus Choy, Linda Wong & Kevin Cheng
15. ""Cherry Blossom"" - Hacken Lee
16. ""First Lover""- Winnie Lau
17. ""Dying Love"" - Tat Ming

CD 4 - Separation
01. ""Thanks to Him"" - Faye Wong
02. ""Deep Love, Shallow Fate"" - Chris Wong
03. ""Kiss Me Again"" - Andy Lau
04. ""Wait For You Until My Heart Hurts"" - Jacky Cheung
05. ""Night Flight"" - Priscilla Chan
06. ""Nameless Romance"" - Leon Lai
07. ""Heartbreak"" - Grasshoppers
08. ""Ice Cold"" - Linda Wong
09. ""Moonlight Sonata"" - Hacken Lee
10. ""Wedding of Feelings"" - Vivian Lai
11. ""Meet Again"" - Andy Lau
12. ""Last Bus"" - Faye Wong
13. ""There Isn't a Day I Don't Think of You"" - Leon Lai
14. ""Full Moon Drunk in Paris"" - Chris Wong
15. ""Turn Off the Lights When You Leave"" - Shirley Kwan"

Price: 24.59

"This version is autographed by Hyo Min.

T-ara's Hyo Min makes a sexy solo comeback with her second mini-album Sketch. This time she worked with hitmaker Ryan Jhun, who has created hits for EXO, SHINee and Red Velvet. Hyo Min sings the album's title song Sketch, a R&B, soul and electronic number, in both Korean and Chinese. She also composed for the album, including the ballad ""Not Yet"" for which BEAST's Jun Hyung helped pen the lyrics.

Normal Edition includes a 60-page photobook and two photo cards.

Note: As autographed albums are arranged according to artist schedule, the release date and availability of this product are subject to change."
Price: 25.99

GIRLS' GENERATION -Phantasia- in JAPAN [BLU-RAY](Japan Version) M Club: Never Dance Alone (DVD) (End) (Multi-audio) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Following successful concerts in Seoul, Girls' Generation brought their fourth tour Phantasia to Japan in December 2015. Holding six concerts in three cities, the girls put on an amazing show filled with newly arranged hit songs and grand stage performances. This live release records the Japan tour's final concert at Saitama Super Arena on December 24, 2015. Besides the concert, it also comes with ""Girls' Generation Story of Phantasia"" tour documentary.

This edition includes a 48-page booklet."
Price: 74.49

"In 1985, high school friends Siu Sze and Cyndi form M Club to join the school's dance competition, with M standing for ""man,"" ""money,"" ""marriage,"" ""magic"" and ""menstruation."" Over time, Siu Sze and Cyndi are joined by the gossipy Yuen Chau, the mature and vivacious Jenny, the playful Akina and Mainland transplant Julie, who dreams of being a star. The next year, Julie is impregnated by her photographer boyfriend, who then disappears. The girls of M Club rally to help Julie and they successfully deliver her baby. Unfortunately, Julie becomes afflicted by postpartum depression and in a rash fit, she leaves her baby at an orphanage. She lies and tells her friends her baby's been taken, and breaks off ties with all of them. Racked with guilt, each of the girls goes her own way and M Club is disbanded.

27 years later, the teenage girls have become adults, each facing her own share of problems. Siu Sze (Carman Lee) is a bored housewife tied down by her family. Julie has only a string of failed relationships in her name. Jenny is a shrew. Yuen Chau is a depressed alcoholic. Akina is her husband's slave. The only person who has managed to keep chasing her dream is Cyndi, who operates an aerobics studio. When a dance accident leaves Cyndi hurt and stranded in a mental hospital, M Club comes together again in an attempt to save her decrepit studio, but standing in their way is old high school rival Diana (Flora Chan), who has opened a beautiful, state-of-the-art dance studio of her own."
Price: 21.99

Witness Insecurity (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) I seek / Daylight (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)
"Bosco Wong and Linda Chung are matched up in romantic thriller Witness Insecurity! Originally envisioned as a spin-off for Linda's character in Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!, the 2012 TVB series has taken on a life of its own with original storyline and characters. It marks the third time the pair play lovers after Moonlight Resonance and The Gem of Life, and their palpable chemistry and the captivating drama helped make it one of the highest-rated dramas of the year. Supported by a solid cast including veterans like Paul Chun, Ram Chiang, Lee Kwok Lun and young talents like Cilla Kung and Ronald Law, this is notably one of the final TVB productions from ace producer Lau Kar Ho (Heart of Greed) before his departure.

From the moment police inspector Hui Wai Sum (Bosco Wong) from the Witness Protection Unit is assigned to guard multi-millionaire Kiu Kong Shan's (Paul Chun) only daughter Hailey (Linda Chung), their destinies are intertwined together. Suffering from chronic emotional distress, the eccentric girl has shut herself off in her protected world, but the entrance of Hui Sir into her life changes all that, and she gradually opens up. Meanwhile, romantic feelings begin to grow between them, but when Hui Sir inadvertently discovers the insidious secrets of her family, he is left struggling in a dilemma between justice and love..."
Price: 6.49

"Arashi brings the double A-side I seek / Daylight for their 49th single! The theme song of Ohno Satoshi's drama Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi, I seek is a bright, groovy and positive number about the dilemmas of a man who is clumsy in matters of love. Meanwhile, Daylight is the warm theme song of Matsumoto Jun's drama 99.9.

This edition comes with two bonus tracks."
Price: 12.75

All's Well End's Well (1992) (DVD) (Extended Version) (Hong Kong Version) Kimi no Sei de (Normal Edition)(Japan Version)
"An all-star cast assembles for the hilarious and delightful Lunar New Year blockbuster All's Well, Ends Well, a mixed-up comedy caper about three brothers and the women in their lives. Stephen Chow stars as Foon, a notorious womanizer who works as a radio DJ. But his plans to score big with the ladies are derailed by the appearance of Maggie Cheung, who plays a movie-obsessed fan who goes Fatal Attraction on the hapless DJ. Meanwhile, Foon's brother (Leslie Cheung) is an effeminate florist who engages in a gender-bending battle of the sexes with his cousin, the butch Teresa Mo. The two fight and fume mercilessly, but could attraction be lurking underneath? Finally, third brother Raymond Wong Bak Ming dumps his frumpy wife Sandra Ng for sexy gold digger Shelia Chan, but when his wife responds with a fabulous makeover, will he change his mind? And will anyone be able to survive the insane amount of movie parodies, ranging from Pretty Woman to Ghost to Misery, Terminator 2, and even Once Upon a Time in China? The matchless cast, non-stop gags, and silly, endearing performances makes All's Well, Ends Well a standout Hong Kong comedy that is sure to tickle - or even cripple - your funny bone!"
Price: 15.49
"After opening the year with the album D D D and the nationwide SHINee World 2016 tour, SHINee returns with their 13th single Kimi no Sei de. The title track is an emotional medium-tempo pop number which the group unveiled during their tour.

This edition comes with a 12-page booklet."
Price: 13.25

Block B Mini Album Vol. 5 - Blooming Period Jung Eun Ji Mini Album Vol. 1 - Dream (Random Cover)
"Block B did away with their usual tough image and turned sentimental in their lead single ""A Few Years Later."" Comparing themselves to a blooming flower that endured hardships, they bring their fifth mini-album Blooming Period containing songs of various music styles.

This edition comes with a random photo card."
Price: 17.99

"Apink's Jung Eun Ji's songwriting talent has been recognized since the group's 2015 single ""Promise U."" She now officially debuts as a singer-songwriter with the solo album Dream. Collaborating with hit-making songwriting team Duble Sidekick, E.One and lyricist Kim Eana, Eun Ji sends encouraging messages through the six-track album including the self-penned folk pop title song ""Hopefully Sky"" featuring singer-songwriter Hareem, the refreshing medium-tempo pop song It's OK, Home which carries messages of courage and hope, the ballad ""Love Is"" and ""Love Is Like Wind.""

This version comes with a random photo card.

This album is released in two versions with different covers. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the versions selected for them at random."
Price: 15.99

Seventeen Vol. 1 - First `Love & Letter' (Letter Version) Reloaded (CD + DVD) (China Version)
"Seventeen conveys the passion of teenage boys falling in love for the first time in their romantic spring album First ""Love & Letter"". The album contains various numbers including the unreleased songs performed in their previous concert, songs composed by Lee Hyun Do and hip-hop group Phantom's Kiggen, remix versions of the album's standard tracks by different Seventeen subunits and a fan song.

This edition comes with a 148-page photobook, a postcard set, a stamp sticker set and a random photo bookmark."
Price: 27.99

"Lu Han strikes out on his own with his solo debut album, Reloaded! Working with top international artists like Djemba Djemba and Shaun Evaristo, the former EXO member has crafted a release that shows off his prowess and versatility with dance pop (That Good Good, Football Gang), ballads (Promises), trap-style electronica (LU) and sweet mid-tempo pop (Your Song).

This edition includes a DVD containing music videos and a behind-the-scenes featurette."
Price: 17.99

Doraemon (Vol.1-24) (Hong Kong Version) Doraemon (DVD) (Ep. 25-48) (Hong Kong Version)
Doraemon (Vol.1-24) (Hong Kong Version)
Price: 17.59
Doraemon (DVD) (Ep. 25-48) (Hong Kong Version)
Price: 21.99

Lee Hi Full Album - Seoulite SHINee Vol. 2 - LUCIFER (Type A)
"A full three years since her sensational debut album, Lee Hi returns with the new album Seoulite, produced under Tablo's HIGHGRND sublabel. The album employs a variety of music genres and highlights the full range of the young singer's strong vocals. Seoulite features the lively and soulful title song My Star by Teddy and Kush, as well as Lee Hi's self-penned ""Passing By,"" ""Up All Night"" featuring Tablo and ""Video"" featuring iKON's Bobby. The songs that were previously released digitally as a ""half album,"" including the ballad ""Breathe"" written and co-composed by SHINee's Jong Hyun, ""Hold My Hand"" and World Tour featuring Winner's Mino, are also on the tracklist. ""I'm Different,"" her special unit single with Akdong Musician's Lee Su Hyun, is included as bonus track.

This edition comes with a photobook, a random Polaroid set and a 32-page booklet. First Press comes with a folded poster, only available while supplies last."
Price: 21.99

"SHINee had everyone's ears ringing last year with their dance smash Ring Ding Dong, and now they've got everyone buzzing about their second album Lucifer. The noona favorites are all grown up with hot new looks for their catchy urban electronica dance song Lucifer. The album is packed with 13 new songs including the old-school hip-hop tune UP & DOWN, the melancholic rock ballad Quasimodo, R&B ballad Life by Kenzie, and Love Still Goes On, a sequel to the SHINee's first album hit Love Should Go On. The members also participated in the songwriting this time, with Onew penning Your Named and Jong Hyun penning Obsession."
Price: 14.99

The Last Healer In Forbidden City (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version) Fashion War (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-20) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Set in the latter years of the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Guangxu, the 2016 TVB drama The Last Healer in Forbidden City reveals the secrets and tumult within the Forbidden City from the perspective of a palace physician. Roger Kwok stars as doctor To Chung who secures the highest physician post after successfully treating Emperor Dowager Cixi (Helena Law). He also comes to befriend and heal Emperor Guangxu (Pierre Ngo), who was placed under house arrest by the Empress Dowager in 1898 following a failed attempt to consolidate power and enact sweeping reforms.

Unable to heal his own crippled wife (JJ Jia), To Chung enlists the services of bonesetter Fuk Ling (Tavia Yeung). Impressed by her skills, To Chung helps Fuk Ling enter the Forbidden City to become Empress Dowager's bonesetter, and the two grow increasingly close over time. However, unbeknownst to To Chung, Fuk Ling actually entered the palace with another goal in mind: to assassinate the Emperor."
Price: 14.49

"Enter the glamorous world of fashion and the not-so-glamorous reality of office politics in the 2016 TVB series Fashion War. A legendary name in the fashion industry, Ip Long (Moses Chan) is editor-in-chief of an influential fashion magazine that also serves as battleground for endless gossip, rivalries and backstabbing. In person, two-faced publisher Man (Hanjin Tan) acquiesces to Long, but he deliberately places socialite Vincy (Ali Lee) in charge of advertising in order to keep Long in check. Long knows how to play the office games as well as anyone, but even he gets caught off guard by a lawsuit involving rejected job candidate Yan (Sisley Choi), a hardworking, happy-go-lucky girl with a lot of heart but no specs. Taking advantage of the situation for some media coverage, Long surprises everyone by hiring Yan as his assistant. Yan's arrival shakes up the office culture and even inspires lazy fashion editor Francis (Him Law) to get his act together. When the magazine falls into tough times, Yan and Francis team up to help Long overcome obstacles and create another legend in the fashion world."
Price: 14.49

BTS Special Album - Young Forever (Random Version) (2CD) Return of the Silver Tongue (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"BTS's special album Young Forever marks the end of their Most Beautiful Moment in Life trilogy. Co-composed by Rap Monster and composer Solo Rabbit, the title song carries positive messages of staying young forever and moving forward in life with dreams.

This edition comes with a 112-page photobook, a random photo card and a folded poster.This album is released in two versions (Day and Night) with different covers and booklet images. Customers who purchase this product will have one of the versions selected for them at random.

First Press comes with a random mini photo card, only available while supplies last."
Price: 31.99

"Following her Best Actress win at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards, Kristal Tin returns with great momentum in the period court drama Return of the Silver Tongue together with Roger Kwok, Evergreen Mak and Jerry Lam. A gold heist case that took place 20 years ago catapults one notorious attorney into fame and breaks the career of another once famous barrister.

The most renowned duo in court, lawyers Sei Wai (Roger Kwok) and Chan Chun Chun (Kristal Tin) are the eye sore of infamous father and son Poon King Chuen (Cheung Kwok Keung) and Poon Yee Ming (Jerry Lam). Ha Hau Mo (Evergreen Mak), Sei Wai's best friend, who has always been suspicious of Chun Chun, starts investigating her and eventually unveils new evidence for a cold case that took his father's life 20 years ago."
Price: 17.49

Akdong Musician Album - Spring Vol. 1 I seek / Daylight [Type 2] (SINGLE+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Japan Version)
"Akdong Musician's seasonal music project kicks off with the long-awaited mini-album Spring. Produced by member Lee Chan Hyuk, the six-track mini-album contains the title songs ""How People Move"" and Re-Bye which expresses the unwillingness of getting hurt in breakups. Other tracks include the sweet ""Haughty Girl,"" the refreshing ""Green Window,"" the jazz pop number ""Every Little Thing"" and the lonely ""Around.""

This edition comes with a 52-page photobook, a 16-page ordinary photobook, a 24-page fantasy photobook and a bookmark.

First Press comes with a folded poster, only available while supplies last."
Price: 20.99

"Arashi brings the double A-side I seek / Daylight for their 49th single! The theme song of Ohno Satoshi's drama Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi, I seek is a bright, groovy and positive number about the dilemmas of a man who is clumsy in matters of love. Meanwhile, Daylight is the warm theme song of Matsumoto Jun's drama 99.9.

This edition comes with a DVD containing the Daylight music video and its making-of."
Price: 19.49

Our Times (2015) (Blu-ray) (Taiwan Version) Midnight Diner (2015) (Blu-ray) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version)
"Producer-turned-director Chen Yu Shan strikes gold with her directorial debut Our Times! Starring the fresh-faced trio of Vivian Sung (Caf . Waiting. Love), Darren Wang and Dino Lee, the nostalgic romantic comedy delighted critics and took the box office by storm, earning over $490 million TWD during its theatrical run, a feat comparable to that of Giddens's 2011 continent-sweeping mega-hit You Are The Apple Of My Eye.

Lin Zhen Xin (Vivian Sung) is a high schooler who couldn't be more regular if she tried. Yet, despite her absolute ordinariness, she harbors a crush on her school's least ordinary, most adored boy the princely Ouyang Fei Fan (Dino Lee). After a chance encounter acquaints her with school ruffian Xi Tai Yu (Darren Wang), she discovers that they have something in common: He has a crush on Fei Fan's female counterpart, Tao Min Min (Dewi Chien). So, the inadvertent friends hatch a plan to help the other woo the object of their affections."
Price: 28.99

"When the city goes to sleep, he goes to work in the kitchen. Does he have any customers? More than you think...

After three hit seasons, the late night television drama adaptation of Abe Yaro's manga series hits the silver screen with its first feature film. Following the show's original concept, Midnight Diner is a slice-of-life drama about the owner (Kobayashi Kaoru) of a late-night Shinjuku alleyway restaurant and the stories of his customers. Directed by series regular Matsuoka Joji (Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad), the ensemble drama follows several characters who frequent the neighborhood hangout: a money-obsessed woman who finds love with a geeky salesman, a homeless young woman who takes refuge as the owner's new assistant cook, a man who comes to Tokyo from Fukushima to find the volunteer that he's fallen for and a mystery urn that's been left at the diner. In the spirit of the television drama, Midnight Diner is a gentle, moving and sometimes dryly amusing drama about the little stories in the big city known as Tokyo."
Price: 20.99

Mermaid (2016) (Blu-ray) (2D + 3D) (Hong Kong Version) Spirited Away (Blu-ray) (Multi-Language & Subtitled) (Region Free) (Japan Version)
"Comedy king Stephen Chow emphatically reclaimed his throne during the 2016 Lunar New Year period with the blockbuster fantasy romance comedy Mermaid, which broke every Chinese box office record on the books on its way towards becoming the biggest Chinese film of all time. Besides its record-breaking box office, Mermaid garnered positive reviews from audiences and critics alike hailing the return of Stephen Chow-style comedy. Chow's off-the-wall modern-day fairy tale revolves around an innocent mermaid on a mission to assassinate the businessman destroying her home, but the plan falls to the wayside amid side-tickling gags. Starring breakout newcomer Jelly Lin, Deng Chao (The Four), Show Luo (Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons) and Kitty Zhang (CJ7) with cameo appearances from Tsui Hark, Wen Zhang and Kris Wu, the magical tale is filled with Chow's signature nonsensical humor, a heartfelt love story and strong environmental themes.

Rich and rude businessman Liu Xuan (Deng Chao) is raking in the money through a sea reclamation and redevelopment project on the coast of Green Gulf. To secure the environmental seal of approval, he uses a sonar device to drive ocean creatures away from the coast. Unbeknownst to the world, however, Green Gulf is the home of the merpeople. The sonar device has gravely injured the mermaid population and forced what remains of them out of the sea and into an abandoned bunker where they plot to take out Liu Xuan in order to reclaim their home. Their grand plan is to send out young mermaid Shan (Jelly Lin) into the human world to seduce and kill Liu Xuan. With her strange shuffling walk and backwaters naivete, Shan succeeds in attracting Liu Xuan's attention but unexpectedly, they find themselves falling in love with each other.

Note: 3D television, 3D Blu-ray player and 3D glasses are required to view the 3D version of the film."
Price: 30.99

"Miyazaki Hayao takes you on a delightful adventure to another world with Spirited Away, the blockbuster animated film from Studio Ghibli. Following violent fantasy epic Princess Mononoke, Miyazaki wanted to tell a story with a strong heroine for teenage girls with this wildly imaginative film about a young girl who unwittingly steps into another world and encounters a curse that turns her parents into wild pigs. Filled with unforgettable images like the faceless monster, the adorable coal creatures and the various otherworldly creatures that the heroine encounters, Spirited Away is still the highest grossing film in Japanese history and widely known around the world as one of the greatest animated films ever made.

While moving to their new home in the countryside, Chihiro and her parents get lost on the road and arrive at a tunnel entrance in the forest. Out of curiosity, the three walk into the tunnel and enter a different world. However, Chihiro's parents are cursed by a magical spell and turn into pigs. With the help of a boy named Haku, Chihiro finds work in a giant bathhouse, run by the terrifying Yubaba. Chihiro's cleverness and can-do spirit make her an instant favorite with customers and other employees in the bathhouse, including a mysterious phantom-like customer who wears only a mask...

This edition includes storyboards (in picture-in-picture mode), dubbing script and trailers."
Price: 65.99

Solicitude: Andy Lau 32 Love Songs (2CD) Over Run Over (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-22) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
Solicitude: Andy Lau 32 Love Songs (2CD)
Price: 20.79
"A police officer relives the same three crucial days over and over again in TVB's 2016 sci-fi police crime series Over Run Over. In her first leading role, Tracy Chu (The Fixer) plays the time-traveling officer alongside Vincent Wong (Brick Slaves) and Benjamin Yuen (Speed of Life).

Police sergeant Ling San Fung (Tracy Chu) is part of the E.U., the uniformed officers unit tasked with beat patrols and emergency support. While on patrol on April 3rd, her team responds to a call and ends up exchanging gunfire with criminals on the run. During the gun battle, San Fung's father gets killed by a stray bullet. The next day, San Fung stumbles upon a time portal that transports her back in time three days to April 1st, giving her the chance to save her father. Teaming up with village chief Ditch (Vincent Wong) who discovers her secret, San Fung makes use of the portal to keep redoing the same days in order to investigate the identity of a corrupt cop and change the course of events. However, every time jump and every change create unexpected and dangerous ripple effects."
Price: 14.99

Flying Colors (2015) (DVD) (English Subtitled) (Hong Kong Version) My Dangerous Mafia Retirement Plan (2016) (DVD) (Ep. 1-25) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"Adapted from Tsubota Nobutaka's best-selling book, Flying Colors (a.k.a. Biri Gal) is based on the inspiring true story of how a delinquent teenage girl went from the bottom of the class to being admitted to one of Japan's top universities in just one year's time. Arimura Kasumi (Strobe Edge) plays heroine Sayaka, a second-year high school student who stands out with her dyed blonde hair and short mini-skirts. Deemed an airhead and a problem student, she is at the academic level of a fourth grader. Sayaka's mother sends her to a private tutoring school where she finally meets a teacher (Ito Atsushi, Mozu) who believes in her. With his help, Sayaka begins to wholeheartedly study for the college entrance exam and strive towards the seemingly impossible goal of entering Keio University. Directed by blockbuster filmmaker Doi Nobuhiro (The Wings of Kirin, Hanamizuki), Flying Colors is an underdog, coming-of-age tale that shows how the right teacher can change a student's life."
Price: 18.99
"Where do retired gangsters go? Veteran film actors Kent Cheng and Tommy Wong star as middle-aged triad members who must figure out new lives for themselves after their heydays have passed in the 2016 TVB comedy My Dangerous Mafia Retirement. Since leaving the triad, Ho Kei Song (Kent Cheng) has become a cook/restaurant owner and a dependable husband and father for his wife Yau Lam (Alice Chan) and daughter Joyce (Eliza Sam). Kei Song is more than content with his current state of being, but his peaceful life is upturned with the release of his former boss Lau Cheuk Nam (Tommy Wong), who also happens to be Yau Lam's former boyfriend. Though struggling to adjust to a new world after spending the past 20 years in jail, Cheuk Nam is intent on bringing Kei Song back to the gangster life."
Price: 17.49

SHINee: Jong Hyun Album Vol. 1 Men With No Shadows (DVD) (End) (English Subtitled) (TVB Drama) (US Version)
"SHINee's Jong Hyun shows his strong songwriting talents again in his first full-length album following his first successful mini-album Base and the special album Story Op. 1. Working with famous musicians including English songwriting team LDN Noise, American R&B producer Bryan-Michael Cox, R&B singer-songwriter Crush and Jong Hyun's songwriting team We Freaky, Jong Hyun creates a colorful music world. The nine-track album contains the electro funk title jam ""She Is,"" the uptempo tropical house pop White T-Shirt, the medium-tempo neo-soul and future bass track ""Orbit,"" the EDM number Dress Up, the R&B ballad Cocktail and the urban R&B track Red.

This edition comes with a 80-page photobook and a random photo card."
Price: 19.99

"Raymond Lam displays his devilish charm in Men with No Shadows! Starring opposite popular actors Bobby Au-yeung and Tavia Yeung, the Hong Kong pop idol makes a breakthrough in the TVB suspense drama playing the apple-munching angel of death with an enigmatic past. The highly anticipated new series from the producer of La Femme Desperado boasts incredible chemistry from the cast which also includes David Chiang, Gigi Wong, Power Chan, Sire Ma, and Mandy Wong. Thanks to its rounded characters and intriguing plot twists, the modern fable about human frailty is easily one of the most unique and fascinating dramas on television in recent years.

A respected medical researcher, Dr. Kong Tung Kin (Bobby Au-yeung) sets up his own clinic after falling out with the pharmaceutical company over an incident involving testing his new cancer drugs on patients. One day, while distracted by a chance encounter with Fong Siu Fong (Tavia Yeung), the girl he admires, Kin is all but killed in a serious car crash. In the twilight between life and death, he sees a man who claims to be the Devil (Raymond Lam). Three months after the accident, the Devil - who calls himself Toi Fung - comes back to Kin for his life. Begging to be spared, Kin agrees to take Fung's trials to prove that he is worthy of living. That opens the door for Fung to intrude into Kin's life and lure him into the trap set for him..."
Price: 4.99

Akdong Musician Debut Album - Play Drug Restaurant Single Album Vol. 1 - Drug Restaurant
"Akdong Musican, the winner of K-pop Star 2, is already well known in Korea for their fun and sweet acoustic easy-listening numbers. Signed under YG Entertainment, the beloved sibling duo formed by Lee Chan Hyuk and Lee Soo Hyun now releases their highly anticipated debut album Play. Written, composed and produced by Lee Chan Hyuk, the album features 11 new tracks in Akdong's refreshing musical style including the title songs ""Melted"" and ""200%."""
Price: 21.99
"Jung Joon Young Band returns as Drug Restaurant with their first self-titled single album. In order to focus on the whole band instead of just the vocalist, Jung Joon Young decided to rename the band to Drug Restaurant, which aims to cure stress with their special music treatment. The five-track singlealbum includes the title song Mistake, the guitar-driven Sexy Bomb and When the Money's Back which is only available on the CD version."
Price: 12.99

KNK Mini Album Vol. 1 - Awake (CD + Photobook) f(x): Luna Mini Album Vol. 1 - Free Somebody
"YNB Entertainment's rookie boy band KNK is back again! Right after the release of their recent digital single ""I Remember,"" the KNK members transform themselves into a group of dandy and gentle young men in their first mini-album Awake.

This edition comes with a 84-page photobook, a random standee and a random photo card."
Price: 17.99

"Since the debut of f(x) in 2009, Luna has actively participated in musicals and soundtracks for popular dramas like For You in Full Blossom and Kill Me, Heal Me. Last year, she earned widespread recognition for her vocal skills through her many wins on MBC's singing competition King of Mask Singer. Departing from f(x)'s usual music style, Luna sets off on a totally different music journey with the first solo mini-album Free Somebody. The six-track mini-album includes the title song Free Somebody, the rhythmic trip hop jam Breathe, the funky urban R&B number Keep on Doin' and the electro dance pop song Galaxy. Apart from her vocal skills, Luna also shows off her songwriting skills for the first time in the dreamy PBR&B ballad My Medicine and the electronic pop number ""I Wish."""
Price: 15.99