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Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center has a great selection of First Aid Kits designed for easy storage and transport. Shop Now!

Be prepared for any disaster or power outage with hand-crank, solar, and emergency lighting supplies from Nitro-Pak! Shop Now!

Mountain House Freeze-Dried Foods are the best long-term storage foods. 20 year shelf life! Get Yours Now at Nitro-Pak!

Earthquake Kits from Nitro-Pak have what you need to be safe in an earthquake! Shop Now!

The AMK Mountain Medic First-Aid Kit will cover just about every medical emergency. Get yours today at Nitro-Pak!

Check out the Mountain House Dinner Entrees Pak at Nitro-Pak for a complete years' worth of gourmet tasting foods. Shop Now!

New EXCLUSIVE Signature Elite Food Reserve from Nitro-Pak. By far the finest all-inclusive, highest calorie and fastest preparing food reserve unit you can buy. Shop Now!

Nitro-Pak has all the Water Storage Containers you need, from individual bottle sizes to 55-gallon barrels. Shop Now!

Nitro-Pak is the world leader in emergency preparedness products with over 25 years of experience! Shop Now!

The Executive 72-Hour Prepper Kit w/ Solar Radio + Water Filter Bottle from Nitro-Pak has what you need to survive a disaster or emergency. Shop Now!

The Comprehensive First Aid Kit from Nitro-Pak includes over 210 essential first aid items! Shop Now!

The Gold 6 Month Food Supply Unit from Nitro-Pak contains 540+ full meals! Shop Now!

Get your WaterSafe Water Testing Kit at Nitro-Pak! 8 Different Water Tests in One Complete, Easy to Use Kit. Shop Now!

MRE's - Meals Ready to Eat - are essentials for emergency preparedness. Get Yours Now at Nitro-Pak!

Check out Nitro-Pak's selection of AM/FM, solar, and crank Emergency Radios. Shop Now!

Get your Aquamira Water Bottle with Microbiological Filter at Nitro-Pak. Shop Now!

The Tactical Surgical and Suture Kit from Nitro-Pak contains instruments made of Surgical HOSPITAL GRADE Stainless-Steel. Shop Now!

The Katadyn Vario Dual Technology Microfilter from Nitro-Pak produces filtered water FASTER than any other filter out there. Shop Now!

Nitro-Pak - the most complete & affordable selection of emergency preparedness & food storage products in the world. Shop Now!

With the Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen Water Preserver from Nitro-Pak, you can store water for up to 5 years without rotation! Shop Now!

Check out the Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak from Nitro-Pak! It has everything your family needs in case of an emergency or disaster. Shop Now!

The Mountain House Deluxe Security Pak is a Compact 7-Day Food Reserve for 2 People! Get Yours Now at Nitro-Pak!

The Mountain House Food Starter-Pak from Nitro-Pak contains 6 #10 cans for 35+ full meals! Shop Now!

The Platinum 1 Year Food Supply Unit from Nitro-Pak contains 1080+ full meals and has a 25 year shelf life! Shop Now!

The Mountain House Just in Case Bucket - Breakfast Assortment from Nitro-Pak is perfect for emergency preparedness, camping, backpacking or at-home use! Shop Now!

Free Shipping on all orders over $149 at Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center. Shop Now!

Check Out the Gluten Free Food Storage Section at Nitro-Pak for Gluten Free Meals from Mountain House, AlpineAire, Backpacker's Pantry, and more. Shop Now!

Be prepared by keeping communication lines open. Solar, hand crank, and emergency radios at Nitro-Pak. Shop Now!

The exclusive Nitro-Pak "Executive" 72-Hour Survival Kit has been featured on CNN. Get Yours Now!

72 Hour Survival Kits from Nitro-Pak contain everything you need to survive for 72 hours in a disaster or emergency situation. Shop Now!

Harness the power of the sun! Nitro-Pak's Solar Battery Chargers convert FREE SOLAR ENERGY into electrical power. Shop Now!

Check out the emergency and camping supplies that are on sale now at Nitro-Pak! Shop Now!

The Ultimate 1 Year Food Supply Unit from Nitro-Pak comes with a fantastic assortment of Mountain House Freeze-Dried GOURMET entree meals. Shop Now!

The Mountain House Easy Meal Security Pak provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one person for 45 days! Get Yours Now at Nitro-Pak!

The MSR MiniWorks EX is the best-selling filter on the market, delivering long-lasting water filtration. Get Yours Now at Nitro-Pak!

With Water Filters from Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center, you can have fresh water anywhere and everywhere. Shop now!

Customizable Emergency Kits for Home and School

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Emergency Kits - Affordable and Customizable. Stay Safe!

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